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At the other institutions I have considered, the students are not friendly as the students here. The University of Scranton holds very strong Jesuit values, which is perfect considering I hold the same values. The University of Scranton has classroom sizes small enough that the professors get to know you one on one, while the other institutions hold large class sizes. The University of Scranton was filmed in the TV show, "The Office," making it a very unique school compared to other schools I have considered.


My school is a very close community and I absolutely love it, we are all there to help each other.


When I visited the University of Scranton as a high school senior, words like "Jesuit tradition" and "community" were used commonly throughout the tour. I have to admit--I was a little skeptical. After all, tour guides try to sell the school by making it sound extra-wonderful. Now, however, after successfully completing my first semester at the University, I can honestly say that these phrases are used because, quite simply, they accurately describe our campus. I think it's that feeling of community and the heavy emphasis on Jesuit values that sets Scranton apart from other schools.


The University of Scranton is a small jesuit school whose emphasis is community. All classes are kept to a small size so that teachers and students can form closer relationship, allowing for a better learning environment. Community service is built in to the majors so that students understand the importance of helpin others, seeing as all careers provide a service to others. Student at the university are much more involved in the community, sports, clubs and have tighter bonds with others on campus. Opon joining the Scranton family you are sure to get all the hekp you need to succeed.


The unique thing about Scranton is the compassion that you will find in the people that go there. One could leave their laptop in their dorm with the door wide open for days and it would go untouched. If one loses their camera or debit card at a party, they are more than likely to get it back. Also, at the caf, people put their keys and cell phones down to save their table and they never have to worry about anyone stealing their stuff, it's really nice.


The school is small, which was just what I was looking for. I'm not a fan of the large auditoriums and 100+ students in a single class. All my teachers know who I am and I can ask any question that comes to mind about the material.


There is an enormous amount of school pride when first entering the school. Great orientation programs that are very welcoming. Campus is located in a very old sector of Pennsylvania, making it rich in history.


The sense of community that I feel on Scranton's campus is overwhemingly wonderful. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming from day when I moved in as a freshman. Moving onto an unfamiliar campus away from family and friends is intimidating, but the upperclassmen treat you as one of them and the teachers not only want to educate you, but also help you to be the best person you can be. Faculty members are there to mentor students and also be their life-long friend.


friendly people great jesuit institution individuals are valued


it's a Jesuit University


This school is very small and people can get very close with one another, both students and faculty alike.


The University of Scranton really fit my needs and personality. I thought about Penn State but it was too large. There were too many students in classes and I prefer direct contact and personalization with professors. Most students are within the same social class and really mesh well together and get along.


Great college. Great campus. Great Academics


Small, tight nknit


There is always something to do, it is next to two ski resorts, it is a small city with just the right blend of urban and suburban living, and we have the second biggest st. patricks day parade in the U.S