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S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A! South Florida! South Florida! Goooooo Bulls!!


We have a summer program called Student Support Services that allows you to have your first semester in college for free with three classes and your meal plan and housing free as well. Myself and about 30 other students were chosen for this and it became one of the best summers of my life. We all lived on the best dormitory on campus on the same floor and had the same classes, so we built strong friendships and became a little family here on campus. Also, if you're not Greek affiliated you won't feel left out.


The University of South Florida is unique because there are a lot of health-related institutions located on campus. There is a Moffit Cancer Center, an eye institute, an alzhiemer's institution, a physical therapy facility, and Shriner's Children Hospital. All of these facilities offer numerous volunteer, and research opportunities and potentials for students that attend the university. It shows that the university is well balanced and provides a broad spectrum of educational opportunites and services for it's students and faculty members.


University of South Florida has a five year master program for a degree in architecture, which is what I am studying. The five year master puts the student that graduate in architecture an advantage over those who graduate with a bachelors because it puts them out into the work force with a master in Architecture already so they don’t have to go back to school to get there masters. The school of architecture is continuously growing and making them more competitive schools in Florida for this specific degree.


Everyone's focused on their education and the school really cares about the students.


The environment is so nurturing. You can find a club for almost anything. They dont leave you hanging and they support you no matter what. Its a beautfiful support system that anyone needs to flourish away from home.


With more than 600 student organizations, including Greek, academic, religious, service, special interest, recreation and multicultural organizations, there's something for everyone at USF! Also it attracts more than 48,000 students , with a manifold of cultures and religions that make a home out of the Floridian Univeristy . USF ranks as a national leader in online education also USF was named one of the top 100 Best Values in Public Colleges by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance for 2014. Its a school that helps choregragh your future and your success can always thank the Univeristy of South Florida .


I did not consider any other school. I would say that my school have a lot of hands on projects.


The University of South Florida has a very good selection of extracurriculars. Involvement in student organizations is one of the best ways to further one's education, because it places a person in a situation where they are able to learn from other like-minded people. While helping others in their college selection, I have personally looked through the listed student organizations of other universities, and none have come close to the diversity in organizations of this campus.


It is extremely diverse. My ability to travel domestically and internationally is extremely limited, so it was nice being able to meet a lot of students from around the wold and learning about their cultures. In addition, there was never a time where I felt out of place when attending the events of multicultural organizations. I would always be welcomed into the Islamic Student Association, just as I would in Club Creole (Haitian organization). There was mutual respect and unity within the student population.


The University of South Florida is unique because it is an accreditied four year university that is nationally known with lower tuition than that of other nationally known universities such as the University of Florida or Florida State.


The campus is very diverse.


USF is very diverse ethnically, in the likes/wants of students, and many other ways. It really helps students become more culturally competent and it is refreshing to learn new things outside of the classroom through the experiences offered. The diversity on campus is embraced by the students and there are events and organizations for everyone. There is a place for everyone, and I love that.


I really loved the fact that the community at the University of South Florida feels like a family. People are friendly and genuinely care about you. The campus is beautiful and the environment is great. The professors care and want you to succeed. The atmosphere at USF is amazing and I feel lucky to be a part of it.


I believe that my school is unique in the way that teachers interact and educate the students in a small classroom environment and one on one if needed.


I love the unity and pride at the school. It feels good knowing you are attending a school that all students are proud of. USF has their main campus and three other campus's in the surrounding area. I also enjoy the smaller classroom sizes, I feel I get more one-on-one interaction with my professors. I like that the school isn't labeled as the party school, instead it is well-known for their research. The school is also located in an area where everything is around you. I couldn't have chosen a better school for myself.


We have a huge bull fountain.


Our school is one of the most diverse communities. There are all kinds of people that attend our University, people have their differences but there's something about being a "BULL" that brings us all together. Except for the athletes. That's a social hierarchy disaster. UGH!


The best thing about the University of South Florida is that they actually care about their students :) Our student government is huge on campus which means that we control a lot that happens on campus. If we want something, we ask for it, and we usually get it! USF students practice BULL PRIDE, you can't help feeling it when you step on campus! When you first see USF trust me it's going to seem huge but after a week of two it feels like home. I tend to spend most of my time in our beautiful Marshall Student Center, this building is amazing and oh so convenient! Tampa is definitely not a college town there is so much more too it, you can never get bored. We have beaches, theme parks, ect... if your ever do get tired Orlando is about an hour away :)


Compared to other schools I considered, the University of Florida has a larger campus with many more opportunties. They have used all the space they could to provide their students with the best college experience available. Because they have been considered a research school, multiple research opportunities are provided for current and prospective medical students. In addition, a wide variety of clubs are supoorted for every interest a person could possibly have, from music to cultural-based and even professional based. Equally important, transportation is provided in all parts of the campus as well as surrounding malls and amusement parks.


Young school still making an identity for itself.


The unique quality about my school compared to other school is that the football teams play games at a professional football stadium and its located in city that forever growing.


The medical programs is nationally distinugished.


Something that is unique to the University of South Florida are the Beef Studs. The Beef Studs are a student organization that promotes school spirit by painting themselves at sporting events and supporting their team. They also offer many other activies like social events and volunteer opportunies.


It's a very diverse school


USF was one of a few colleges i wanted but they had more in the way of qualifications for me. They were ready to help set me up with financial aid and rooming. Also it's closer to my family and i can visit home more often. When I had dorm issue our head of student affairs was ready to help and keep in touch with my family and I to solve the problem. Although not the most known USF is one of the best universities in all types of research. Student envolvement is also great, i love it .


The University of South Florida is unique for being one of the top research universities in Florida. The campus also holds the nationally known Moffitt Cancer Center. Among Moffitt being a hospital and clinic for cancer patients, it is also a research center with a goal to primarily find a cure. As a PreNursing major, I wanted to attend a University that offered many research opportunities such as USF, so I could gain experience, knowledge, and take part in finding new discoveries. I am currently volunteering at Moffitt and I am happy USF was able to offer me this opportunity.


The University of South Florida is constantly making new renovations in order to better accomodate their large about of students. This large university has a way of making it feel like a small, as far as comfortably meeting new people each day.


The University of South Florida is located in Tampa, so it is not the typical college town. Most people do not live on Campus and commute to school.


It's in Florida, and very research orientated.


What sets our school aside from other prestigous schools in state is the sense of pride that students hold while attending the University of South Florida. Our school is fast becoming one of the bigger schools here in the state of Florida and I believe that despite having to reside in a state with other schools such as FSU, UF or Miami, USF is making quite a name for itself. Not only that but our school is very diverse in terms of the students' cultures. Despite the many different backgrounds here at our school, we are all one student body.


NOVA southeastern university is one of the few universities to offer a double master's degree program in anesthesia assistant. There are only two schools in the state that specialized in the A.A program. NOVA has both, one in Ft. Lauderdale and the other in Tampa, FL.


I attend a branch of the University of South Florida. This branch is focused on adults. The classes are not everyday, in fact, most are only once a week. This made going to school easier for me because I did not have to take off mulitple days from work. The university also offers many on-line classes, which also helps with my work schedule.


The endless opportunities for fun around my school set it apart from the other schools I had in mind. In high school, I imagined college as being far away from everything familiar to me, and that I would have nothing to do once I finished my homework and studying. Since being at USF, I have gone to the Mosi Science Museum across the street, the Busch Gardens theme park , and the University Mall, all of which have been great in relieving the stress that comes with being in college and away from home.


The most unique part of my school and a major reason of why I chose to attend it has to do with the vast opportunities for undergraduate research. USF is recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as one of the top research universities in the nation. It provides its undergraduate students with hands-on opportunities to work side-by-side with graduate students. This is important because it creates an environment where students can gain invaluable experience early on in their academic careers.


My school has a whole lot of school spirit. You cannot go around our campus without seeing someone dressed in Bulls gear and at any sports activities we have maxed out the capacity no matter what the sport. Also we have the best and the biggest library, I think, in the entire state. We have anything and everything that you could ask for along with more. There are always people to help you so you never have to worry about being left on your own, which I thought I was going to be, especially coming from out of state.


The University of South Florida is like the door knob that allows me to open the door to success. It has an amazing accounting department that will prepare me to become a CPA, affordable classes that will not leave me in massive amounts of debt, a beautiful campus to calm my nerves before exams and is located in a city that has endless opportunities. Being a USF bull means getting down to business.


The University of South Florida is unique, in that they do not have the reputation as a party school and therefore academics take priority over everything else.


USF is student-focused and takes pride of their students.


USF has an early admission program for high school seniors. Atthough I am attending USF as a college freshman, I am actually a high school senior who has been accepted into this special program. It has given me the opportunity to advance my education and at the same time, I have made it a point to stay connected to my high school. I have attended the games at both schools and even attended my high school homecoming. USF's early admission program has given me the best of both worlds.


My school has many opputunities for envolvement, entertainment and high quality education that are more easily available than other institutions I considered.


It has a great multicultural diverse feeling and atmosphere. No matter what your race, religion, beliefs or interests you can feel welcome and know there is someone like you who may feel the same way.


I am now at the University of South Florida starting this spring and one of the unique things about it that has stood out to me so far is that it has several satellite campuses that I can also attend for classes. This is great for students that still want the feel of a smaller campus, especially if they are coming from a smaller community college. Trying to manuever and figure out what you need to do can be a bit overwhelming going from a community college to a large university. A satellite campus makes for an easier transition.


I like the fact that my school has four different campuses. This makes getting into a class pretty much a guarantee. It also makes commuting easy if you don't live on a campus. You can choose to go to the campus closest to where you live.


One thing that is completely unique about my school from other schools would be the Freshman Summer Institute program. This program has turned all of us into one big family. If I would have gone to any other school I would not have met half the people that I now consider part of my family.


The main thing that sets The University of South Florida apart from any other school that applied to over the course of my high school year was the fact that South Florida is so diverse in culture. I believe that with all the different religions, races, and cultures that are provided every day on campus, people learn to appreciate the meaning of the differences in people. It may be the location in which South Florida is placed that may be the case for such a profound diversity but either way, I could not see myself at any other school.


it has on-line courses


Their school spirit


The USF's Marshall Student Center and our amazing residence life is what makes my school unique compared to other schools that I considered. Our student center serves as a place of business and a pleathora of social activities. We have fashion shows, talent shows, offices for fraternity.sorority life, restaurants, plays, computer labs with free printing, and many more events and offices all located in the Marshall Student Center. Our residence life is never dull either. We have a annual 2 week long event just for the residents, where every living area host hours of entertainment and free food.


This schoolhas a good mix of typical college life, plus exciting diverse opportunities like community engagement, arts opportunities.