University of Tulsa Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are all kinds of ethnics and races and religious beliefs at school. No one would feel out of place. Most people do just look like they got out of bed and came to class. But others look like they took time to care about what they look like that day. It all depends on what mood you're in or what kind of person you are and if you even care about what you look like.


The student body here is very diverse. There are many people from all different backgrounds. Everyone is very accepting here and no one gets left out. It is a great community


There are many different campus ministries at TU, so everyone can find their niche. I think no student would feel out of place as there are so many different types of people, you can always find someone to relate to. Most students don't really 'dress to impress' when going to class. It is not uncommon to see most students in jeans and a t-shirt most days. Students definately interact with different types of people from themselves. I would say the majority of students come from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Missouri.


In my electrical engineering class of about 25 students there is one girl besides me and the rest are guys. I have never experienced any sort of discrimination because I am a girl. Also, about half the class are international student, mainly Saudis. They tend to stay to themselves outside of class, but often times we have study groups with them and such. In the engineering building, most guys wear jeans and a tshirt or polo. most girls wear jeans and a cute top, but nothing fancy. Over in the business college, they tend to dress a little nicer, with khakis being the norm.


For TU being such a smaller school I have come into contact with people from many many different backgrounds! I can honestly say I have friends from all over the US in addition to people from Europe, South America and the Middle East. It is incredible and has really taught me a lot and given me a greater world view. Also I always loving hearing other cultures' perspectives on things going on in America. While people do form friends groups they are groups that intertwine--there are not cliques of people--the school is too small for that! You can hang out with whoever you want really and I truly believe you will be accepted. There is not a specific stereotype for all the students at TU except I do know that everyone is friendly and for the most part non judging. You can dress up for class or wear your pajamas and you will be treated the same. Everyone has a different financial, political and educational background--I don't think there is really one dominant profile of a "normal TU student".


I'd say there's a pretty broad range of races, religions, etc. For as small as the campus is, there a quite a few buildings devoted to various religious organizations. It's a presbyterian school but religion doesn't actually have anything to do with stuff on campus. As far as socio-economics go, I think there may be more upper-middle to upper class people than your typical school. I had a friend who went to school here for a while and then transferred, she said she thought people here were a little snooty. I don't see that so much, so I guess it's up to the individual. Most of the people here graduated in the upper portion of their high school classes and took advanced courses. Someone who's used to slacking off and putting more effort into social stuff than academics would probably struggle here. Not that we don't slack off...we've just learned how to do it but still put in the effort to make the grades.


It seems that the student body is seperated in a few areas. The athletes keep seperate from the rest of the student body. There is also a few racial differences. The athletic body, specifically Football and Basketball, keep to themselves and the other african american students will hang out with them as well. The other main group are middle eastern men. Most student come from middle class, or higher class families that can help the student through college.