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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No. We are definitely not all rich. TU awards a lot of great scholarships that allow many students to go there. There are a lot of white individuals, but certainly not all.


Kind of, yes. Students at TU care about their grades. If we were all placed at OU or OSU, we would probably be nerdy, but since everybody here studies, it's not weird. Students here know how to have fun, too. And yes, a lot of students come from wealthy families but everybody I know is still getting financial aid.


yes and no. you do get those country types every so often, but in general, everyone is pretty urbanized.


To some degree, there are a lot of students from Oklahoma, and faith is a part of the campus.


The academic culture at TU is definitely challenging, but the University supports all of its students with services like the Center for Student Academic Support (CSAS) and an outstanding faculty. Tuition is high because it is a private institution, but most students receive some sort of financial aid.


NO, every student I met and have met from TU is a wonderful person who has many experiences to share! Also, you are never going to be the smartest or best at anything but as a freshmen the older students can be intimadating but they all help you and teach you if you'll ask!!!


1. Pretty accurate 2. Not very accurate


the university has taken great strides since then to build new apartments and a new gym to encourage on-campus life. TU is really coming along in the process of developing a strong, enthusiastic student body.


For the most part, the students I encountered at TU were fairly bright. Of course, you get your share of not-so-shiny kiddos.


answered above


Most of the time.


This is completely untrue.


Yes there are some but there are also a lot of people that are nerdy but you would never know


We're an amazing group of students from all-over, and quite forward thinking. We maybe a little more into some of the "down-home" activities than other liberal arts schools on the coasts, like hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoors-y activities, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the exact same things as bigger liberal arts schools. Also, we are well-balanced politically which lends itself to an active environment and the flow of many, many ideas and opinions.




The same people who think OU/OSU are heaven on earth fail to realize that the only reason they have this view is because they are focused solely on football. They may have us beat in football (though not by a whole lot), but we would destroy them in any other collegiate category. We are ranked the sixth happiest school in the nation and we are well within the top 100 schools nationally. I'm pretty sure OU and OSU aren't even close to those ranks. Also, we are not just a bunch of rich and/or smart book worms that study all the time. Most people have scholarship or student loans and don't have mommy or daddy paying for all of it. Though we hold academic achievement high, it is not the highest priority. We know that college is a four year opportunity that only comes by once in life and we take every chance to have fun. TU is an amazing social community and isn't so large that you don't know anybody. Whether it's walking to class or going to a student government sponsored concert, every other person you bump in to you will know and have a fun time with.


I do not think they are accurate. I didn't even really have to try to get into school here. I have also known people who go to school here who are not smart.


It is a science school. But the theater, music, and art departments are growing quickly and starting to get some recognition. But there is a large amount of the student body, compared to most college campuses, that is conservative.


Not even close, most active campus I have ever seen. The City of Tulsa is very active and adopts the college, is a great college town and city!


No, actually TU gives great scholarships and there are many students here on full ride scholarships (presidential scholarships).


These stereotypes are absolutely untrue! Every single person I know here is on some sort of scholarship, including myself. I haven't noticed a larger percentage of so-called "rich kids" or anyone of that nature, but it's not like I go up to every student I see and question them about their family's economic status. As far as I can tell, we're normal students.


Somewhat. It may not be 50%, it may be like 35-40% are from Tulsa and St. Louis. But there are a lot of Tulsa natives who were lame and stayed in their home town for college. It is mostly the Engineering school full of awkward, backward, fundamentalists, so if you just avoid the Engineering school you should be fine. The Business major stereotype is true.


These stereotypes are most definitely not accurate. TU is getting more and more competitive each year and it is difficult to be accepted. TU is nationally ranked and we have many different programs that are all exceptionally challenging for students.


sometimes, but not always






Yes, definitely. People do not just go to TU for a random education--everyone goes for a specific reason whether it was the engineering or, for me, the art program.


Sort of, but there is a little more variance. To be sure, most of the people here are pretty smart (why else would you pay for a private university?) and there are a lot of international students. And yeah...there are some rich white kids too.


Yes, I would call these stereotypes to be accurate.


The general student body is white, however most students are worried about the payment of their education and have jobs. Also, the sororities and fraternities generally do not advertise any events that truly seem to benefit the community of Tulsa.