University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

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My school has the number one public honors college in the nation. This allows me to have a quality education that is top notch, without having to pay a private college top notch price. I also have the advantages of going to a big public college paired with the advantages of the being in a small honors college.


What makes USC unique is its location. It is in the city and is also close to lakes and rivers. It dominates the majority of downtown Columbia and provides the public with arenas such as the Colonial Center that can be used for concerts, circus' and graduations, as well as the Coliseum which holds many exhibitions annually. Having the school in the state capital makes it a focal point and there is a lot to do around it.


I think our school spirit is unique in some ways aslso we have a good location. Close to both the beach and the mountains.


The University of South Carolina - Columbia is centered in downtown Columbia, which offers all the exciting benefits of being a city - art museums, hospitality districts, music venues and so on - but when you are on campus, you don't feel like you are in the middle of a city. Campus feels safe, secluded, and is beautifully landscaped.


The spirit is fantastic. Football here is a really big deal. The main center of campus is really beautiful too.


My school is unique because it is in the middle of downtown near the South Carolina Statehouse. Being a Political Science major, I used this as an advantage and worked for the SC State Senate as an undergraduate student. The close proximity to the Statehouse led to a more politically aware campus. During Presidential campaigns and even local campaigns, the students are involved by volunteering and campus organizations often host candidates.


There are several opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved in study abroad programs, community service, clubs, student government, etc. The University's departments offer several tools to help students with financial aid, time management, and guidance for these programs. Unlike many other schools, USC Columbia encourages the idea that hands-on experience is just as important as classroom learning, and there are several pathways available for students looking to expand their interests and become more well-rounded.


For those thinking of attending, the University of South Carolina has one of the best research divisions in the state for biology fields, and everyone there genuinely wants you to succeed at that school. For example, my advisor had around 3 meetings scheduled in the span of an hour, with his lunch break afterward. However, when I asked him for a personal meeting, he pushed everything back just to help me out, except the lunch. Besides that, while the college is big, it's the cleanest and easiest to navigate of my choices.


I like that USC has such great school spirit. Game day in Columbia is unreal. Even if you yourself aren't a jock, you become a sports fan/expert/critic for the day. Every student can connect in this way. When I tell people where I go to school, they first ask about the Gamecock's football games. It's like our school spirit is legendary!


Its very diverse


The University of South Carolina has such a diverse group of kids with having the number one honors college and also having be ranked in the top 10 party schools in the nation you can find almost anyone and anything to do. It teaches you to manage your time and how to have a balanced life with school, one's social life, and one's health.


Even though we are large campus we are still a pretty tight knit group.


The large campus with small campus feel. You can't walk around without seeing someone you know.




The University of South Carolina is a very big school. Unlike some other schools there are many organizations on campus available for students. I have thoroughly enjoyed being actively involved on campus. Although some may think that the size of USC is overwhelming the atmosphere on campus is very inviting. In addition to many student organizations there are also many opportunities to get involved in activities in the surrounding community which helps student feel even more welcomed in the new community they have settled in.


What makes my school unique is the number of international students that come to study here at the school. They are from all over the world and they come to study at the Moore School of Business. USC is also unique because we have national championship in baseball which is a great honor.


Although University of South Carolina is quite large and there may be a good bit of hustle and bustle around campus, the University strives to bring together the students as well as the professors, as one. I believe what is unique about USC is the way the entire campus operates as one entity. If there is tragedy or celebration, the school comes together and we lean on each other. The student/teacher relationships are very important to the professors. They want to see their students succeed and they do an awesome job of pushing their students to their goals.


The school pride here at USC is like no other I have experienced. Gamecock football is crazy because the fans are so dedicated to their school. Our student section, the "Cockpit", is known for "Sandstorming". Every time our team scores, the song Sandstorm is played and all the students dance. It is one thing I would want everyone to experience.


The University of South Carolina is not only a very pretty campus but it has the major that I want to study, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. That is the main reason I chose USC over other schools.


The reason USC stood out to me more than other schools was its fantastic business school. USC's international business program is the best in the country, and since international business is my major I could not miss the opportunity to come here. Additionally, I am in the new International Business and Chinese Enterprise program, which is going to allow me to study in China for two school years. This amazing experience made my decision to come to USC an easy one.


Has a better physical therapy education department than others. The campus is pretty. I can do my 4 years without having to go else where. The student life is good and the football season is great!


The University of South Carolina is very unique in its diverse community and learning facilities. Its located in an old historical town and provides us with lots ot history right at our door. I like the atmosphere of Columbia and i fee comfortable here. They have some of the top schools in the contry for some of the best professions. They are highly ranked and well known.


The University of South Carolina has the number one International School of Business in the country and the number two school in the world. Also the Arts programs a very important to the community and the Southeast. This school has taught many famous and well-known singers, musicians, and actors to the Arts World. Also, the campus is beautiful and historic with many parks and memorials.


There's a strong sense of campus unity although it consists of thousands of students. The school spirit and desire to succeed is evident everywhere and everyone is friendly and willing to help their fellow man to succeed.


USC had the better program for Education and that is what I was going into at the time. They were also closer to home and I lived at home my first year.


We have a completely unique mascot, the Gamecock. The students always get together for sporting events in the best ways. Tailgaiting and blasting music and having a good time. Saturdays are the best days to bring together the whole student and alumni communities. Imagine seeing an 82,000 person stadium filled with almost 85,000 gamecock fans in garnet and black. It's a truly awesome sight when about 27,000 students are dancing to songs like ACDC's Thunderstruck and Sandstorm. Football games are probably the most exciting events to happen on campus.


There is a strong sense of community. Everyone gets along with everyone. Students and staff at Carolina really hold high standards and moral values and it shows not just during the week but everyday of the year, day and night. Also, school spirit is, in my opinon, the greatest and most honest kind of school spirit one can possess. There is no one I know that goes to Carolina and isn't proud to be a Gamecock.


A great thing about USC is the fact that even though it is a large school, it still has the feeling of a small environment. This is because, yes you will have to take a few large lecture classes, but the majority of the others will have less than thirty people. Therefore, you are able to build a closer relationship with your teachers and classmates, while still having the benefits of a large college. Also, it is a safe area where you can get around easily without a car because there is a downtown area where many stores are located.


School's alumni involvement


The strong alumni spirit and the fact that there are so many sports, extra curriculars, and interesting people here made it the best choice for me.


The campus is unlike any other, and the school spirit is unmatched. The research opportunities are so available to any one who is interested, which is unique at a school this large. Also, there is just nothing better than being a Gamecock and being a part of the Carolina Community.


It's in a city and has a wide range of activities and sports to participate in and watch. There is never a dull moment academically or socially. Everything you need is within a 10 minute drive of the campus.


Students at USC have great school spirit. The football games are filled with the energy and excitement of the crowd and all students look forward to them every year. USC offers a great balance between academics and having a social life. I have found that I am ususally able to complete all the work I need to do and still have time for my friends.


With traditional Southern charm in some parts, as well as others with a more urban feel, South Carolina is able to feel both like a part of the city of Columbia as well as a distinctly separate entity - best of both worlds!


Though Columbia is not a major city, it still has some parts of the city that are urban, some suburban, and some areas that are undeveloped (like the river) it gives students an opportunity to find aspects of the city that best suit them. There are historic homes, modern appartments, and lofts that have been converted from historic textile mills in the area. There is a character and charm about the city, but it's understated. You have to go exploring to find it.


The unique thing about The University of South Carolina is their ability to make everyone regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or religon feel as if they are a part of the univeristy community. There offer a variety of clubs for indivisuals who are interested in just about anything. The professors here are also very diverse. My freshman year i had the pleasure of being taught by professors from Turkey, China, and Africa. I was very impressed with each of them. Overall, The Univeristy of South Carolina has made me feel welcome since the first day i arrived on campus.


So much school spirit. So much to do. And you still learn alot.


Our varsity sports tend to struggle but the pride doesn't fade


they are all the same


University of South Carolina, unlike Clemson and some other schools in South Carolina, is an urban campus and has a wide variety of resources for students, both for careers and campus life. Its not super hectic, but its certainly more interesting than a rural campus like Clemson.


I think that USC has a school spirit that is unparalled by other schools. Our fans are the ones that even after an 0-12 football season, have fill the stadium to capacity and are loud enough to hear two towns over. They cheer together and cry together, not just over athletics but over any issue affecting USC. Whether success or tragedy, we come together to support our fellow Gamecocks. The pride we all have for our school unites us, making the Carolina Community incredibly compassionate and unified. .


The most unique thing about this school is that the teachers are very considerate of the students and try to help in all ways possible if through the internet. I am a Nursing major and this school is ranked at the top of my state for its Nursing program and almost all students after they graduate have no problems passing the state certification exam. The school itself is in a area where there are lots of Nursing jobs available and they help us to get jobs after graduation.


One of the top business schools in the nation! Also, involved in pre-programs like pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-law. Offer a very active social scene outside of school. Pretty much everything can be found in walking distance.


It is very diverse and it doesn't just focus on one major area, it has many specialties


What's so unique about USC is that there are areas where you can just chill and be at peace with yourself for those persons who come from rural areas, but USC is located in a fairly large city that's full of things to do; however, you never really have to leave the campus to find something to do. Also, another that makes USC so unique, is that everyone is encouraged to be themselves. Noone is pressured to be someone they're not, which is a good thing.


I think the amount of academic help a student can receive. We have what is called the ACE lab (Academic Center for Excellence), and they have counselors who help students map out their college career, help them with their study habits, tutoring sessions, a writing lab where students can go to get reviews about their papers. We also have what is called SI (Supplemental instruction) for classes who have the most students failing the class can get personal help from other students who have received an A in the course.


Location, size, scenery, diversity, class sizes.


My school has alot of school spirt and while that dosen't make it as unique as possible it makes it a great school to attend. I know alot of schools in the south are the same way,being over 20 thousand and part of the SEC,but at South Carolina I have nevre felt more acceptd or more a part of a community then anywhere else and that should be reason enough to attend a school, feeling like you belong there.


Generous, kind, caring, intelligent, fun, exciting, beautiful, enjoyment, stimulating, learning, sports are the best words to describe University of South Carolina- Columbia Campus. The students here love the school, and enjoy life to the fullest, with completing there school work and many working jobs during the semester. Football is huge here, it allows for the campus to be more like our own community, with the same wants "to win". Go Gamecocks!


USC is great. I'm so glad I ended up here. It's the best accident of my life, for sure. Columbia is a great city, with plenty of nature retreats within walking distance and ideal weather most of the year.