University of Toledo Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The dorm I live in is old and has community bath.


The fincial aid office does not help you with scholarships deadlines and past scholarships.


The most fustarating thing about my school would be nightwatch, which are people hired by the school to take students where they want to go on campus. Nightwatch has workers that are unprofessional and workers that don't answer the phone to take calls. I feel that if I'm paying all this money to go to school and they can't take me where I need to go then there is a major problem.


The most frustrating thing about my university i'm attend to is the students sometimes skip school because they dont feel like it or sometimes just dont care anymore. I could see if there something wrong within a family member or someone past away. To be honest I believe its unexcuseable to pay tution and the student dont show up to learn . It tells me the student did all that quality work in high school to prepare for college and now they might also lose a gain of knowledge to prepare themselves in the real world.


The tutoring center is a joke. They do not help me at all, I had to write a lab report for a biology lab class. I had never done this before so I went to them for help. They gave me a tutor that had also never wrote a lab report before. How is that going to help me? So frustrating.


I find that all my teachers are foreigners to be very frusterating.


The people that come on campus and preach about religion and give out free bibles. They always interupt a quiet day on the mall.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that some of the classes are off campus and you have to make it on time to catch the bus to get there. If you were to miss the bus then you would have to wait almost another 30 mins before you can even make it to where you need to be.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that a new student really may not know how to get involved on campus. There are plenty of groups and organizations, but alot of times you may not hear anything about alot of the groups. Another thing is that students may not know who to contact or where to go to join the various groups. So I think there is a lack of communication between the groups and the people who attend the university.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not have alot of things to do off campus, and sometimes there is nothing to do on campus. Its hard for someone who lives off campus to be invloved in some of the on campus activities.


A lot of the professors are unengagging and not really interested in students opinions. Most professors aren't teachers and struggle with a classroom style and either lecture or have the students read something and discuss in groups. Online professors are soley there to make sure that people are doing work rather than engagging the students with their opinions.


Financial Aid, they did not notify me that my federal loans would not apply to my account without an appeal until a week before classes started.


I feel the most frustrating thing about the school is the inability for students to meet each other. no one is really social, especially in my dormitory.


The most frustrating thing about my college is that the internet broswer will sometimes log a person out of the page that you were in hich could be homework or even a major quiz. This has happened to me many of times where I had to go and spend to my instructor and ask for a re-take of the quiz or homework assgnment because I was kicked out of what I was doing and could not get back to it. This is the only major problem that I have with my school.


The most frustrating thing is financial aid. It seems that they don't want to help you, and every response is different. If you plan to attend, make sure you have all of your questions written down and try to stay with one counselor to keep things straight.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is the finacial aid part. There are alot of people whose financial aid didnt cover the thing that they were supposed to which means that they couldnt afford to pay for books and simple ammenities they would need to be productive at school.. As a result there were alot of people who failed classes and were put on academic probation. Another frustarting thing is the fees that get implimented on your account. Alot of times we dont even know here they come from and most of them are random things!


I've only been here one semester and nothing is frustrating!


The parking is horrendous. Parking ticket prices are horrible and you can rarely ever find a spot. Freshman are not even allowed to park on the main campus and there is never sufficient parking for people who live in the dorms.


The financial aid department was grouped with registration, and a few other departements. This made getting help impossible. The administration over all is very unorganized. Transcripts and applications get lost after being filed at "Rocket Solution Central." This general office was never able to provide help to those who needed it and the offices were all first come, first serve. You could never make appointments which ended up wasting a lot of time.


The most frustrating thing is over booking of dorms.


Most of the teachers are foreign. It is tough to find a math teacher whom is easy to understand. My school also said I would recieve a $5000 scholarship, once I started school they told me I would not get this funding because I started in the wrong semester. I now only get $1500 a semester, when I graduated from high school with a higher GPA than most graduates.


Parking situation at UT is pretty frustrating. Also some of our professors are hard to understand. Rocket Solution centers line is extremly long and out of control. This is the line where you need to go for finacial aid or pretty much anything you need. There is nothing to bad about our campus academically. Socially, there is not much to do other than go to house parties or the bar. There are a lot of bars near campus, if you like that sort of thing. Downtown Toledo is nothing to brag about. Other than that, UT is a great.


unhelpful teachers


The most fusterating is the parking, but they are working on fixing the issue.


The geographical location, i.e. the cold winter Northwester Ohio winds.


The amount of snow in the winter, combined with the distance of the parking lots to the academic buildings.


the most frustrating thing for me is being stereotyped. Being African American, it seems that most people view me as a thug or someone whose not proficient or trustworthy. I tend to have to work more to prove that I'm a man of character and integrity.


Bureaucracy, alcohol-related social life, closed-mindedness of people to certain political views, etc.