University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Any sports team.


FILIPINO STUDENT ASSOCIATION is where it is at! This group is fun and full of culture and Asians and people who are not even close to being Asian but love being surrounded by the love found in the heart of Philippine Culture. Also Student Activities Board generates a lot of participants as this organization plans most of the campus-wide events. Student Government Association is also popular and important because they kinda rule the school. COC is another big one. There are a lot more. Students Working Against Trafficking (SWAT) is as great one! Neeowalah (Halloween spelled backward) is this big Halloween party which happens annually and is super fun. There's always bake sales and often free food being offered on campus. This school is LIVE!


The Tommie Ambassador Group is really prominent on campus because they help Admissions with prospective students and scheduled events. However, STAR (Student Activities Group) schedules many events that are fun to do when you need a break from studying. St. Thomas has a great business program, so many of those groups are popular as well.