University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


There were a few factors that made me decide on St. Thomas. First, one of my main concerns was not being too far away from home. I live in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, so I am just far enough away from home that I feel independent, but I am still able to get home to spend time with my family and friends that I left behind. Another concern at the time was athletics. During high school, I was set on playing college Fastpitch. St. Thomas is known around Minnesota as being one of the best Fastpitch programs in its division. It turned out that once I got to college, I wanted to spend my time on different things and have new experiences, so I didn't continue playing Fastpitch. However, for anyone who is considering playing any college sport, St. Thomas has a reputation for having some of the best programs in every sport we have. My top concern in choosing a college though, was whether I could study exactly what I wanted. St. Thomas is one of the few Minnesota universities that has an English major with a Creative Writing emphasis. Most schools only have an English major. When I saw that St. Thomas could give me more than most other schools, I knew that this was my school.