University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of South Florida is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and interests that places a huge emphasis on research and innovation.


University of South Florida is an academically a very strong school where students all recieve quality educations and are exposed to wonderful opportunities daily.


The University of South Florida is a very large, modern state school with no specific specialisation, built to cover a wide ranger of career choices and to accommodate a large number of students.


My school is a large, very divers school with people from all around the world with many different ways of life. The school itself is a combination between new “modern” ideas and traditional concepts weaved throughout the curriculums. The academics are considered to be some of the best in the state of Florida.


It is really hard to describe the University of South Florida in just one sentence. But if I had to use only one sentence I would say, "The University of South Florida is a beautiful campus which is home to some of the most amazing and diverse group of students I have ever met and I am so proud to call it home". GO BULLS!!!!


A place to "really" learn.


This extremely large, diverse university has something for everybody - from the variety of clubs, to the scenic campus, to the active Marshall Student Center, and even to the beautiful recreation center, there is never a boring moment on campus.


Green and Gold with a rush of research, academic exellence, and a hint of the good life.


A beautiful campus with a wide variety of classes to attend, people to meet, and mentors to learn from.


The University of South Florida is an institution that provides a myriad of opportunities, not only in academia but also to improve the holistic self in pursuing one’s passions, career interests, and goals for a lifetime.


Tons of school spirit and extra curricular activities to participate in. Also a lot of opportunities to get involved in clubs and greek life.


The University of South Florida is a University that leads to many opportunities and focuses on student success.


Amazing-its large and there's always plenty to do. Plus there are a lot of services in place to help students.


USF campus is beautiful and spread out while maintaining a lively and safe environment.


Big and great too meet different people.


A great school that give students the possibility to achieve their dreams.


My school is expensive.


My school is reasonably priced, safe, and engaging.


If a student is seeking a degree in higher education this is the school to go to, I would not recomend going to any community college first because if you were to start here they can help you with finding undergraduate research and among other engaging activities.


Florida Paradise!!! USF is a beautiful school with actual trees lol!!! Best part of the campus is that the buildings are unique, so you aren't looking at the same red bricks all day long... lol We are having a green kick on campus so we have LEAD certified buildings, many energy efficient upgrades, and we urge you to use the recycling bins that are all over campus. When you first look at USF you are probably going to think it looks massive but trust me after a few weeks on campus it begins to feel like home. Everywhere is accessible and we have free buses that you can track online on you iPhone or android. USF is constantly building and expanding so you never get board, we have an amazing gym... yes amazing, it was just upgraded this year and it has almost everything you can think of!!!


My school is a great place to receive an education.


My is a school of opportunities and completed dreams, USF is were my dreams will grow and thank to the supportive friends, staff and teachers I am sure I will achive all my goals in life.


USF balances out academics with athletics, creating opportunities which accomodate every student's interest.


The University of South Florida is extremely diverse and has may wonderful ways for students to get involved and interact with each other through activities such as Student Government, Greek Life, and many miscellaneous clubs.


This school has a lot to offer, as long as you are dedicated and want to learn.


USF is a great school where a student can advance their education and become a impactful member of society, through volunteer work, and research.


The University of South Florida is a diverse and pride driven school; we as students work hard in our studies as well as support our sports teams, clubs and anything representing the USF Bulls.


Lively, friendly, inviting, fun.


The University of South Florida is the best University in the state of Florida.


My school is academically challenging but socially lacking; it's too new to have an established social scene.


The University of South Florida is a unique campus full of cultural diversity, research, service and academic support which allows students to learn from one another, take an active role in the community and become sucessful, professional adults.


The University of South Florida is a college where you can unleash your full potential.


Large campus, very good professors, and well reknown.


My school is a very large school with many opportunities to learn and meet alot of great people.


The University of South Florida is a big school that embraces all of its students who are extremely friendly and motivated to do great things with their lives and the students have bright futures ahead of them attending this school.


It has great professors, in a wonderful atmosphere.


The University of South Florida is a large research oriented univeristy.


USF is a great school for medicine located in one of the most accessible parts of Tampa.


There are so many choices of things to do; both academic and social!


My school is diverse, friendly, helpful, educational, and an enjoyable environment that I am happy and proud to attend.


Culturally diversed, yet we all come together to support one another and achieve our goals.


I think that University of South Florida was great school to learn at in that it has a lot of great profession that are passionate about their work and their students.


Dedicated to produce skilled anesthesiologist assistants that can work in the health field


The University of South Florida works hard to encourage students and create a good environment for achievements.


My school offers small class sizes.


USF has an active campus with many vocal and passionate students; I really think there's something for people of any interest to get involved with at this university.


USF is a very diverse school and offers many opportunities for students to grow and learn together.


I?m really unsure. I think school is not for everyone. I think if your really interested in going you should go and be somebody. Life today in these economic times are not handed to you on a silver platter. But my concern after I think about it is the tuition depending if you?re a in state student or out of state student. My tuition was about $4k. But fortunately for me I had a full ride for college cause of my scholarships from high school. Now that I just recently moved my schooling is just under $10k.


My school is full of students from all over the world, giving everyone, including the teachers, a greater understanding and appreciation of the world we live in through the experience we gain from our fellow students.


My school is a beautiful and friendly environment that offers more than enough to help you succeed.