University of Tulsa Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small and academically focused with a wide range of international students.


At the University of Tulsa education and good grades are constantly emphasized, you will have support finding career oppurtunities even after graduating, and even if you are taking a more intense major you can rest assured that the professors will be supportive and the classes small enough to have as much help as possible, all while having a great college experiance and many oppurtunities to take part in fun campus festivities.


The University of Tulsa is nothing short of an outstanding and caring family. They are quick to recognize the gifts in everyone and help shape and develop them, so that the students gain the knowledge that they need to create a better future for themselves that otherwise would not have been so driven and successful. Going to TU is one of the best decisions I have made concerning my career path and my future.


The University of Tulsa is smaller career based school that is focused on incredible quality education and future job placement for all of its students.


If you are a conservative Christian who is from Houston, St. Louis, or Tulsa that wants to enter the oil and natural gas industry, welcome home.


The University of Tulsa is an incredible school, with outstanding professors, and is a place where future careers and lives are started.


The University of Tulsa is a tight knit community where the class sizes are small, professors genuinly care about your success, and you gain knowledge from people all around the world.


A small, academically focused school which still offers many of the activities of a larger school thanks to division 1 sports and the involvement of the students on campus.


Amazingly diverse and academically rigorous.


The University of Tulsa provides an environment that is big enough for students to always meet new people and discover new things, but also small enough to feel comfortable and build lasting relationships with classmates and faculty alike.


With the most beautiful, yet professional and intently academic environment of any college campus I have seen and some of the best music, business, and engineering schools in the country, the University of Tulsa is easily the best choice for a Music/Engineering double major like me.


The University of Tulsa is a university centered on friendship, fun, and academic excellence.


It encompasses everything that a student could want in a University.


The University of Tulsa is a small-town school with all the opportunity, energy, and diversity of a big university, without being just another face in the classroom or number in a computer.


The University of Tulsa is a small school that thrives at graduating their students and getting them into the work force with great starting salaries, it is a very strong academic school that is finaly starting to get the recognition it deserves.


The University of Tulsa is a place where literally anyone can go and feel comfortable because there are plenty of different groups on campus to be a part of even though the campus is small.


TU is a friendly, intimate place that's great for discovering both yourself and your world.


The University of Tulsa is an institution that no one could regret attending.


The University of Tulsa is a unique, exquisite school to attend, full of bright, intellectual students.


A enteractive, educational institution that has a good balance of academic and social endeavors.


The University of Tulsa is a wonderful, exciting, and customizable experience.


My school has excellent academics with a diversified student body and faculty and also has above average sports teams competing at the top level of college sports!


TU is beautiful, rigerous course load, abundent opportunites, and close friendships.


My school is a balance. There is not too many people but you still don't know everyone. We are surrounded by a city, but not a big city. We are a D1 school so we have a great sports program but we are not necessarily the best. Are class rooms can have as many as 100 students and as little as 5. The students here are accepting of different people and are kind and friendly. TU is a great school!


Friendly, close-knit, hard-working, creative, strong-willed--these are just a few of the words I would use to describe my faculty and fellow students at TU.


The university of Tulsa challenges students to do better and allows you to advance yourself if you know the right person to ask.




TU is academically oriented with small class sizes, engaging professors, and a diverse student body with a lot of various activities.