University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any modern high school student living in Florida would want to attend USF. College has become a necessary standard to function in the work force, and USF is a simple solution and a relatively relaxed place to earn a degree.


Anyone who is interested in a quality education where professors care about their students. Also our school has an INTO program where students from all over the world can become integrated into the American lifestyle while also receiving a great education. The student body is warm and welcoming, and is always able to lend advice or answer any questions. I came to know this when I toured this school and all the students were very genuine and seemed to make us feel very welcome. It's like they really wanted us to go to their school.


I think that any average student who isn't focused on a field of study such as in the Medical field.


The type of person that should attend the University of South Florida is a very driven person. There can easily be a lot of distractions in Tampa so you need to be driven and goal-oriented. You also have to be okay with driving to get to basically anywhere (grocery store, mall, restaurant, bar). If you like small class sizes, that is a plus about going to USF. As long as you are a focused person who knows what you want and will do anything to achieve it, you will do well at the University of South Florida.


The kind of person that should attend this college - or any, for that matter - is one who is willing to take what they learn outside the classroom and keep working with it. When one attends college, they're making the decision to study a subject of extreme breadth. As a result, there simply is not enough time within classes to learn any individual subject at a sufficient depth to have a practical knowledge, let alone one that would lead to disruptive discoveries in the field.


A person looking to have an edge on the competition in the workforce. A person who is willing to work hard.


This school can occomodate any type of person, from the more reserved, study based individual, to the extremely social individual.


This school is pretty heavily science based (at least from my experience). Also, for being a slightly larger campus, this school is still pretty tight knit and easy to navigate. Everyone seems pretty willing to help one another with classes.


Well-rounded students who are looking for a quality education.


This school has excellent facilities for students big on research and the sciences, especially medical.


The type of individual that should attend the University of South Florida should e someone who is driven, confident, and spirited. I believe that this school is prestigious and that anyone who attends this university will come out on top. But in order to be successful, one must be willing to work hard and make a name for themself. Also, USF is a school spirited university and we are very proud of our atheltics and academics.


An individual who is focused, and ready to have a fun college expierence.


Anyone who loves the southern air and the Florida heat should come to USF. There is an extremely short and easy winter down here, so if you love summer time this is the perfect place for you. It is just a short drive from the beach, and also Busch Gardens if you love amusement parks! This school is truly great for anyone who wants to have fun and get a great education at the same time.


someone who enjoys diversity and is eager to learn and interact with other cultures. someone who want to go to a big school and love the beach and palm trees


A person who is motivated to get a college education should attend this school.


A person who is motivated and wants to learn and enjoys getting involved. Someone who doesn't mind riding a bus or walking or paying fees for a car.


Someone that loves going to sporting events, doesnt mind walking around campus to getting to classes, loves the "big" univerisity feel. Loves being involved in activites and sports.


Any one that likes options should attend this school, while still able to stay focus. Someone that gets distracted very easily shouldn't attend this school because there is so much to do. While variety is good, not everyone can handle it. There are lots of career, internship, and research opportunitites on campus as well as clubs and social activities, but no one can do it all.


A person should be dedicated to higher education to attend the University of South Florida. The Education Department here is an extremely demanding program. If you are not prepared to work daily to complete assignments, you will not be successful.


Students who are serious about their studies, but wish to be in a more relaxed environment would do well in this school.


Research focused with medical goals.


Any kind of person would fit in at the University of South Florida, it is a very diverse university culturally, ethnically, and program-wise. No matter what you are interested in there will be something here for you.


I refuse to believe that USF is designed for one specific kind of person. USF is very diverse and has everything to offer for their students. If you like an easy to adapt to college, with kind, understanding professors who really care USF is the place for you.


Someone who wants to succeed, but doesn't want academics to be their entire life. You still have to work, but most teachers won't flood you with work and make you miserable. Because of this you still have plenty of time to socialize and partake in extra curriculars. As far as any niche groups go, USF isn't that nichey and it's not hard to fit in. Having attended UCF as well as USF and visited my friends at other Florida colleges, I think USF is more integrated as far as culture/ niche/ race then other schools.


The type of person who should attend USF is an outgoing person who is open to all kinds of activities, groups and things of that nature. My school always has something for its students to do, participate in or even watch.


The type of student that should attend USF will be environmentally friendly and hard working. If you would like to attend a four year college without a large student loan debt than USF is for you and if you enjoy interaction with students and teachers in discussions instead of boring powerpoints than you will love this beautiful campus.


Anyone interested in science, and specifically the medical field. The University of South Florida is situated in Tampa with several hospitals and clinics within walking distance. On campus, we have the Moffitt Cancer Research Center. Undergraduate students are permitted to participate in research, granted they show in interest and are willing to commit. USF is growing rapidly, and more funding is being provided to science and technology.


The type of person that should attend this University is someone who is determined to succeed in life and make a difference in the world.


A person that is looking for a diverse school with many different clubs and organizations. A person that likes great weather and a large enrollment.


Someone who wants to be in a science-forward field of research.


Dedicated to success, desires to attend and participate in academic opportunities


Fun, spirited people would love this school. It also has a large focus on research and a great medical program so students who want to go pre-med should definitely consider USF.


Anybody should attend this school. The University of South Florida is a very diverse school. As long as you have the grades and the drive to learn, there is no reason someone can't attend


The ppeople that attend this school are from all all backgrounds and income. it's a well rounded university with high standards and if you as a student are ready to work hard and learn , then this scool is your ticket to future success. So come on and join all us young people form the future of the profesional world!


Someone looking for a very socially involved school.


USF caters to the 18-22 year old student. If you are the "non traditional" student, you may want to consider another school.


Anyone, literallly. A very very diverse school as it is.


This school is built around its education program , and its pre-med program. anyone who is interested in each of these majors will not be disappointed in the results. Both programs are the wonderful and very hard to get into but worth the hard work for the education recieved.


A dedicated individual who is willing to work hard to accomplish good rankings and grades. I do not believe, regardless of what society leads me to be believe, that college is one big play ground. W need mature individuals to portray a willingness to accomplish the best that they can accomplish. Not lazy or "fun-seeking" people. Although college can be fub, I dont believe it the primary point of the experience.


Someone open to a melting pot of people and is very interested and open to new things. Anyone free spirited and excited to be part of something larger than life. Everyone and anyone who is truly looking for the all around, full college experience.


Any person should attend the University of South Florida. That person should just realize all the responsibilities that they have to pursue. If a person has very low expectations of themselves and is not too responsible, then I would not advise them to attend any college. When students like me go to college, it is safe to say that they get stranded out there and have to figure a way out. Of those stranded, if one has no enthusiasm then they will possibly flunk out of college. Responsibility plays a huge role in the life of a college student.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is self motivated. When coming here I did not realize how different it was from my high school. Everything in high school is handed to you on a silver platter and when you get to USF you are on your own. You need to go to class and worry about your own assignments and when they are due because the teachers are not there to do it for you. I know many people who did great in high school but are not doing so good now.


Well my school was actually not on the list! I attend Southwest Florida College. It is a private school, and they have a lot to offer. I enjoy going to school there. I would recommend for any student to attend this school because the faculty there is extremely friendly, and helpful. The classrooms are not overloaded so you can get the most out of your education!


People who dislike cold weather, don't mind commuting to a university in a decently sized city, and people who can't afford a lot for their tuition, but still want a degree that's worth something.


I believe those who need night classes should attend the Sarasota-Manatee campus. I am currently enrolled here for Spring 2010 and found this was actually more of an inconvenience due to the fact that I am a waitress and work predominantly at night. The campus here is also DEAD! No one is very friendly but that's Sarasota for you. So for the social scene of college, I would definately recommend Tampa campus over Sarasota's.


Goal Driven


This school really is for anyone. I think because of the location it's great for more of the artistic liberal students but professors and other students are very open and fun.


An outgoing, active person who is excited and ambitious about his/her future. A person not afraid to get involved and get things going, to get his/her hands dirty if it means getting what he/she wants. A person who understands that there is no such thing as an easy road and that sometimes you have to give a little more than you get. Not an optimist or a pessimist but a realist, a person who understands the effects of his/her actions and is willing to take responsibility for his/her life and his/her education.


A person who has no other choice.


Anyone who is or wants to learn to be self-motivated. He/she should not be closed to diverse experiences and should take opportunities and academic experiences seriously.