University of South Alabama Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that some classes are going to be harder than those AP classes, and even though I did not study in high school, I would definitely have to study in college. I knew that south was very acedimic based, but I wish I had known that that does not mean the professors would baby the students, but they will help you in any way they can as long as they see you are putting time outside of class in.


I wish i had known how difficult the courses would be!


I wish someone would've told me that even though it's a pretty tough year, be prepared for sophomore year, because it WILL make some of your freshman classes look like cake!


I wish I had known how hard it would be for me to get a job and make new friends.


I personally wish I had known what I wanted.


In high school all that was spoke to me was to focus on my grades and get my degree so i could obtain a good career and be successful. No spoke of the mystery and difficulty of being on my own. I wish I would have known hot to budget my spending money better and made wiser social decision. More importantly I wish I had been informed that it's okay not knowing first got to college. The feeling of uncertainty in my future career brought my stress level to an all time high during my sophomore year.


I wish I had a clear plan of my acedemic and other... courses of action. My plan is to transfer out of this school, and to go to SUNY Maritime in New York in the spring, however the school I am in right now is still very acceptable.


The joy of diversity from all the different people I would meet not only from the US but from all the different countries from around the globe.


There is nothing that i wish i would have known about this school because it is a great learning experience and a great place to have fun. Everybody is positive and willing to help if I actually need help. There is a positive atmosphere on campus within the faculty, student body and teachers.


I wish I would have known all of the repercussions of going to college on the other side of the country. It impacted my siblings and my personal finances more than I thought it would. My little brother and little sister do not want to go to college now because they associate it with me going away for a long time. Beyond that I would have saved more money. I would have worked more in high school if I would have know how much money I would have to pay out of pocket for school.


Just because it is close to home does not mean it is less hard! You must study in order to accel in your classes! Also, it's all about the new friends you will make from all over! Open your mind and meet new people!


When i was in high school, studying for classes wasn't really needed for me to perform well. It all changes when i came to college. I wasn't used to studying, nor did I know an effective way to study. Therefore, knowing how important knowing how to study would be something i wish i would have known.


That there would be tons of ridiculous fees (parking, non meal plan,internet, and administration fees) that cost a couple of hundred bucks added onto tuition. That tution would steadily rise every semester,so be prepared. Renting school books online. Monthly membership fees on some of the student orginizations. Last but not least, try to get a dorm room by yourself,roomates tend to eat ALL your food.


In high school, I was a student who never really had to study as most things just came to me naturally. The program of study I have chosen is foreign to me and therefore I am studying more than I have in my life. I wish I would have developed better study habits early in life so I could be prepared for what it takes at the next level.


The school I attend is Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama. It wasn't offered at the begining of the survey. I wish I would have known how to aquire funding as I am 45 years old and a unemployed, dislocated worker since Oct 2008, I currently hold a 3.45 GPA and couldn't ask for a better school


I wish i had worked or did community service during the summer because it would mentally prepare me for the work load, how to manage my time, learn how to be organized and prepared me for the real world.


There's this program for African Americans who wish to work in the medical field called the "DREAM" program. The acronym stands for Diversity, Recruitment, and Enrichment for Admissions Into Medicine. If I'd had known about this program I would've finished the prerequisites for it by now. Fortunately I only need one more chemistry class but I need a special progress report from the professor because of the semester schedule and deadline for applications. But I have the support of references, I have high GPA, and I have community servicer, I'm positive I'm in.


I wish I would've better understood fees that would be paid every year to the school by the students and what exactly the fees covered.


Before I came to South Alabama, I wish that I would have known how much being involved in extracurricular activities would make the most of my college life. It definitely made my transition much easier than people who did not get involved. Having the chance to get together with other students who have either the same major or same interest, made a world of a difference. Many of the people I got the chance to meet became great friends and support during classes!


The amount it would cost for books.


I transferred to this school at the last minute, so I wish I had known more about their policies and views on transfer credits. I lost about 2 years worth of credits because I transferred from a school in a different state.


I wish that I would have researched this school first because it would have been my first choice school




I wish I had known that my High School would not properly prepare me for college and that it would be more expensive than I originally assumed.


i wish i would have known how serious the profesors are here befor i came.