University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Like Minded


My classmates are intelligent, passionate, and generally carry the same moral values that I believe to be good.


My classmates are supportive, creative, and inspirational so that it encourages me to be better.


Helpful, smart, hungry to learn.


Some are Athletic, Others Bookish; Some Cook, Others Depend upon premade meals; Everyone complains about the cold, (Some Feel it strongly, Others Go without a coat for months); Some Hole up alone, Isolating themselves to study, Others Join friends to do homework; Some love KUST; Some Love the Library, Some love Math and Numbers; Some are Organized and Punctual; Some are Quiet; Some are Stylish, Others Turn away from Trends; All love UST; Some are Vocalists, Some play Wind instruments, A few play Xylophones; Yet the Zenith of all they have in common Is a shared life here at UST.


My classmates are strong and independent students who strive to be the best they can be, no matter what the final grade turns out to be.


My classmates aim for good grades and strive for sucess, all while enjoying college.


Friendly and helpful.


The students at St. Thomas are smart and generally from upper-middle class families.


My classmates are friendly; they are more than welcome to help me when I need help and they are multicultural.


My classmates are committed to the common good.


My classmates are very helpful and understanding.


My classmates are involved, opiniated, and charismatic about their school.


My classmates were good students who were also very social.


Few students participate in class discussions and would rather sit through the class silently than become engaged in their learning.


My classmates are generally very friendly; it is always easy to find friends and connections at the school, and as such, it has been an incredible transition for me.


I would describe most of the population at St. Thomas as wealthy and white


My classmates at this university are all incredibly friendly. As in most colleges, you have many different kinds of people from many different backgrounds. The majority of students here are studing buisness, engineering, education, pyschology, and pre-disciplinary studies (pre-med, pre-dentistry, etc.). Throughout my time here, I have constantly been meeting new people that have taught me much about myself and given me new perspectives about the world around me.


Everyone at the University of St. Thomas is very friendly and nice, most people are outgoing and willing to meet new people.


My classmates are all science majors. They are very hard working, inteligent, and kind.


I am transferring into St. Thomas mid year and for that reason, I have not met many people yet. However, everyone that I have met has been really friendly. The people at St. Thomas, classmates and staff, are very proud to be at St. Thomas and have a tremendous sense of pride and school spirit. For that reason, people are happy to be at St. Thomas, which gives everyone a good attitude about the school and meeting people as a whole.


Most of my classmates are interested in the class they are taking and are willing to form study groups when test time comes up.


I have had classmates from 18-70, from all backgrounds, and an equal amount in both men and women.


St. Thomas is in no way extremely diverse, you get a lot of the middle class Catholic kids.


They are friendly and helpful. The older students give good advice and I love the campus.


My classmates are usually very responsible students who put their academics first, before partying or drinking.


My classmates are intelligent and ready to become the leading generation.


My classmates are the leaders of tomorrow.


Upper middle class caucasion students.


Most of my classmates seem to be very liberal.


Conservative, white, upper middle class


I have intelligent classmates that are engaged in classroom participation; which in turn helps the class as a whole, learn more effectively.


For being a smaller, private college, St. Thomas has quite a bit of diversity. I believe that being in an urban center may help this. First of all, even though the school is technically a Catholic University, many different religions are present and are not discriminated against. Many different denominations of Christians are present. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and many other religions as well as atheists contribute to the student body and faculty of St. Thomas. There are also clubs for just about every religious group you can think of as well as other student groups such as ethnic groups and LGBT groups. St. Thomas works hard to make sure that every student feels welcome on campus and has a support group if they wish to utilize one. Even though there are all different groups represented at St. Thomas, the majority of the students are from Minnesota and Wisconsin with a smattering of students from all different parts of the country. Also, there are many foreign students studying at St. Thomas. Most foreign students at St. Thomas are from Asia and Saudi Arabia and different parts of the Middle East. There are also students from many different areas of the world but these are the most well represented groups on campus. If you were to generalize who students associate with, it would be easiest to say that most students hang out with other students they know well through a group, club, sport or major. This by no means suggests that students are "clique-y" because although people tend to make friends through the groups they participate in, you also have an easy time making friends in other ways such as through your dorm hall as a freshman or classes.St. Thomas really makes an effort to get it's students involved on campus and gives many opportunities to do so with the many clubs, groups, and sports teams on campus. Many students do participate in some group or another on campus. Even though it is a stereotype that St. Thomas students are all rich kids from the suburbs, it is not completely true but stereotypes are there for a reason. Many students are St. Thomas come from families that are in higher socio-economic classes. A majority of students can be considered middle class and above with the minority of students coming from lower middle class and underprivileged families.


My classmates are driven, well educated students who strive to further their education in an attempt to better contribute to the world.


My classmates are great, everyone is super friendly and we all work well together! :)


The classmates at St.Thomas are determined to succeed.


My classmates are there because they want to be!


My classmates are very hardworking and dedicated to their school work just like I am. They are kind and provide a excellent learning environment where you can succeed.


Peers are mostly career-focused, but also want to have an enjoyable college experience.


Students seem nice and want to learn. I attended Arizona State for a year and a half and the students there were as nice or academic as they are at St.Thomas.


St. Thomas provides you with the opportunity to discover yourself and how you can make a difference in this world. With its rigerous academics and focus on the student the professors want to see you have success. I would recommend St. Thomas to anyone.


In my experience, many of my peers are prepared for class, are eager to participate, and have the drive to do well academically.


I don't think that any "type" of student would feel out of place at St. Thomas due to the many clubs and organizations. As long as you are willing to put yourself out there, you will easily find people that share common interests. I am involved with the club Students for Justice and Peace. This club works with many other departments throughout St. Thomas. We do a lot of work involving human rights, the environment, social problems etc. I would say that many students that attend UST come from upper middle class families. I would say that most students at St. Thomas are politically aware and politically educated.


My classmates at St. Thomas are reflective of the outstanding character demanded at St. Thomas, are motivated and driven to succeed, and genuinely care about those around them, on campus and in the community.


If I had to choose three words: Excited, driven, and fun. Most days you cannot turn a corner on campus without seeing someone furiously copying a textbook, or a student picking a professor's brain in a hallway, or a study-group discussing their upcoming class. St. Thomas is a school filled with driven students, who are determined to make a positive difference in the world and know the hard work it takes to get there. This is not to say that you won't find those same students organizing a touch-football game for the quad in the afternoon, or planning a fun night out on Grand Avenue, or asking people to gettogether for a relaxing night of movies and some DaVanni's pizza. St. Thomas students know how to be excited and driven about their education, but also how to relax and have a good time. Some of my best memories have been made with friends I randomly met in the classroom, which is exciting because I still have a bunch of classes to take before I graduate!


From my own experience, the students of St. Thomas create a diverse community of people who are interested in meeting new people, hearing different points of view, and are respectful and supportive of each other. St. Thomas is located in a very urban environment which allows people from all walks of life to come together. I have observed that people from very different backgrounds often become friends, and are willing to get to know students who are different from themselves. The type of student that would feel out of place at this school would be one who isn't prepared to open their mind at at least hear opinions different than their own. In my experience, students are very casual and friendly. Most students go to class in very casual attire, which creates a very relaxed atmosphere. If one were to enter our cafeteria and observe the tables of students eating, one would probably see a slight divide in gender (however only slightly; men and women interact very commonly and peacefully at St. Thomas). One would also see that race is not divided. White people make up the highest percentage of race at St. Thomas, however, it is very common and acceptable for students of different races to interact. In fact, if I walked into the cafeteria and saw an entire table of only Asian American or African American students, I would find that odd. I have also noticed a very strong acceptance of difference in religious, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds. It is also interesting to hear students talk about politics because there is such a variety of views prevalent in our student body. My friends and I happen to be more conservative, but I have also had pleasant conversations with classmates who are strongly liberal. Overall, I would describe the students at St. Thomas very relaxed in regards to social interaction. Students are more concerned with their studies than in getting worked up over drama between friends and judging people for their backgrounds.


St. Thomas students are extremely well rounded: they are good students, great members of the community, healthy, compassionate, driven, social and fun!


Friendly; but to get to know people, you need to spend extra time with them because otherwise most people stay on the acquaintence level.


My classmates are intellectually mature, fun-loving people who are dedicated to their academic life and extremely socially conscious, allowing everyone on campus to have a sense of belonging at St. Thomas.


My classmates are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the classroom.