University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


Overall, the professors at St. Thomas are very good. I have had professors from a range of departments, and all of them seemed to genuinely care about their classes and the success of their students. They always made themselves as available as they could to talk with students who needed help outside of class time. They always came to class prepared and made it clear that they are experts in their fields. My professors used a lot of different methods of teaching, some professors liked group projects and hands-on learning, others preferred discussion, and others liked the traditional lecture style of teaching. If a student learns better with one style verses another, it is virtually guaranteed that they will come across professors that teach their preferred style. One last thing I love about my professors is that they don't teach to tests. The professors aren't just focused on getting students to pass the class-- the "Cs get degrees" concept is not supported here. The professors want the students to truly know and understand the matierial they teach.