University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about the University of South Carolina is the lack of adequate parking. It is a large campus in the middle of downtown Columbia and this makes parking extremely difficult.


Sometimes signing up for classes can be difficult.


The most frustrating thing about my college, University of South Carolina- Columbia, is the lack of drive that most students. Most are pre-occupied with partying and drinking alchool, while the person who prefers studies is often ostracized. The average person is not intrested in furthering thier education, but is rather more intrested in socail life. The point of college first and foremost is to get an education and sadly some students do not recongize that.


If the school were in another city it would be better. Columbia is a nice city to visit but it is not a good place to live.


The most frustrating thing about this school is now expensive textbooks are in the universities book stores. They are almost double the prices that they would be online. It's always a great deal when I can find the book online for so much cheaper. Most of the books are usually online to buy or rent except the ones that are specified for my school.


The large freshman classes make housing difficult and scheduling classes when you want is dificult as well.




The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is a lottery system for the football games. It is annoying when you pay tuition to go to the school and are not able to attend all the school events. Usually, upperclassman get the first choice as far as athletic events go and also chosing classes for the following semester. It can be frustrating at times, but once you get use to it everything is not so bad.


As with most large universities, students can easily find themselves 'spoiled for choice' when looking for activities/sports/etc. This can sometimes be overwhelming to someone fresh out of high school and unacoustomed to the relative freedom provided by a university lifestyle. The danger here is that the student may, being thus overloaded with information, retreat from the source of the confusion and as a result be less involved than they otherwise would have.


USC is a great school. I can't think of anything major that frustrates me about the school. Little things come to mind like sometimes the internet service will be down, but that happens.


The most frustrating thing about University of South Carolina is the time schedule of the Russell House dining hall. The food is not very good at all and to make things worse, it has weird hours. There are several fast food eateries to make up for the generic school food, but these establishments are hardly ever open. And, when they are open, many students flock to eat there; there is always a crowd. I think we either need to extend there hours and cut the hours of the generic food, or bring more fast food chains to the Russell House.


I will be attending in fall, so there have been no frustrations yet.


The police officers who would rather hang out at a gas station then actually do police work.


The IT system here is really pretty bad. The internet server is always having problems and will randomly decide to just stop working when we're in the middle of a lecture in class. Also, the university union hours kind of stink because they stop serving meals at certain times (i.e. breakfast is from 7:30-11am) so when the big football game is over and everyone's hungry, we go for some dinner at 8:05pm and the union is closed.


The most frustrating thing would have to be the fact that I have to pay for 2 extra years of schooling in order to get all the prerequisites out of the way, despite the fact they have nothing to do with my major.


I don't have a car on campus so I'm walking everywhere- and when it rains out the school has these GIANT puddles everywhere!


THe most frustrating thing about the University of South Carolina is the student parking. Parking is frustrating because there are not enough parking lots for students to park in with a basic student sticker. We do have garages but they cost on average $300 for a spot per semester. Some students drive around for aboutfive minutes or more trying to find parking and can't or where you are able to park is not close to any of your classes.


The parking! You can either buy a parking pass and take the shuttle or you can walk or you can pay the meter. There's not enough parking though.


The most frustrating thing is probably the meal plan. You can only swipe your card once betweene certain hours for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you want more you have to pay for it separately. A lot of time some of the eating places are not open so you get jipped out of a meal. If you don't use a meal it just goes away.


The most frustrating thing at the University of South Carolina would have to be parking availability. If you do not pay the expensive cost to get a garage parking spot, then you usually have trouble finding a parking area near where you need to be. The bigger parking lots are on the edges of campus and a fairly good distance from most places.


The cost, humungous classes where you can barley get into the class, the greek life, and mediocre proffessors who constantly try and prove their intellegence to you instead of actually teaching.


The most frustrating thing is everyone keeps telling me not to worry about how to fund my college education., and when I ask them to help me the don't answer my questions all the way.


That it is so spred out over the city but not to bad if you have a bike.


Some people are racist. Just because I am an Asian, I get treated differently compare to those who are Caucasian.


The traffic


The most frustrating thing about this school is how the professors are not supportive with students academics. There are many professors who do not care about the students performance in class. The professors do not perform successfully in their teachings and most of the outcome by their students fail the course or drop the class. I believe that the professors need to be more caring of students academic performance and not think of their job as just a job. It is very frustrating when students such as myself study hard and do their best in class to recieve bad results.


don't care about the environment, work for students.


The city is dull and there is too much drinking.


The most frustrating thing about the University of South Carolina is that there seems to be little cohesiveness among the student population. Most students tend to find a clique and stick with it the remainder of their college career. After freshman year, there is little opportunity to really meet and interact with new students.


Being able to take the classes you need when you need them and finding the money to pay for them


Rude teachers.


Food service could be better




Registering for classes.


The classrooms and limited parking. While some of the buildings have been renovated and updated, many more are still showing off decor and technology from the seventies and need some serious updating. Also, the rooms are FREEZING - ALL THE TIME! And again, parking is really limited unless you want to pay serious dollars for a garage spot.