University of St Francis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the guidance and genuine help from the advisors and teachers at this University. I really do appreciate all the teachers and advisors at the school because they are there for me for any questions I might have and gladly answer them for me. This is something that I truly was lacking at my previous school and really glad that I made my choice of coming to Saint Francis.


University of St Francis is an Institution that has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my career dreams. University of St Francis provides Co-hort classes that are given in a hospital setting to serve those professionals that have already gained experience and would like to obtain their degree for career advancement. University of St Francis has Tuition discount programs, scholarships and excellent academic instruction. University of St Francis is one University that mission statement is based on Respect, Service, Integrity and Compassion. I feel blessed and honored to be a student at University of St Francis.


I brag about how small the campus is. I love waking up five minutes before class starts and still get to class on time. I also like how the school is so close to the train station. If I ever want to go home, security will take me up there for free. It's great!


The smaller class sizes really allow for more individual attention to each student. Also, the teachers, really genuinely care about the student as an individual and want the students to succeed. Teachers believe that students can and will make a difference in their own lives through the benefits of their education, but also in the lives of others by giving back through their careers. I have seen many teachers be caring and compassionate to students who fall on hard times not only due to the stress of college, but due to life challenges as well.


I have taken classes at other colleges. St. Francis stands out because the teachers really seem to care and are willing to spend time with each student in order to help them succeed. I love learning, but their efforts motivate me to continue working hard. As a result, I am maintaining a 4.0!


When discussing my school with my friends, I brag about the nursing program that I am enrolled in. Once we all graduate, I feel that most of us will remain close. I transferred from another university and I feel I chose an equally excellent school.


When I brag about my alma mater I speak of the beautiful campus, the enthusiam of the staff and faculty and the fact that our education is of highest importance at University of St. Francis.


The class sizes are very accommodating, and professors are on a first-name basis with their students.


The small classrooms sizes and the the heart of the teachers and advisors for the students here.


The advising staff is very helpful and everyone returns emails in a timely manner.


The awesome social life around campus. Every one is always willing to help, the teachers and staff really care about their students. The affordibility of the college and the extra activites on and off campus. The privacy and quietness of the school.


There is amazing food here! We have a cafeteria, snack shop, and bistro. At the bistro you can use a meal swipe to buy salads, sandwiches, and panini's. The bistro also has quick food to go, such as soups and salads. Most people complain about the cafeteria food, but this food was just outstanding, after breaks I'd be excited to go back to school to eat the great food.


The class size. It is approximately a 23:1 ratio, and you are able to get a lot of one on one time with the professors. The professors are very easy to talk to if you have any problems or questions. They know you by your name not your ID number.