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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I'm not sure but everyone is extremely weird, judgmental and clueless.


Football is big at USF we have an up and coming team but many of the students commute so I don't this the campus has one specific stereotype associated with it.


I really don't think there are that many stereotypes at my school. Everyone is so different and so unique.


USF really doesn't have a define "stereotype" but rather is known for our extensive multicultural affairs and background, and this is definitely true. You can find a variety of clubs and organizations through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, take almost any language under the sun for a major or a minor, and we also have INTO USF, a foreign exchange program housed at the school. USF certainly is diverse, and that's one of the best reasons to come to school here!


The big stereotype of the students at my school is that we are all transfers from community colleges or commuters. Though many students at USF do indeed transfer from other schools, a large number of us came straight from high school, including me. As far as people commuting, I have met maybe four people in the entire two years that I've attended USF who still lived at home.


My school is considered a commuter school - so many people say that people aren't interested in student life. However, I would disagree - given things to get involved in, many people will get involved. We do have plenty of greeks on campus, but there is also plenty of multicultural, religious, and other organizations to be involved - so I think there is something for everyone.


My school is quite diverse. There are students from all types of background, and therefore there are several stereotypes. For instance, frat kids are considered to be involved with drugs and bombastic parties where there's always alcohol. Asian students are geeks; Latin students are loud and not very serious about school; African Americans are gangsters; while Indians are stingy with money. All of these stereotypes however, vanish with time, as students come together in several activities where they learn about each other's cultures and traditions.


The only stereotype I can think of pertaining to our school is that its in the Ghetto. This isn't true. I feel safe on campus. Our campus isn't in downtown Tampa, and I personally feel its separate from Tampa entirely. So I would say that this stereotype is inaccurate.


USF has all of the stereotypes. Nerds, frat guys, sorority girls, jocks. However I have found that even though they fit into the category not all of them are as rigid as you may think. I've met some awesome people from all of these "stereotypical" groups. I've met some awesome and down to earth frat guys that aren't what the stereotype puts out. They aren't rude, egocentric, and closed off to making friends with anyone who isn't greek. The same goes for sorority girls. The nerds are very dedicated to their academics but they aren't as lame as you would think. We have an awesome Quidditch team. The jocks may be the one group that does stick a little more to the stereotype. They do stick with their own and are pretty prideful of what they do in regards to sports.


USF really doesn't have a stereotype. A lot of students come from various backgrounds (international students, foreign exchange students, military brats, Tampa natives, etc). It's a very diverse campus and you can fit in anywhere :)


USF has a stereotype of being a commuter school.


At USF we have every different kind of person imaginable. One of the things that makes college so great is that you will often find yourself interacting with students outside of your comfort bubble. I was a band geek in high school and throughout my years of living on and off campus and taking classes I became friends with all types of "stereotypes". For my campus specifically it all depends on where you spend most of your time. If you are by greek hall or the gym a lot then yes you will have to deal with the frat kids. If you are taking liberal art classes you will be hanging out with a lot more liberal minded people. And if you spend most of your rime studying in the library you will most likely become friends with more like minded study focused people.


There is a wide variety of students at USF, all with different hobbies and fields of interest. There is not one general stereotype of USF students; there is a vast amount of "labels" that could be identified to certain students (e.g. athletes, fraternity/sorority members, members of the Honors program, etc,) There is also a large group of kids that don't participate in extra curricular activities that still receive a great college experience as well.


I would say that most of the students at the University of South Florida are extremely diverse, yet share pride for the USF Bulls. Most of the students here, who are not originally from Tampa, come to this school ready to make a change. It is an up-and-coming school, so it is not entirely popular with high school graduation classes. It is a school that people go when they don't necessarily want to stay with their high school crowd, so the population is extremely friendly. We are ready to make lasting friends and become a part of campus life in a variety of different ways.


USF Polytechnic is diversified. We are mostly focused on Nursing, Psychology, and other subjects as majors like Engineering, IT and Criminal Justice. You would enjoy the experiences with other students.


People still think of USF as a fairly new school with low standards.


USF is a melting pot, I can't think of one group of people who aren't represented here. But unlike high school where the groups were separated into clicks instead it's like everyone hangs with everyone, it's an awesome atmosphere filled with the friendliest students and faculty!