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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I have heard of many groups/clubs probably the most important for me is the investment club. Since I am planning on doing my own business I realized how important is to know how to manage your money not only in your company but also in the stocks.


Sports games are often full of students (other than football), plus there are tons of clubs as well as Greek life to keep students busy and entertained. A lot of students can also be found in the gym or doing intramural activities, which are offered for several levels of experience so that it is easy to try a new sport or keep up with an old favorite while challenging others at your level.


I think that sports are a huge part here and so is the government. Both are very strong and many students are involved wtih it. Most students in my dorm are very friendly. We can pretty much walk into anyones dorm and have a full conversation with them so they are very friendly. I met my closest friends from my dorm. They live two rooms down and we are always together. Frats and sororities are available on campus. Personally I am not involved with them, but I here good tings.


Greek life is becoming pretty common. As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, I can tell you there are eight sororities and a LOT of fraternities to join, each offering different and unique things. Also, the multicultural organizations are very common at USF. Finally, philanthropic organizations are also popular, including Dance Marathon (which I am Executive Director of).


The University of South Florida offers over 300 student organizations. These can range anywhere from the equestrian club to the chess club. What happens if you search for hours and still don't find something that you like? Well, USF actually makes it incredibly easy for you to create your own organization. There are only a few simple steps to complete and then you are the president of your very own club. As with most colleges, the Greek system at USF is pretty popular. I myself am a member of a sorority and have to say that it was the best decision I made since coming to USF. Joining a sorority or fraternity is probably the best and quickest way to meet a large amount of people. There are always parties to attend and people to do fun things with. For those people who don't drink, there are always events that the RA's in dorms hold that allow you to get closer to the people within your dorm halls. I met many of my close friends from living in a door room.


There are so many large organizations here! Cultural organizations, such as the Latin American Student Association have grown incredibly in recent years. My own Japanese Club has grown to a healthy number of active members from 40-80 members and over 500 total members. Professional societies also tend to be large in membership. Greek societies are popular - although the students sometimes clash with regular students. My own organization - the Japanese Club at USF is an organization I began here. Over 70 events have been ran through the organization since the summer of 2009 and we have donated to the Tohoku Japan Earthquake relief in the past and organized massive cultural events on-campus to raise awareness of Japanese culture. Many people are interested and it has a positive impact on our school, in my opinion. Students usually lock their doors in the dorms - they don't want people sneaking through their rooms. Football games are popular, but other sports have a hard time bringing out crowds. Guest speakers are numerous and from all backgrounds and professions - usually hundreds of people will attend these lectures. The dating scene is average - not over the top. You won't even notice that many people are in a relationship. I met my closest friends through my student organization - yet another reason why I'm glad I made it. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday...I'm in the library working on something or I'm at a nightclub or bar with some friends. Traditions are numerous on-campus from the SuperBull Homecoming Week to Mr. & Mrs. USF to Stampede of Service - USF tried to create new traditions every year. Events happen almost every week - multiple times a day. People usually party Thursday-Sunday - but this varies. Fraternities and Sororities are active - but keep to themselves. They take part in their philanthropies and socials, but I feel personally that they don't do enough to unify the campus and don't use their resources for the betterment of our university. Last weekend I went to a chocolate festival in Clearwater - one of the nice things about our university is that is between Tampa Bay's 3 major cities and you can easily drive to one of those towns and engage in what is happening off-campus. On a Saturday night you can attend a concert, cyber bowling, enjoy late-night sushi, ice skating, hang at the beach or local beach towns, hang out a mall, karaoke, rollerskating, play at an arcade, watch a movie at a local movie theater - there is plenty to do if you're looking. I tend to do most of the things listed above when I am off-campus.


I would say the Frat/Sorority groups on campus are the most popular based on the amount of people who are active in them. I personally am involved with more honor based societies, as I am too busy to commit to weekly and sometimes more than that meetings. The dorm life is a great way to meet people and to always have someone to hang out with. My freshman year we had open door night almost once a week. It was great! Athletic events are always fun to go to and they are a great thing to go out with your friends to! I recommend the mens soccer games and the football games. I met most of my close friends in classes and in organizations that I participate in. If its ever late night and my friends and I are still up, we normally head to andros for some late night breakfast and then hang out in whoevers room. Weekends are pretty similar. Since alot of people go home its nice to see a quieter campus for a change.


Intramural sports, Language clubs, volunteer activities, sports clubs


Some of the most popular student activities would be either the fraternities and sororities or the inter mural sports. There are also a ton of different clubs to join, both academic and leisure (e.g student activities club, the barbecue club) There are often events that go on outside of school hours on campus, for example, movie night on the lawn and tons of concerts, You will find many different types of socially active students; some are very involved and some keep to themselves. There is also a ton to do off campus (e.g. restaurants, shopping malls, movies, concerts, bar, clubs, etc.)


The most popular campus activity would be the inter mural sports that are hosted every semester. We usually hold a soccer, flag football and softball competition throughout the year. After that I think that the sport clubs are very popular and there are a wide variety of sports that can be joined for free. The clubs are funded by the school and allow the members to compete and practice free for most sports. Stamped of Service is also another popular event where a very large number of students go out all over Tampa volunteering for different task. This has been a lot of fun and you feel really great helping others. Attending the football games is always great fun during the fall as well. Our team plays at Raymond James Stadium home of the Buc's. So it is nice to have a professional arena as our home.


I wouldn't say that there is a most popular group or organization on campus, rather that there is something for everyone. Many people strive to be in the Student Government Association, and most students play some sort of intramural sport during their time in college. I am most involved in the Panhellenic Community and in the Center for Student Involvement. I love my job in the Center for Student Involvement, and it has made me much more aware of my options on campus. Football games are always huge events at our school, and students can earn loyalty points by going to other athletic events on campus. I am very involved in my sorority, but the Greek community is not very large in comparison to the school population because many students commute. I made my closest friends in my sorority and in my freshman year dorm. We all kept our doors open and spent most of our time together in the common areas or out and about on campus. If I were awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am probably either doing homework or relaxing with friends. The biggest traditions on campus are the Homecoming week activities, like the parade and after-party. On weekends, if students don't want to drink, they can go to the movies, go mini-golfing and go-karting, or participate in Bulls Nite Out. Bulls Nite Out is a weekly event where students can come have fun with different themes, food, and non-alcoholic drinks.


Food at events available for free!!


Food at events available for free!!


USF has everything, we have sports, we have arts and theater, we have hundreds of different student organizations, best part is if there isn't one you can make it! Everyone is accepted when it comes to student activities there is something for every person, if you like to volunteer head over to the Center of Leadership and Civic Engagement, if you are interested in politics head up the student tower to the Office of Student Government, if you think that you are hoping to be in a sorority and fraternity we have this too. USF is considered a young school, this is not a setback though because this means we have the opportunity for growth and that's what we're doing. I have no doubt that we will become the best of the best.


Lots of bars clubs, beach related etc.


Well being a transfer student from Boston, I didnt know anyone in Tampa, however I met most of my friends through work rather than school. I have made friends at school but most people I really know and are close to are not from USF. I am not involved in any clubs or organizations at school, most of my friends are involved in Tampa Club Sports, so I play on those teams. Since USF campus doesnt have any places to really hangout I spend most of my weekends out at clubs, bars, theaters, parties, etc. off campus. I would like to do more events with classmates but there is not much going on around campus unless you are in a fraternity or sorority. Football games are the one events I mix classmates with my other friends.


Sororities, Frats, Volunteering, BSU, Student Government. I don't really go out much so I don't know what the night life scene is like here. I worked last weekend and went home to see my parents. I'm pretty laid back; not that big on partying. I met my closest friends at either school or work.


People party way too much especially at the beginning of the semester.


People like joining Frats and Sororities, they are quite popular. we dont leave our dorm doors opened because there have been too many cases of things being stolen or girls being raped. People go to Athletic events if their team is winning. I met one of my best friends by asking when our first test was, since she was really good with math, I got her number and called her one day asking if she wanted to go eat and she said yes and so we became friends that way. If I'm awake that early, that means I've been playing Video games all night till 2am. My social life isnt that party hectic. I dont like getting myself into situations that are bad. Last weekend I stayed at home, I can go to the movies with friends on Saturday nights. Sometimes we go clubbing on Thursdays, but that hasnt happened in a while cause we have no time.


There are activities for every person here at USF. Military? join ROTC. like to wakeboard? join WAKEUSF. Love to support athletic events? Beef studs and Babes wants you. The campus is always alive and busting at the seams with stuff to do. Not to mention the great stuff just outside of campus. Busch Gardens is 5 minutes away. There are great clubs everywhere. Go to Ybor City one night for some crazy fun. Tampa does not revolve around the college like some other universities around here. There is so much great stuff to do. You will never get bored here!


I live off campus so I really don't do much on campus other than class and lectures, but it seems as if USF provides a wide array of activities for its on-campus students.


The football team is the most popular team on campus. Athletic events are extremely popular. I meet my closest friend through Alpha Kappa Psi. If am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am studying or hanging out with friends. Homecoming is a traditional event. Faternities and sororities plays a major role student life. Last weekend i went out with friends.


USF usually has a lot of different events going on from different venues. I don't too much pay attention; I'm not that big on the social scene. I know a lot of students here like to party and club on the weekends.


The most popular sporting events on campus are the football games and the Men's basketball games. These are both high-energy events. Students get very involved with the teams. I'm involved with the student government on campus. This is a great opportunity to provide feedback about issues on campus. It's also a wonderful way to stay informed. You meet your closest friends at USF by getting involved in activities that interest you. You'll also grow close to the students that are in the same major as you. You run into a lot of people over and over again, despite the size of the campus. A lot of students also hold part-time jobs while going to school, so working while in school is very feesible. It's also a great way to meet people. If I'm awake at 2AM on a Tuesday night, I'm either hanging out with other students, or trying to finish up a project. A lot of times students work together to complete assignments. The library has late hours, so there is always a quiet place to study. We just celebrated Valentine's Day at USF. Several of the sororities and fraternites handed out goodies. There were lots of groups on campus selling flowers to support their funding. SGA also provided live entertainment near one of the buildings on campus to celebrate the holiday. Campus itself is relatively quiet most nights, but there are always off-campus activities to attend. There are a lot of clubs and bars near USF specifically for the student crowd. All of these are close to campus, and there is a shuttle-service provided if you're planning on having a really fun time. Greek Life is a large part of the campus atmosphere. There is Greek housing right on campus, and they have a lot of activities to get involved with. It's never to late to rush. The groups are welcoming and friendly. They also demonstrate a lot of school spirit. The Florida State Fair is in town right now. It is attacting a lot of attention from the community. It is a huge event that takes place only a few miles from campus. The fair lasts two whole weeks, and since the weather is so nice, a lot of people attend this event. There is a mall across the street from campus. So if you're looking to have a low-key weekend you can go shopping or see a movie. There are also a lot of restaurants right down the street to go to. Most of them are casual dining, so bring your friends! Tampa has a great art scene. There are several museums in the area. There are always concerts and shows taking place.