University of South Alabama Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are some parties here and there (I Hear). But I am trying to get my degree to move on with my life so most of time spent out of class is at work or studying.


Football games, baseball games, and anything going on with Jaguar Productions are the most popular activities on our campus. Students enjoy many activities from creating their own personalized bumper stickers to glassblowing demonstrations. We also have a HUGE variety of student organizations at South. In terms of partying, South is a dry campus, so no partying is allowed on campus.


One of the best things to get involved with is Greek life. There are organizations for both men and women, and they are very involved on campus. I am a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon at South, so I speak from experience when I say that it is a great idea to go Greek. We encourage good academics, we do community service, and we are leaders on campus. This is how I met all of my friends and continue to meet new friends every day.


I am involved with The Gathering and Xi Alpha Christian oraganization. I am also the president of the Spanish Honor Society. Students never leave their dorms open. Athletes are not very popular here because the sport teams are relatively new. I am studying if I am up at 2a.m. on a Tuesday. I met one of my two closest friends here at my local church and the other in the cafeteria of USA. People party quite often. Fraternities and Sororities are not very important but are popular on campus. To have fun without drinking could involve going to the movies, or having movie night in the dorm room, or go bowling.


When it comes to activities and groups, it is mostly well known throughout the student body that the Greek Life here cannot be taken seriously. Most of the guys in frats are ego-maniacs who were probably once at a division 1 school but dropped out due to the vast amount of parties and beer. Who then try to live out their dream at South Alabama. Due to this preconception you can find the best unifying activity to be any intramural sport. You have friends who come together and play sports, you have the free-agent system which helps people make new friends who have the same interest as them and you also have a great director who is friendly and interacts with players. I usually hang out with friends off of campus, who attend South Alabama, but because South Alabama lacks the social aspect of a college(due to the dry campus), any "fun" activity is always held off of campus. The biggest activity would have the be the Halloween party conducted by one of the off-campus frats, TKE. I met my closest friends through High School.


There is always something happening on campus. From fundraisers to hiking trips to swimming and kick-boxing lessons, there is always something to do. Our football games are always packed, and the crowd at the basketball games is decent. USA's career center is constantly hosting webinars and workshops. There are many music venues, clubs, cafes, and lounges in the area, and did I mention the campus's recreational center? It's free to all students and includes a weight room, indoor track, indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, all the exercise equipment you could ever think of, and a rock wall!


I would have to say that the fraternaties and sororities are most popular. I know several girls in sororities. I am in Psi Chi, which is the psychology honors program. We like to do things to help cancer relief programs and community service. Sports are also a big part of the experience here. Many people get very involved with the football team, basketball, and soccer.


I'm really not the best person to ask. If you drink, you should opt to live off campus, because we are dry. There are Greek fraternities and sororities here, but I've heard that they don't represent all of the ethnic groups on campus. There's a lot you can do without drinking. Try joining one of our many campus organizations, like the Communication Student Association, African American Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Latin American Student Association, etc., make some new friends, and improve yourself.


College is all about keeping up with your own responsibility and time! There is plenty to do down at USA and around Mobile! Mobile downtown nightlife is great and plenty of malls and places to shop! Plenty of seafood and other foods around. The best part... THE BEACH IS LESS THAN AN HOUR AWAY