University of Southern Maine Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


USM is supportive, understanding and wants it's students to succeed.


2 campuses means annoying switching between the two but it has many different opportunities


For the majoirty of my course work I attended USM's Lewiston-Auburn campus, a small, single buidling campus that didn't offer much by the way of extra-curricular activities, however, it was very student friendly, and professors appeared very interested in student success.


It is a public university


It is a comfortable, friendly learning environment where one makes great friends and memories.


The most fantastic school that one will ever attend; filled with free spirits, amazing faculty, and kind people.




Availiable and supportive, engaging and varied.


USM is a very inviting, friendly, and helpful place to get your degree in a relaxed, professional environment.


A relaxing place where learning and social interaction takes place.


Usm is a school that strives to be environmentally friendly, career focused, and successful to each student has chosen to receive their education here.


USM is a basic way to get a degree.


University of Southern Maine is a very diverse, open minded school that allows students to interact with one another by learning about each other's cultures and expressing their views on various subjects that tend to be very often brought up, and also gives students the opportunity to take the classes they need and want based on their schedule which makes it very convenient for them. USM provides fun, interesting classes that determine students to stick to them and motivates them to keep going until the end.


USM is mostly a commuter school focusing on the liberal arts and sciences that combines Maine's hometown feel with liberal urban life.


The University of Southern Maine possesses a charming atmosphere and knowledgeable professors, who each emit a true and radiant passion for teaching.