University of Tulsa Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who enjoys small classes, has an interest in engineering (petroleum engineering is the university's specialty), and values academics above sports


Anyone looking to have fun and learn at the saem time.


The person that is right for this school should be acedemically focused, with the future in mind. Students should be career focused and motivated to go above and beyond in every aspect of their life.


If you are academically driven- this school is for you. Small class sizes, super helpful and focused professors, and other students like you are here. There is a small taste of fun and parties, and I know a few people that really have the full "college party" experience here, but don't let it become the whole reason you're here. The University of Tulsa has some amazing opportunites for those serious about their major; from study abroad opportunities, to research internships, and easily available jobs. This is a school for the academic driven.


From attending the University of Tulsa for a year now, I can definitely say that firstly, the kind of person to attend this school has to be willing to put his or her priorities first, and be willing to work. It is not easy, but with time and effort put in, it makes the college experience amazing! He or she should be dedicated with schoolwork, yet also be outgoing to meet other people.


Anyone who wants a top-notch education. It comes at a price, but the professors are amazing, the student life here is so diverse, and there is so many exciting things to do on campus!


The kind of person that should attend the university should be ready ambitious and desire to have excellence demanded of him or her. The person should be passionate about his studies and his future career. He or she should have a deep desire for community outreach and a desire for a sense of family within their campus. The person should have the ability to appreciate the very special and unique city surrounding their campus. If the person wants a great degree and a great campus experience they should come to the university of Tulsa!


This school is very fitting for anyone who wants to be challenged and who also wants a small, private school which is acacemaically focused. However, it is still a division 1 school meaning that many of the sports have that large school feel which I think is very fun.


Students who are driven and motivated to be successful in a challenging class environment should attend here. They should value one on one interaction with educators, and small class sizes. This University has social events all year, providing many opportunities to be involved and to make friends.


Somebody who is very motivated to do well and have success in school, but who can also make time for a social life with great friends. The university is very proud of their strong academics standards, and the professors carry that strength into the classrooms. So one must be ready to put a lot of effort on their school work. Academics should always come first to a person attending this school, but they must know that there is also time for activities and an active social life.


The University of Tulsa forsters an environment that is conducive for students who wish to engage themselves in their academic studies but at the same time relax and enjoy life.


Well-organized and dedicated students should attend at the University of Tulsa. It is a great university, one of the best of the nation, because it consists of dedicated and smart students.


Dedicated, ambitious, hard-working, out-going


Over the past year I have seen a number of different personalities within my classes at Tulsa. I have had friends never go to class and others so attend everyday. I feel in ordrer to succeed at Tulsa you must be willing to put the extra time into your class work, always attend lectures, and be on top of your assignments. Always make a plan of when you are going to study during the week and find a group of people that are willing to hold you accountable to your devoted times of study.


Certainly someone who is willing to put in the work academically. The school isn't a party school so a person looking for that will not be the happiest at the University of Tulsa. Somebody who wants a solid education on a smaller, more intimately sized campus would like it here. For those who want a small class size with easy to reach professors would love it here. Overall, best fit for those with the academic drive, idea of what they want to do, and not focused entirely on the party scene.


Anyone wanting to be very successful in business or Petroleum engineering or Law. TU has very good programs for each degree.


A person who wants a small community of devoted students who are challenged and encouraged by passionate faculty, staff, and friends. They should be intensely curious, highly motivated, and optimistic.


People who work hard and are competitive should attend TU. If you are active, there are activities for every kind of person. Also, TU is excellent if you are uncomfortable with being in a big city but want the quality of a big city college.


The University of Tulsa is a great place for students who come from affluent families and can pay for school no matter what happens with their classes or personal life. This school is also a great place for students who can teach themselves and do not need a lot of help from professors to learn the material presented. I have also found that audio and visual learners do better here than any other type of learners.


Someone willing to work, that has a good gpa/ACT score from high school. Someone who wants a specific degree and can attain that certain degree from TU.


TU is is a place where people have to dig in with thier heads going first. It's extremely academically challenging but for someone who wants to have confidence because they know they worked hard for what they have this is the school. TU students generally are for those who are willing to do what others are not in order to be successful and that's why I am at this university. The people here like to have a good time and accept all kinds of people and walks of live in addition to being a hard working motivated person.


TU is not a school for big athletic events and school spirit, though we do have Division I sports teams and students cheer at the games. Often the athletes are your classmates. If you want to work hard and get to know your professors and fellow students you will find that easy to do. It is much harder to remain unnoticed than at a large school because most professors know their students. Students know each other as well. If you want to excel, you will have the opportunities to do it, if you choose not to work, you can fail.


Someone who loves challenges and diverse cultures. This campus is small and it helps create better relationships with students as well as professors. At TU, there are more opportunities for a person to get involved in and get close to people.


In order to attend the University of Tulsa, they should be a dedicated and motivated person. In order to suceed in any college, you have to keep your eye on your goal and strive to reach your dreams. Not everyone stays on track all the time, becasue no one if perfect. But realizing this gives you the oppurtunity to make a change and demand that your goals become a reality. You must exude hard work and believe in yourself.


Someone who wants their university to feel like home and be able to see someone they know wherever they go. At the same time, they should want a big enough campus where they will be able to meet someone new every day. University of Tulsa students shouldn't be too attached to big city activities. Someone who wants to take academics seriously, but who would rather work with classmates than compete against them would like the environment here.


Someone who enjoys smaller schools but has a lot of energy should attend the University of Tulsa. You don't need to be the smartest person, just motivated.