University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

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It is very small, yet prestigous. it has not outgrown itself, like many well known colleges have. It is very down to earth, simple, and uncomplicated, the way it should be.


Because of the size, there is more room for student-professor interaction and gives you a better chance to truly comprehend the material being taught. Also, the school offers a ton of scholarships because they simply love to see people grow and succeed.


University of St. Thomas offers small classes wheras most universities a student can easily be lost within a sea of other students in one class. With the small classes, students at St. Thomas are more likely to be acquainted with the professors allowing for an ease to ask them questions. The professors really make an effort to show that they are there for you and are willing to help because they want to see their students succeed to the fullest.


The most unique thing i have learned about saint thomas is the reverence of school. Saint thomas is operated like a school is suppose to run. Back when colleges were first upmerging when higher education was a true privledge ( early greek times), it was called a leisure. Learning is a leisure. Most schools today are not leisures because they only teach about the disciplines as means to an end. By the time one graduates from UST you realize that providing value is a means to an end... not the money. Which is a big asset to the US Economy.


UST strives actively to live out its Catholic identity. Rather than being a place of pure self-expression, which can lead to many more low-key individuals being forgotten, it strives to bring all into dialogue with the modern world through the lens of the Catholic intellectual tradition, a tradition healthy for the developement of people of all faiths and traditions.


Definitely the traditional "state school". A notorious party school, a thriving Greek life, and a huge athletic department.


University of St. Thomas is the only Catholic university in Houston, Texas. What made UST stand out over other schools I considered was the student to teacher ratio. Each class has less than 30 students which makes it alot easier to focus in class and get to know your teachers better.


What is unique about my school is that it is a small campus with not many students attending. In fact, the student to faculty raio is 13:1 and this gives the students the opportunity to engage more in the classroom. An amazing fact about the University of St. Thomas is that seventy percent of students who apply to medical or law school are acccepted and the faculty are very helpful. The core curriculum helps to shape the students to be very well rounded in literary and critical thinking skills.


This school is primarily a commuter school which is a unique experience for a non-commuter like myself. With a student body of around 3000 I am able to have diversity within my classes and meet lots of new people, but after class hours I am part of a much smaller community of students who live on campus. The on-campus living arrangements allow for great community life, and I live with all of my closest friends.


The University of St. Thomas is a small private university built within and out of a neighborhood in which some classrooms are still held in houses left standing on campus grounds. This architectural development gives off a homey and cozy enviornment while inversely being at the heart of the city. Fortunately, this quality allows me access to many useful resources while not having to travel far from school.; everything is right at my fingertips from the Reliant Standium to the mall and to the grocery store.


It is very small which provides a perfect atmosphere for those who seek constant invovlement and a relationship with their peers and their professors.


It is a small school in the middle of a big city! There is tons of culture in the school and the surrounding areas! The classes are small so the teachers normally know your name by the second class day and you get individualized attention.


Classes are really small. In my biggest class there were about 30 students. In most of the classes for my major there were about 10-20