University of Tulsa Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We are rich and white.


I would say TU is thought of as a nerdy school with a lot of rich kids.


the stereotype that i hear most often from people at home (california) is that since the school is in oklahoma, the student body is a group of hicks.


Country kids from Oklahoma that are very religious and conservative.


TU has a reputation for being a school for smart people with money.


-A lot of private school kids who thought they were elite. -Worried I would not be smart enough with all of the other students at TU.


1. Everyone is from Oklahoma, St. Louis/Kansas City, or Dallas 2. Everyone from Oklahoma are rednecks.


TU has a reputation for mostly being a commuter campus... which it was about 10 years ago. the stereotypical student is a geek that lives at home.


I can't really think of any real pervasive stereotypes except that maybe we're super-smart for going to TU. A lot of the students are from Tulsa, and going to TU rather than OU or OSU is pretty chichi.


about TU: very very EXPENSIVE (trueeee) Good University (truee, depending on my experience as an engineer). Very strict rules (oh yesss, therefore READ READ READ before you do anything. Otherwise, get you're pocket ready to pay for a charge you didn't know about)


snobby rich kids, pampered athletes, get by with more help than should be provided


That you have to be rich to attend TU.


a lot of people are nerdy


I think we get perceived as a little bit backward due to the fact that we're located in Oklahoma.


That they are mostly Christian geeks that study hard.


Most people from Oklahoma or around the region don't take TU serious because it's not as well known as OU or OSU. Also, TU students are all just a bunch of rich and/or smart book worms that study all the time.


The local stereotype is that TU students are extremely smart and that TU is a hard school to get into. I do not think that we have national stereotypes, I don't know.


TU is predominately a science school, emphasis in engineering, biochemistries, and such. There is even a joke that all the smart people 'live' in the science building. It is also thought to be a very conservative school.


That we are a small college that doesn't have much campus life in a quiet town.


We are all rich.


A huge stereotype about us is that we're all spoiled rich kids that don't need money and have had everything in life handed to them.


It is commonly said that 50% of the school is from Tulsa or St. Louis. Also, it is thought that a large portion of the student body was home-schooled, and therefore totally awkward and backwards and fundamental Christian. Business majors think that their future careers are the only ones that matter.


Some stereotypes about TU are that TU is really easy to get into and that just anybody can get it. Another one would be that TU is not really a good school. And I haven't heard any particular stereotypes about the students at TU.


snobby, rich


I would have to say that most stereotypes are that everyone is country hicks


Laid back, hard working. Not huge party school, but as it is a wet campus (the only in OK) there is plenty of parties if you want them.


I've heard that TU has some of the happiest students...


When people think of TU, it's generally 1 of 3 things. Everyone here is either really really smart, a rich white kid, or someone from out of the country.


TU on the whole is a great school for Petroleum Engineering and other co-related fields of education. I, being an International student at TU have a lot of friends who've always been helpful and approachable. All the officials working on TU's campus are extremely kind and generous and always expect a student to reach his/her goals with all the knowledge and experiences they could share with the students.


It is a bunch of rich, white students who are easily chracterized into cliques. There are also a bunch of boys from the Middle East who are seperated from the rest of the student body and who look down upon the rest of the students. The fraternitites and sororities are labeled "fake" due to their lack of help in the community.