University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost of tuition at this private university is considerably high and the institution itself does not offer many financial aid opportunities in the form of scholarships.


Because it is a private catholic school, it does cost a lot of money to attend. But there also seems to not be a wide range of diversity among the students. The classes are kind of boring. I would like to have teachers that give interesting lectures. They also need to have a lot more campus activities so we get a chance to meet new people around campus. And because it is a catholic school, the housing rules are very strict.


University of St. Thomas doesn't have a lot to offer when it comes to their sports department. Although we have some teams such as men's basketball and soccer and women's volleyball, there is not much for a sports fan student to do. But it seems because we lack in that particular department, the school makes up for it with the multiple clubs and social gatherings that are planned to pump up the school spirit in students. I believe because it is such a small university, the sports department doesn't have the opportunity to truly grow.


As noted above, there isn't anything negative I would say regarding the school I attend.


The worst thing about this school is the cost, since it's a private school. However, financial aid does help & the experience is worth it.


Actually, everything about the school is great I cant find anything bad to say about it. If anything the cost is the "worst" thing but it is private and i knew going there that it would be expensive, but other than the cost the school is great and I know I'm getting a great education.


The biggest problem with this school is its cost. Most students do not graduate because they cannot afford to pay four years of classes at St. Thomas. The core curriculum is loaded with many theology classes that cost too much. The avalaibility of classes is another major problem. You do need to plan your classes ahead of time because many classes are offered only once a year and there is a maximum number of students allowed per class (usually 20-30 students per class). Housing and food is really expensive too, perhaps due to the small number of students.


The worst thing abour UST is at times it can feel very small. I love the small classes and the atmosphere that provides but I wish the campus was more alive especially on Saturdays.


There is no on campus clinic or nurses's office. The school itself is also very very small. While there are advantages to such a small college, there are also disadvantages. There are not very many options on where to go in your free time.


The only negative I can think of about UST is that there are not many sport that the students can get involved in. But there are many opportunities to start a new club.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the financial aid department. It has changed since I was a freshman which also changes how financial aid is done. Lately, I have been under some financial problems with my family and my wish if for the department to help me with resolving the issue without going straight to loans. I think since I do attend a small school, the same focus I receive in class, I should definitely get in every aspect, especially financial aid.


Being a small school, there are not very flexible class times available.


N/A Everything is pretty cool


I believe the worst thing about my school is the cost of education. It is quite expensive.


It can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of work once you enter the core courses for your major. Many professor assign a lot of reading and writing, however it is very interesting and educating.


Many of the buildings are old and dated, though attempts to better them are in the building. Often the campus is extremely dead on the weekends because UST is a big commuter campus so not many students remain on campus.