University of Scranton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is that there is not a very good college town.


Sometimes I think about how much money I am spending to go here but it is well worth it.


It's frustrating that I don't always know what is going on on campus.


No much although many complain about the Computer literacy course that is manditory for all majors. Students dont understand why they have to take a course on the parts of a computer, using a commputer and it's programs. Common sense would be that at some time before becoming a college student one has used a computer and learned to use the programs welll enough to do the assignments that need to be done. I for one would rather take a course I want to take and have more interest for.


Many times, you will here the sirens of firetrucks go off since you are right in the middle of the city, it gets annoying.


I would say the most frustration I've encountered has been scheduling next semester's courses. My first semester course schedule was given to me without my selection of specifically what courses and class times to take. Configuring a schedule that works well for me and the amount of work I have to do proved challenging.


The most frustrating thing about my scool is that there just aren't enough diversity. I would estimate 99% of the student body is white catholic, with Italian descent. As an Asian American, my appearnance definitely do not fit in. We are in the 21st century, this is not the 1950s, yet people around Scranton still are amused by other races.


The financial aid system is not really great. And jobs on campus are extremely limited.


That there are not enough work study jobs yet they promise all of this money.


way too conservative


There are not enough university-sponsored events for students that are not interested in drinking a lot on the weekends.




I can't think of anything.


The most frustrating thing about Scranton that I have experienced thus far is the lottery to sign up for classes. People end up not getting the classes that are required to take just because they have a bad time.


During my first semester of freshman year, I found it difficult to become used to the heavy workload. I took a few Advanced Placement courses in high school as well as an internship during my senior year, but I still had a hard time because I was away from home and had so many distractions. After Fall semester, however, I became accustomed to the courses and college life, learning to enjoy the time I had. Afterall, the common saying is that the time you spend in college is supposed to be the best years of your life.


Cold Weather