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It is growing and yet it is a great size. A lot of great things are coming from USI because it is fairly new.


This university grows more and more every year. They have one of the best nursing and dental hygenist programs in the state of Indiana. USI has an abundant amount of majors and so many opportunities for eager college students.


I think it is unique because it is small, but not too small. You get familiar with some students and get to know them.


I love the campus because it's very clean, nice people, and everything seems to be updated; including new buildings and new technology. The main reason why I also chose this school is because it is in my hometown and it has a more reasonable tuition fee than the other schools I applied at. The university also has my major that I am interested in, which is InternationaL Studies. It even has a study abroad program to the country where I want to study at.


University of Southern Indiana has about 11,000 students. Only about 4,000 students live on campus, so while the student body is relatively large, the on campus students are still closely knit as if they were attending a private school. In addition, our campus is beautiful and continuously updating.


We do not have a community bathroom we have our own bathrooms in our actually rooms.


My school is unique because of the way the campus is laid out. The campus is in a nice central location. It is laid out in a circle so it is extremely student friendly for walkting between buildings for classes. Other colleges were spread out and students had long walks but this one is different.


University of Southern Indiana is ranked number three in the schools of nursing. Therefore, it is very competitive in the required classes to get into the program. Being ranked number three is only one of the reasons I came to this school. I love how small the campus is and how the classes are small enough that you can get the help you need from your professors without having to wait for a long time for your question to be answered.


Compared to the other schools I considered, USI is farther from my home town, and is a smaller school. I was looking for a school that would feel a little more like home, and I believe that I made the right choice in coming to the University of Southern Indiana.


The way the housing is... Housing is very good and clean hear. They try very hard to make you feel comfortable here.


It's always growing.


University of Southern Indiana is right outside city limits, therefore it looks and seems more spacious than many other colleges. It has abundant areas to study outside. It also provides accomodations for commutors; such as parking spaces. I am impressed with the spacious apartments and dormitories that are available on campus. At USI, there is a program that allows international students to live on campus while obtaining their degree, and encourages activities/interaction with the local students and their families. I also like the fact that most of the teachers speak English fluently.


It's a small school and not as crowded also has a decent art program.


Its size. It's big enough that it has all or most of the classes someone would want to take, but it's small enough that you see a lot of the same people everyday, which makes it easier to make friends.


We have a lot of nice things here.


It's located a mile or two outside of the city.


i like my school

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