University of Tulsa Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at University of Tulsa?


We are rich and white.


I would say TU is thought of as a nerdy school with a lot of rich kids.


the stereotype that i hear most often from people at home (california) is that since the school is in oklahoma, the student body is a group of hicks.


Country kids from Oklahoma that are very religious and conservative.


TU has a reputation for being a school for smart people with money.


-A lot of private school kids who thought they were elite. -Worried I would not be smart enough with all of the other students at TU.


1. Everyone is from Oklahoma, St. Louis/Kansas City, or Dallas 2. Everyone from Oklahoma are rednecks.


TU has a reputation for mostly being a commuter campus... which it was about 10 years ago. the stereotypical student is a geek that lives at home.


I can't really think of any real pervasive stereotypes except that maybe we're super-smart for going to TU. A lot of the students are from Tulsa, and going to TU rather than OU or OSU is pretty chichi.


about TU: very very EXPENSIVE (trueeee) Good University (truee, depending on my experience as an engineer). Very strict rules (oh yesss, therefore READ READ READ before you do anything. Otherwise, get you're pocket ready to pay for a charge you didn't know about)