University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

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Southern Miss University is an awesome school to attend. The unique thing about my school is they are very organized and care about your future. I have talked to some of my friends and they have told me that the schools they attend do not care about their well being and grades. Southern Miss will post your grades th next day, send you emails, and updates about things going on throughout the campus. I love Southern Miss, this have been my first choice of school before I graduated high school.


The University of Southern Mississippi offers an affordable accredited education. When comparing the University of Southern Mississippi to other schools, I found that most universities charge more for online classes. As of right now, this is not the case with the University of Southern Mississippi.


The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help you in anyway that is necessary because they truly care about your academic success and want you to ultimately enjoy your experience.


This school is really focused on Greek life and sports.


I am currently in the nursing program at USM, and I find it convenient and unique that they are getting an anesthesia program. This is the first school in the state of Mississippi to get this program. I am excited because I plan to furthur my studies in this particular program, and I am excited that I do not have to go out of the state of Ms.


The University of Southern Mississippi has wonderful healthcare programs. I chose the university, because I wanted to be a Medical Technologist and USM had the best program.


USM is a welcoming environment with affordable tuition. Also known as a great university for the sciences, which as a Pre-Veterinary Medicine student is invaluable. Campus is beautiful, Hattiesburg area is affordable to live in while studying.


It was closer to home and academic advisors great at helping students make decisions concerning their education.


The Gulf Coast Campus is unique because the advisors & teachers will do anything to help you out. They want you to do good in the career path you have chosen.


The University of Southern Mississippi is unique compared to the other schools I considered because the faculty seemed to care that we would choose them. When touring another school, I actually heard an employee say aside that it did not matter if any of us applying freshmen came to the university or not because they did not need a bunch of rednecks at their school. My experience at Southern Miss was completely different. They made me feel valued, had the knowledge to answer my questions, and actively took an interest in me. These attributes continued throughout my freshmen year.