University of Toledo Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


They are fair, few are tough though.


Academics a fairly nice here, they have a really good medical and business program here.


Academics is help in high esteem in my school


UT has a great business school, and it seems like we must have decent engineering and nursing programs as well, but some of the smaller departments could use some work.


Professors at UT can know your name. You have to push yourself to be outgoing and make your professor know your name by being participatory and making an effort. My favorite class had an excellent and enthusiastic professor who made the material interesting. My least favorite was an online class in which the professor was completely unaccountable. Overall, the students are not particularly competitive. I've managed to find some very intelligent and valuable friends. My most unique class was on Catholicism and Contemporary American Literature. My department is philosophy. Overall, the humanities are not very respected at UT; however, the faculty could not be more caring. I spend a good amount of time with my professors serving on committees, going to their office hours, and seeing them around campus. I feel that some of the university's requirements are stupid. The foreign language requirement is excessive. But, overall, it's pretty standard.


I am a pharmacy major. While my school has a large amount of students, I have been privileged to know the majority of the students in my classes. This has given my major a sort of family away from family feel to it. The professors also feel very connected to the students and want to help us in any way possible.


I have been lucky to have profs know my name. I love my senior level pr classes. tons of fun. But by far the best class would be with Lee Kranbuhl and interpersonal communication. The class was so much fun and very student oriented. I dont think Communication is geared toward getting you a job... more so just getting a degree.


Professors are always nice and courteous in class, and are always available to talk to if you need to ask them a question or explain something further.


A majority of the professor's on UT's campus are completely dedicated to you succeeding as long as you show that you want to be successful. The UT library has become my second home, I study soo much. And I am not usually on for the books.


I have been lucky to have profs know my name. Some still cant spell it but thats another story. I love my senior level pr classes. tons of fun. But by far the best class would be with orene colcord... it was some artistic class where we would yell and move! lol easy A!! Students study when needed. some study more often... just depends on the person. I dont think Communication is geared toward getting you a job... more so just getting a degree.


The teachers at the University are for the most part very helpful. Being a senior I can say that I may have ran into one or two professors that I didn't really care for, but for the rest of them they were helpful, great communicators and tried to teach in a more laid back manner so that students were able to have their input. One thing that I really liked about many of my classes were the group discussions. The professors made a lot of the topics open for discussion instead of just having us write papers. this let formerly debate our opinion about subjects and hear others opinions and maybe get another perspective about different situations.


Most of my professors seem to know my name and I communicate with many of them on a daily basis. When it comes to the education of a student, the academic opportunities are endless. However, a student can only take advantage of these opportunities if they choose to do so, it will not happen on its own.


Academics are wonderful. I am a transfer student from Bowling Green State University and i know personally that the amount of majors and the dedication each major has towards the betterment of its students in phenominal. BG was very unorganized and it seemed it would have taken me a great deal more work to find a job after college from BG than from UT. UT's academics have made me a better person inside and out and rightfully so i will go into the real world prepared and determined.


The classes at UT range in size depending on the type of class. Most introductory classes contain a large number of students. The one thing I enjoy and that I notice UT does a lot of, is group work in the class setting. I know you hear the word 'group work' and automatically think, "Ughh.. I hateee group work." I felt the same way, but the thing that changed my mind is that the professors here have you evaluate your group in case someone was not doing their fair share of the work. One of my professors actually lets you kick a person out of the group as long as it's before the drop period. I have also come to love the distance learning courses. Having a class where you can wake up, sit down at your computer in your pajamas and learn is great. UT offers a vast amount of online classes where the instructors make it easy to contact them and you're able to learn in a not-so-serious setting. My major is marketing and I love my classes. All of the professors throughout the College of Business are very professional, friendly, and excited to teach. You've got to love the professors who are excited to teach in comparison to the ones who put you to sleep!