University of Scranton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are unmotivated, you should not attend the University of Scranton. If all you want to do is party, you should not attend the University of Scranton. If you do not believe in the Jesuit values that the University of Scranton holds, you should not go here. If you are not friendly, you should not attend the University of Scranton. If you are not willing to walk up and down the hills on a daily basis, you should not attend the University of Scranton. If you do not like weather changes especially the cold weather, do not go here.


If you want to only party, don't come to Scranton. The University is very expensive and you will not do well if you constantly party. If you do not work hard you won't do well. Scranton is pretty small, so don't come here if you want a large school atmosphere. If you are into greek life do not come to Scranton. There are no fratenities or sororities. If you aren't Catholic, you can still come to Scranton, but you do have to take Bible class.


A student who does not wish to be a part of a medium sized university family should not attend this school. If you are not looking for a university with so many opportunities to offer, you should also not attend. A person other then someone looking to gain the most out of their education, should also not attend. A person that is not looking to form friendships that will last a life time along with being involved in student activities should not attend the University of Scranton for that is a school that has nothing but good things to offer.


Students looking to attend a large university with Greek life and a strong focus on sports would not be a good fit for this school. The University of Scranton does not have any Greek life, nor does it have a football team.


I was going to say that someone who is close minded but after thinking about it there is really no one type of person that wouldnt do well in scranton. I was shy and terrified of college and in less than one year I have made a complete turn around. Scranton finds a place for everyone be they shy, extroverted, athletic, artsy, brilliant, or an average student.


A person who is unwilling to work hard, to learn or to reach their fullest potential should not attend the University of Scranton. This University offers countless opportunities for growth on academic, spiritual and social levels. Those who are open to those growths will succeed and those who act upon those growths will triumph.


Someone who is extremely liberal, artistic, and not religious as well as someone who cares a great deal about sports and school spirit should not attend the University of Scranton.


Someone who is very against alcohol.


I dont believe there is a correct answer for this because everyone I have met at the University of Scranton is very different. We have different majors but there are no outcasts at school. There are people with disabilities, different races and religions and everyone is accepted.


A person who does not want to succeed or is lazy.


an person with liberal outlooks on life


unfocused, unambitious students


Someone who doesn't believe that academics are paramount should not go to this school.


I believe that anyone can attend this school. It is what you make of the school.


Anyone who can not be cool with other people.


Apathetic, uninvolved person




All are made to feel welcome.


Slackers, no motivation


Scranton is not the best fit for someone who wants a big, football school or is attending school for the social life and not the academics. Scranton is not the place for people who would rather a number than a name. Scranton is a small school mainly focused on academics with social activities interspersed. There is no football team and sports teams are Division 3. While school spirit exists, not on the level of Division 1 schools with enormous amounts of people.


A person who does not like a school with limited extra activities outside of the school atmosphere