University of South Alabama Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academic programs at South are challenging, but will be helpful in the long run.


The academic at the University of South Alabama are much different than I was use to in high school. In high school there isn't much of a push for students to do their best. Where at South I have pushed myself past the limit I thought I had, and I have proven to myself that I can make an A in the coarse. South has taught me how to become better prepared and organized. Also, to learn to say no to things that aren't as important as they use to be.


I would have to say that I spend just as much time with the professors outside of class as I do inside of class. I participate in every class session but theres nothing better than sitting down one on one with you professor to straighten things out.



Academics at the University of South Alabama are superb. Every professor I've had has taken the time to know students' names, even in large lecture hall classes. Not only do they know your names, they truly care about your success in their class. Professors at the University of South Alabama have required office hours, but they will also tell you that if you can't make those hours, they are willing to make appointments for your convenience. I've enjoyed all my classes, but my favorite has been general chemistry. My professor incorporated group discussion and class participation into every class period. This was very beneficial on test day. She also gave us several bonus opportunities, one being a shadowing experience in her research lab. South students have high ambitions, but we are not so focused on our own goals that we can't help each other. As a member of the honors program, I have the opportunity to connect with classmates and upperclassmen which comes in handy when I need help with homework or I'm trying to decide which professors to take. My major is biomedical sciences, which is heavy in chemistry courses. The benefit of the biomedical sciences major is the 3rd and 4th year classes being very similar to first year medical school courses. This major is really best for pre-health professional students. Professors are very involved, even outside of the classroom. One of the biomedical sciences professors even has a halloween party at her house every year for students! We also hold potlucks and pancake breakfasts to network with professors. The University of South Alabama is very reasonable with its academic requirements. First and second year is spent taking general education courses, and you have a choice of many different courses to meet this requirement. The education you receive at the University of South Alabama will prepare you for success in the workforce. When employers see your degree from South, they know you have outstanding training.


There are a few large lecture hall classes, with about 100 students, but most classes have about 30 students. The upper level classes tend to be smaller classes. This makes it easy to get to know your professor, because he/she does not teach 500 students per semester. I often go to my professor during office hours and talk about facts in or related to the course that catch my interest. This gives endless opportunity to improve oneself professionally. One of the toughest classes I've ever taken was Organic Chemistry. The professor, Dr. Rogers, was one of the best I've had yet. A year after finishing the course, I still drop by his office from time to time to chat.


The academics are very good at USA. About all my proffesors know me by name. My favorite class is Spanish and least favorite English. I study many hours each day. Class participation is not very common in the classes. I rarely see students having intellectual conversations outside of class. The most unique class that I have taken is Portuguese. I believe that the school is geared towards learning for its own sake.


Any professor that I have had I have looked up to as a mentor. I believe since they're at a medium sized college that they feel the need to take a serious pride in the way they teach so they will be taken seriously. Which is exactly what I was looking for when I was going to college. These teachers do not stop at teaching you the course that they signed up to teach, they love giving you life lessons and also will answer any curious question that you might have on another subject. I have nothing but the utmost respect for any teacher that I have encountered at the University of South Alabama so far. And i hope that it will continue that way. The way most of the teachers run their classes makes for the students to have the need try hard to get a good grade, and learn something in the process, or fail if the student won't take the class seriously.


The academics at South are awesome! The classes are small, professors know your name, and participation is encouraged (sometimes even rewarded!). I have never felt like a lost little kid, and I've always known where to get help. The professors make it known that they want you to succeed. There are many academic organizations and honor societies on campus, and countless other rewards for successful students. I just found out today that I was nominated for the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) Delegation on Business next June 2012 in my choice of Australia, China or the US! The class schedule here is very convenient, and most professors understand that students have jobs. I'm currently working on a Marketing major with a concentration on International Business, as well as Foreign Languages and Literature, Spanish. The requirements are not easy, but I feel that it's worth the effort. I absolutely love my classes!


The professors are always willing to help in and outside of class. Many of my professors know most of their students by name. I am in some upper level psychology courses and class participation is very common.


One great thing I found very attractive about South is the smaller class sizes. These smaller classes tend to cultivate a more personal learning environment and I often felt accountable for going to class because of this. Furthermore, South caters to a broad spectrum of academic interests and intellect while still maintaining academic rigor in all major disciplines. Students interested in the sciences will be challenged enough to pass professional school entrance exams and students in many other disciplines make it into other top graduate programs just as often. For those interested in education beyond the collegiate experience, the Honors Program may be an option for you ( For those who want additional training outside of normal classroom hours, South offers a number of tutor programs for many of the challenging classes on campus.


We have a few great teachers and classes, but, like I said earlier, some of the classes at USA are way too big. There's a little learning for it's own sake, but I would say that mostly it's geared toward getting a job. Most of the academic action for its own sake takes the form of various student groups around campus. There are many student organizations that focus on certain academic and creative areas, like the creative writing club, foreign language clubs, and cultural appreciation clubs. We also have a psychology club, biology club, math club, medical students club, drama club, etc...a whole book of student clubs...even the option to start you own...


One of the top programs in the state to me! Just because it is a small school right now doesn't mean we have some of the best faculty and staff around!