University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students are from all ages, backgrounds, and countries. We work together as a team. We stay involved with student life, our studies, communities, families, etc. We all look out for each other. Southern Miss is a family oriented school.


Stuck up Cliques Unwelcoming


I find my classmates to be friendly and helpful.


It is impossible to justly describe my classmates in one sentence, but unique and worth getting to know is the best way I can sum them up.


My classmates are diverse, enthusiastic, and interesting.


My current classmates are young and nieve.


My classmates are very fun-loving, and at times immature.


My classmates are a group of well-rounded, "different" individuals. I am blessed to have found a group of people who are so like-minded to myself. We are all very artistic in that we express ourselves through visual art and written words.


They are fun, quirky, hard-working, and strong-minded.


My classmates are fun, energetic, focused, helpful, and always wanting to your friend.


My classmates are diverse, inquisitive, competetive, compelling, caring, humorous, and hard working; they are typical college students, however, they feed off of the atmosphere are successful in every challenge presented to them.


I love the students at Southern Miss. Everyone is extremely friendly and laid back. There is no pressure to be anything other than who you are. In class, students are eager to exchange phone numbers in order to study or help out with doing homework and understanding concepts. It is so easy to make friends at my school and there is never a shortage of people willing to help you with whatever you need.


My classmates are diveresed, they each represent something different, whether it be race, religion, culture, or educational background they are all unique and have something to contribute despite if we all know each other or not.


Although the group is diverse, they are very friendly and open!


Classmates at USM can be a little bit stand-offish at first, but once you get to know them they're fun and nice.


Always there to help anyone in need no matter if your new or not. Always willing to meet new people and show them around if they don't know their way around.


My classmates are a diverse group willing to help fellow students.


My classmates are helpful and friendly.


My classmates are diverse, ranging from bright and exuberant to isolated and mysterious.


My classmates are all different in so many ways,however we all have one thing in common; desire to learn.


My classmates were dedicated, enthusiastic, caring, driven indivudals.


Classmates are interesting, academically-oriented people interested in the class material.


They are easy going students that want to go far in life. The like to study but enjoy having a good time, also! They try to help each other. They are cautious about taking care of the environment and keep it clean. Most try to work hard and try to be good people.




Liberal, artistic and very southern baptist as a whole.