University of Sioux Falls Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a warm environment for students but I feel that the professors aren't always the best.


The Univesiry of Sioux Falls is a place that is focused on comunity; its smalls size allows students to get to know and build relationships with professors and other students on campus, which allows students be more comfortable to ask questions and gain the knowlege in not only thier specific field of study but also in other studies as well.


University of Sioux Falls consists of closed-minded conservatives focused on football and money instead of academics and community service.


A very welcoming Christain school that makes everyone feel welcome and part of the campus life already!


The University of Sioux Falls has a Christian-based, friendly, safe, and warm enviornment that focuses on academics and offers a variety of athletics to the average athlete.


USF has a friendly atmosphere.


The University of Sioux Falls is a Liberal Arts community based school that allows students to discover their potential in vast intriguing ways.


The University of Sioux Falls is a place where I feel challenged, and yet surrounded by a group of people who I know will lead me on the road to success.


The Univeristy of Sioux Falls is a small, friendly, upbeat, highly liberal arts university. Students are taught to think outside of the box and use their liberal arts education to achieve a higher and better understanding of the world around them. With smaller class sizes students are able to seek one on one attention from professors as well as other students. The University of Sioux Falls is a perfect school for individuals who like the smaller campus setting.


My school is very God focused, which is awesome, but the views of the school aren't forced on anyone.


A great place to learn, while having fun and getting the necessary experience for your field!