University of Tulsa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This school has many wonderful things to offer. The campus is beautiful, the students are friendly and social, and the classes are engaging. There is plenty to do on campus, from clubs to religious affiliations to gym classes. There is also a lot of diversity on campus-- 32{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are international students! And I love the town it's in. Tulsa is just the right size town. It has big city perks like malls, concerts, and a budding downtown, but a small town feel in its farmers markets and coffee shops.


I tell my friends how incredibly diverse and crazy the University of Tulsa is! You have every country in the worldrepresented here.


I brag most about the amount of financial aid given by TU despite the very high tuition costs. I also brag about the average ACT score and average GPA.


I want to be a Petroleum Engineer, and I was stuck between going to University of Tulsa or University of Oklahoma. I ended up at TU, and I couldn't be happier. When I visited some friends at OU, I was excited to go, but was soon ready to leave. The people were not as kind as in Tulsa and I felt lonely and tiny because of all the students. I am truly happy at TU and feel that I belong. It's nice to be recognized when I go to classes and feel like I’m part of something.


Though there are many, many things I can easily boast about in my school, the faculty consistently steps out into the foreground, as it includes many world-renowned artists, composers, and engineers that still manage to be very personable and make the learning enjoyable.


The campus is really beautiful, gorgeous architecture; most of the professors are really interested in you learning the material and doing well in the class, and try really hard to help you succeed. Also, Career Services is really helpful, especially with resume building, and there are a lot of volunteer organizations, so you always have a chance to get involved in the community.


Size and location. Many state schools are giant Universities located in small towns. That means that there is going to be tons of activities and events to do on Campus, but few to attend outisde the school. The University of Tulsa is a small university inside of a big town. You get to live with 6,000 other people, get to know them really well, and then go out on the town to have a good night on the weekends. Also, small population means smaller class sizes. You can really form a relationship with your professor here.


That the University of Tulsa is very strong academically and has one of the best engineering and science departments in the country. The campus life is great and is full of fun activities that are geared toward getting students to interact with eachother and to make friends! Everyone is very friendly and wants to make you feel comfortable so that the TU campus feels like home. And in the end, when you graduate from TU, there is no doubt that you will have a degree from a top rated school and many friends that you will have for life.


I love how Tulsa has a small student to teacher ratio. The biggest class I had as a Freshmen had a total of 20 students. This allowed for more one on one time with the professor, it was easier to learn the material, and I was a face and a name in the class room rather than an ID number.


Just the fact that I have the opportunity to attend one of the best universities in the country and top five university in the region is enough to brag about.


When talking about The University of Tulsa I tend to brag mostly about students passion to become more knowledgable about their own personal interest within their own field of study and how helpful the faculty is in guiding each student to reach their potential.


I am very proud to attend the University of Tulsa because of all of the incredible educational and travel opportunities for students. The campus is one of the best I've ever seen. The university departments and facilites are supplied with the best equipment and supplies for students. Also TU has great scholarship opportunities for students. Anyone from any economic background has the opportunity to get their costs covered at TU. The faculty and students are diverse, kind, and a lot of fun. Tulsa is a friendly city with a lot to do. It is an all around excellent school.


Just the fact that I go there. It's a great school and known for the quality education it provides.


The orientation week was probably the best one of all my friends' experiences. Most of my friends warned my about how boring and long it was going to seem, but when I got to my college, the week-long event turned out to be more fun than I could have ever imagined. Not only did that week eliminate any apprehensions I had about my college choice, but I gained the confidence and strength I needed to succeed that first semester. Other colleges' seemed to have two or three days full of boring lectures. I got camp and a boat trip.


Well I’m a transfer student from Tulsa community college and at that school there is so many students, which made it harder to make friends. So one of the things I tell my friends about Tulsa University is that its an amazing school, the classes are small and because of your major you’ll most likely have class with some of the same students, which is great because you can study for multiple classes together. Also being in smaller class over all has made it easier to learn the material.


I am not at the University of Tulsa because I thought the school would give me bragging right about anything. The football team has had some trouble since I've been here, the girls aren't always my first pick, and the food offered usually reminds me of typical cafeteria food. And yet, I enjoy the school because of the people and attitude here. If I find a way to brag about a good core group of friends, then I will change this answer in the future.


The University of Tulsa is a fantasticly well-rounded school-- it has Division 1 athletics, an intimate community of around 3,000 undergraduates, and great opportunities for service and involvement, including greek life. The environment at this university is extremely versatile with a heavy academic focus with small class sizes and a focus on research in many fields, but also a great social scene and an exciting city to live in. I brag most upon the family that is the TU student and faculty body. The intimate classes and environment is like no other university I have seen/heard of.


Definitely the beautiful campus and the incredible people. As an international student from Canada, I have appreciated the international atmosphere The University of Tulsa works hard to create. The athletic programs are outstanding, as are the people involved in collegiate athletics here at Tulsa. Further, the university puts a strong emphasis on volunteer work and giving back to the community. Academically, this university is exceptionally strong and has numerous opportunities. Small class sizes and professors who truly care about their students make a huge difference in the life of a college student.


The University of Tulsa is the best of both worlds, it's a highly accredited academic school, but at the same time it is a place where you can enjoy your first experience "living on your own." TU is a school where everyone accepts everyone and you feel completely comforted while still getting a GREAT education! It's a small school so you get to know those in your class well and your professors are always there to help you when you need it. Altough it's very academic you can get into the social scence through the Greek System!


I brag about how good the education is being that my classes are comparatively smaller to my friend; I also brag about the fact that I can actually have a relationship with my teachers. That helps me learn better.


the professors are incredible, so is the library, Nimrod International Literary journal


I loved my experience. I had a great college experience and got a great education.


The Harvard of the Midwest. Smallest D1A school in the country. Best bank for you buck. It is BEAUTIFUL!


Its really small