University of Southern Maine Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The one thing I'm finding frustrating is finding help figuring out financial aid. I've contacted the office and for some reason the secretarial staff keep giving me the run around offering their advice and then telling me that should help and you only need an appointment with a counselor if my loans don't cover everything. I never end up talking to an actual financial aid advisor/counselor. I feel kind of lost in figuring out student loans and not sure if I'm covering my bases to be sure my tuition is fully covered.


That there isn't a daycare available for me. I feel it would benifit the older students success.


Each semester the tuition increases. The administrators are paid exorbitant salaries, and the library gets remodeled, yet student tuition continues to rise as programs like the childcare center and career services, get cut. The university cares more about its image to potential students than the realistic needs of its current students.


The most frustrating thing at USM is the run down dorm rooms. The heat doesnt really work and the rooms arent that well taken care of from year to year.


my school is becoming more and more a commuter campus, and makes it more boring on campus.


The facilities. The buildings were old and poorly maintained and so the classrooms were always cold. The buildings were different styles of architecture which looked random and lacking cohesion.


A few of the professors


In my experience, the most frustrating thing about my schoool has been the inability to have all of my previous coursework transfer.


There's not much to do on the weekends, especially since the majority of people go home.


Too many people per class and not much space.


The split campuses.


The fact that its in two different towns. Its hard to have to take a bus or drive to get to a science or math class.


All advisors and directors are out to get you in trouble.


The meal plans frustrate me a lot because although they're personable, they're not always flexible enough. There are a lot of caf?s and bistros but the main cafeteria has limited hours of operation. Also, there is a lot of emphasis on USMs downfalls and not enough on their accomplishments. After recently getting a new president, I hope this will change.