University of South Alabama Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is great for every student. It offers degree programs in all areas and allows for diversity.


The University of South Alabama is a welcoming place for all students. Though it has been several years since I was a student there, from my experience, there are only good aspects of attending this university. From the available degree programs, to student activities, to dorm options, there is something to meet the needs of each student. The faculty members are genuinely interested and available to their students. Academics standards are high. Student life is great. The campus has a great lay-out and is easy to get around. Facilities are new and well-equipped.


If interested in attending IU, one must be willing to work and work hard.


This school is diverse. With so many colors and nationalities it would be hard to give one kind. It has been a great experience learning from different people. I have learned so much and made friends I hope I stay in touch with a long time.


Someone that's willing to work hard in class and is focused. someone that can balance the social and academic aspects of college.


Someone who would prefer a more commuter-like college, to belong to a fraternity or sorority, thrives in small classes, and does not want a sports-focused college would like South Alabama


The kind of person that should attend my school should be a round minded person. They should have goals in life, everyone in life should have that. They should be nice and courteous, and respect their class-mates and also their self. They should have had already grown up a little bit, since they are in college, and have already focused their attention to the future.


A person who does not necessarily need a varied amount of activities or choices would do well at South Alabama. If you are serious about your grades, then this is a place for you. There is not much to distract you. It would be best to have a car in order to get around after hours. The campus has beauty and, because it's not an extremely large school, you will see a lot of people from previous classes.


Anyone who is determined and a self starter can attend this school. Even if you really don't know what you want to do. You can take general study courses until you find your career or whatever you are passionate about. I don't really think there is a specific kind of person that's perfect for this school. Everyone is unquie and brings something different to the table.


The perfect student for the University of South Alabama is one that wants to have a great education while being able to have a social life. The perfect student would also be one who wants to be at a larger school with small classes. The student should also want to have a home feeling enviroment. If the student has any of those three ideas then he or she will love to be here at the University of South Alabama.


Anyone can attend this school because the tuition fee is affordable and the on campus facilities are so good. But, this school should recruit student who are more hardworking and ntelligent to increase their fame. So that more student wil come to this shcool. Moreover, with more clever students, their overall standard could be increased and then can be compared with other famous school like MIT, Standford, Yale or even Harvard!