University of St Francis Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who thinks that college will be a breeze. Someone who isn't willing to put in the hours required to study.


Someone who is interested in non-traditional, critical-thinking based education: dry lectures, memorization and heavy reliance on tests. Certainly not the most progressive school, nor the most organized (in literally every process I've been involved with in the school, there has been some sort of hiccup).


Someone who is not looking for a bright future should not attend this school. University of St. Francis shows students what futures are available for them, but they also show you how you can work for these futures.


A student who is not serious about school and not willing to work should not attend the University of St. Francis.


Some who is looking for a large school shouldn't come to USF. It is definitely a small school, but has a very cozy feeling. Anyone who is looking for just a party should look elsewhere because there are not many parties because we don't have the traditional Greek life. Also, if you want to blow off class and mess around, this isn't the school for you. It's too expensive and too hard to spend your money and time messing around and not learning.


If you're not serious about school, don't come here. Education is highly valued at USF. Also, if you're interested in Greek life or large schools where you can blend in and hide, USF isn't for you. It's a smaller school where your teachers will know your name--and whether or not you show up to class.


Someone who is not serious about learning far beyond what they intended should not come to this school. It's tough and not meant for students who slack off and think they can pass with not coming to class and only doing the quizzes and/or exams.


University of Saint Francis is a small close knit school, everyone is a family there. Everyone goes to the different athletic events and cheers on teams, attends school sponsored fundraisers and events, and everyone is very focused on the entire self as a whole. We all are kind and helpfull students willing to do anything for the greater good. Univeristy of Saint Francis is for a student that wants to better themself as a whole person, excel in the selected major they choose, and be a part of the flurishing community on campus.


A lazy person with no focus or drive would not attend this school. This school is not a blow off and it is not easy by any means. It is hard and it takes a lot of work. If a person has no drive, then they would not attend this school.


Someone who doesn't want to have a great learning experience.


If you want to go to crazy parties and slack off this college is not for you. We do have parties but they are not held on campus, as far as I know. People who only want to go to college just so that they could have a good social life and nothing else would be lost here. People at this college take their studying and social lifes into one and know when to separate them.


If a person wants to be in a big city or have large class sizes. This school mostly appeals to those going into teaching or nursing. Any other type of degree would probably benefit at a different school.


students thats not motivated and not willing to work, university of st. francis is an great school with great values.


Someone who wants to go to college for the parties.


The person who wants a major party. Also the person who wants to be in classes with like 300 hunderd students at once where the professor does not know your name.


Someone who is looking for a big party school, various options for electives, or someone who wants an easy/lazy four years.


No one should not attend the University of St. Francis. The school I attend is very diverse, with many people of different ethnicitys, backgrounds , and/or physical diffferences.


If you are thinking of attending St. Francis, you should be a very caring person because we are all like a family. Being outgoing helps to considering there are a lot of opportunities to meet others and have a great time.


Someone who likes to party and is not ready to take college seriously.


A person who is unsure of their goals in completing the nursing program or who are unsure that this is the career path they should be on should not attend this school. If they are serious about attending, completing and becoming a nurse than this is the school for them .


One who is used to the city and going out all the time.