University of Toledo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Toledo is it's access to a wide group of people and opportunities. I have met so many amazing people here that I will cherish for the rest of my life. There are also so many opportunities in Toledo for me and for my degree.


The best thing about my school is that when you're in the right classes with the right teachers, you can make friends for life and have people that truly do care about what you plan to do with your life.


Some teachers go above and beyond in helping students learn material.


The flexiblity it gives me to focus on my eduction while purusing my other responsiblities as well as aspirations is beyond words.


The location in relationship to my house. I am able to continue working full time while attending the University of Toledo.


The best thing about the University of Toledo is that I am learning the tools and tricks that will help me to fullfil a lifelong dream.


The peope, they are so inviting and happy and I have made so many friends this year. Also, the teachers are very eager to help you succeed as long as you put forth the effort. Another thing I love about Toledo is the campus is beautiful


The support and guideance is the best thing about the school.


Classes are close to walk to.


The best thing about the University of Toledo is the abundance of opportunities that it provides. Not only are many accredited academic programs offered here, but you can also easily build your network while making lifelong memories. The wide variety of high quality academic programs affords you the chance to diversify your skill set and to distiguish yourself in the eyes of future employers. UT also offers many internship/co-op opportunities as well as both professional and social student organizations. By becoming involved, your personal network and your treasure chest of unforgettable memories will expand beyond your wildest dreams.


i think that the best thing about toledo is the diversity there are many diffret ethnicities and making friends with them lets me learn about their culture and i find that very interesting.


the best thing about my is is the great people they have here.


The College of Business and Innovation Career Programs Office. They provide/do so much for the business students! They hold job fairs, mock interviews, etiquette dinners, and other various evetns. They give students opprtunities to apply for many internships/full time jobs.


Online format availabiltiy with the convenience of being only 45 minutes from my house.


The University of Toledo is a good sized campus with a lot of things to do. This, however, does not mean it isn't a good learning atmosphere. The faculty is very professional and educated in various subjects. They engage the students while teaching great lessons. This is important in college because a great learning experience involves a balance of education and social life.


The best thing about this school is the small community its in.


I like my dorm. I live in MacKinnon Hall, and it's the best experience I've had out of the 3 dorms I've lived in since I started here. The community is amazing and I love the people on my floor.


The landscaping and staff.


The best thing about my school is the amount of help they offer the students. There are many different tutoring and help centers for students that need assistance in thier classes. You have the tutoring center in the library for different math and science courses. There is a Chemistry help center iand a writing center. The student union also houses a rocket to rocket tuotoring center with study tables. There is no reason any student should get behind because of the amount of help offered in almost every subject. So I consider this the best asset of my school.


The best thing about the University of Toledo in my opinion is the wide range of activities offered to you as a student. There are things such as the planetarium where you can go and take a look at a white dome which in reality projects the night time sky. At the same time there is a professor teaching you about all of the things you are seeing which is not only informational but fun as well. There is also the observatory where you can look through a telescope and view constellations and planets. Overall it is a great experiance.


UT offers a lot of online classes so you don't have to deal with the on-campus traffic mess.


The best thing about my school is the cultural diversity. On any given day, you will see students from all over the world. Just talking to some of these students provides everyone with a world view on many issues. Not every school offers such a multicultural experience and i have learned to cherish this.


I think the best thing about the University of Toledo is the professors. They really try to connect with their students and make sure the students understand what is being taught in class. The professors honestly have their students in mind when they are teaching a class.


The best thing about UT is the learning process and atmosphere that is provided. The size of the university allows for smaller class sizes, better group discussions, and greater relationships between students and professors. Many different courses are offered in order to produce a well-rounded and culturally diverse individual. I feel that I have learned a great amount of information that will prepare me for my future, and I have been able to retain the information due to UT's excellent teaching methods and helpful faculty.


I would say that the best thing about my school, would have to be that the professors there are very helpful. If there was a test that you could not make they try to have make up days for people to make up test or exams. Also whenever a student may need help with homework or papers, they also go out their way to help students after or before classes.


The best part about my school is that it has great resources. The library is great. Also, I really like my advisor. She is always there to help and support my education. Lastly, my major has a great program with many opportunities ahead of me.


This past semester I was attending Oklahoma University. I did make excellent grades there and the campus was beautiful but I felt like I was meant to be somewhere else. The best thing about the school was definately it's campus life and the enthusiasm among the students. This coming up semester I am transferring to Austin Community College because it is cheaper to go to for my core classes.


class sizes are small enought to get great attention but they have enough people to have a well rounded converstaion in class.


The best thing is the movie channel in the dorms, they play all sorts of movies if you live in the dorms. New and older movies are playing almost all day and they are good movies to watch.


The professors at UT really do care about us students. They are always willing to help us better our grades if we are willing to work hard, want us to show up in class, and strive to help us learn as much as we can. I love having the resources on campus such as the tutor center and writing center. They really make things easier!


The people. Professors, students, other faculty, they are all great.


The best thing about our school is the amount of attention the school pays to the students as a community. There are always activities around campus, and we are informed by e-mail, and advertisements around campus. The activities are diverse, and many of them allow students of all races, gender, and sexual orientation to be involved.


The experience I have had there is very good. I have met a lot of new friends, and I have earned my independence by using my time well. Dividing it between my studies, my job's, and my social life and still maintaining a great GPA while doing so. I like most of my professers, and the size of the campus is just right. I also like the activities they offer and the groups you can join are so plentiful. I really feel safe on campus. I feel like I belong here.


The sciences all have excellent teachers that are not only experts in thier fields, but also are nationally known for the research that they have done, and continue to do. Almost every single proffessor has had real experience in their field, before taking their possition here at UT.


There are many opportunities to become involved in campus activities.


I really do like the schools on campus buildings. The facilities are nice and well kept. The classrooms themselves all have the newest and necessary equipment to give the instructor the ability to teach the class.


The campus is great to walk around because the landscaping and buildings are really nice. People are friendly on campus and it's fun to go to sporting events.


The best thing about my school is that it is a very nice size, not too big or too small. There are lots a extracurriular activites to get involved with. I feel very safe when I am at school.


You can live off-campus after the first year because I'm not a big fan of dorm-life


campus senory because it is a beautiful place at all times of the year.


I think the best thing about this school is its diversity of cultures. This is good because one can meet people of different cultures on campus and learn first-hand what its like being from another country or background.


i would have to say the thing that i like best about my school is how everyone is here to learn and all the faculty and staff is hhere to help us learn and succeed and they are there for us whenever we need something be it with classes or personal problems.


It is in my hometown, so I can go to school there and still have my normal life.