University of the Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who enjoys science.


The kind of person that should attend the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia is someone that wants enjoys all the Science and Math oriented. One should also attend this school if they want to go to Graduate or Professional School.


A focused individual who will do enough to make it through 6th year. It's hard.


Career focused and hard working. You leave this school with a profession, not a degree.


carrer and academic focused students. This is a science school with lots of workloads.


Somone who is very science oriented and hardworking. Also, this person should be adaptable to small and large class sizes. It would be very important for this person to be prepared for city living. Also, they must be very accepting of different cultures, especially Indian. This person should also be prepared to fully commit to their academics, this school is not supportive of an overly social life style. Also, this person must be prepared to live, learn, and socialize with a limited group of people where everyone knows everyone.


someone who is extremely focused and goal oriented


Someone who is willing to work very hard and put in time to study