University of Tulsa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I absolutely love the relationship between professors and students. I like the idea of being "friends" with the people that are shaping my future somehow.


The best thing about the university of tulsa is the feeling of ome on campus. When you step foot on TU you feel like your right at home. You have that Urban Ivy league feel at such a small university. This is the best thing about the university of tulsa because whe you leave for college you will miss home but if you choose TU you are at home.


The best thing about my school is the way it is cultivating me as an individual and not just a student. I've never been challenged as much intellectually as I have been since joining TU. I used to have a hard time with being disciplined in my studies, but since joining TU, every form of laziness is now being discarded from life. It also has help me understand that nothing worthwhile is easy, but through hard work is attainable. The 11 to 1 student-faculty ratio also gives me a great experience with each professor I have.


The events put on by Student Association are fantastic. They allow students to meet each other and get to know all the fun things to do on campus.


The best thing about the University of Tulsa are the considerate people who work there who make the transition process from being a high school senior to becoming a college freshman not only managable, but also easy and exciting. If I didn't have as much support from the TU community as I do, being a first generation college-bound student would be a near-impossible task. However, with their wide knowledge and understanding of the university, it has made this experience truly remarkable and entirely rewarding for everyone involved.


The best thing about my school would have to be the atmosphere. TU has such a warm and uplifting atmosphere that it makes everyone feel welcome and like they belong there. The people at my school really want you to succeed, not just acadmecially but as a person and it shows through all the possibilities TU has to offer. TU is a place for adventure, laughter, learning, and memories. And it is very apparent throughout the University.


I believe the student to teacher ratio is amazing. You really get to create a relationship with your teacher because generally classes are no larger than 20-30 students. The classes that actually have 20-30 students are the larger classes. I think it helps the student obtain help and really understand the concept of each class. although, the student has to be willing to create that bond because teachers will not chase you down if you are not seeking for help.


The best thing for me is the fact that I know that TU wants me to succeed. They do so much to make sure that all graduates can walk away with a full time job of their preference. The classes are small enough that you get one on one time with your professors, which for the most part are very helpful and just want the best for you too. TU has recruiters that push you to get out there for prospective employers. We go to college to obtain a career, TU practically ensures that you will graduate with one.


The size of the University of TUlsa is what I consider the best thing. I have always attended small, private schools. I appreciate the small classes, the personalized relationship with the teacher, and the ability to get to meet other students easily. TU has exceeded my expectations about college. I was fearful that I would not get the indivdual attention I was accustomed to. At TU, teachers are more than willing to help you and meet with you. Classes are small and personalized. You can always ask questions and recieve helpful answers.


The community at TU is like none other, and I've visited many schools. Everyone is so friendly - no one has any problem making friends. People you don't know will smile and wave at you on campus. It's a beautiful thing. The professors are just as friendly as the students, too. They're challenging, yes, but they want you to succeed more than anything else. Everyone has a safety net - you'd have to try to fail at TU.


The best thing about my school is the size and community. It seems like everyone knows each other on campus and it is fun walking across campus knowing at least one person no matter where you go.


The size. You get intimate classroom experiences and you see your friends everywhere.


Since I have not begun at TU yet it is difficult to say. The campus is beautiful and the advisors I have met with were more than helpful.


Probably the people. The students and (most of) the faculty at TU are really friendly. There are good things and bad things about the school, as there are with all schools, but the positivity of the professors and students makes it worthwhile.


The best thing about my school is how beautiful it is and how beautiful the people are. Everywhere you walk, you see beautiful scenery and beautiful smiles. The size of the student population is great as well. You can know almost everyone.


The best thing about the University of Tulsa is that it is small enough that your professors know you by name, that you are not merely another number in a database, that you can connect with the other students intimately, yet it is simultaneously big enough to provide numerous opportunities for research, and not being stifling.


The most amazing thing about TU is the class sizes, and the professors. As a student of the business school, I have not had a lecture class of more than 35 students, which allows for much more participation in class, as well as individualized attention from the professors. At TU, I feel like my professors really care about my success in their class, and make great efforts at getting to know their students and going the extra mile to help them out. I haven't had a professor I didn't like at Tulsa!


I would consider my school's size the best thing about it. It's a division I school, yet its small student population and campus both ensure that you meet lots of people and stay in contact with them throughout your schooling. You also get a top quality education due in part to the class sizes and student/faculty ratio. It's a close knit family.


The best thing about my school is the oppurtuniy to be completely immersed in art and culture. There are so many events held on campus or extremely discounted tickets to off-campus events that are available to students. Art is such a big influencer in our world that having so much of it available to a young student is exciting. Having the ability to view plays, listen to concerts, or watch a ballet are all great things that the younger generation needs.


The small class sizes. There are only about 4000 students total. Family atmosphere and you also have classes with the athletes (they're not hidden from the student body).


The best thing about TU is the student/professor relationships.


I love the community here. The different groups of people I've been able to get to know has been wonderful!


The best thing about my school is the smaller number of students and faculty at the University. This make it a much more tight-knit group of people, and thus far has made my college experience much more personal and enjoyable. I see dozens of people I know while simply traveling between classes and meals. This has also been helpful because it allows the teachers flexible one-on-one time with students, which has proved very helpful.


The best thing about The University of Tulsa is the close campus community and advanced degree programs. The campus is small enough to allow people to get to know each other but large enough that you can have your own space. The degree programs at TU are outstanding and are recognized by many as one of the best schools in the country.


I think the best thing about our school is the academics because our business and engineering schools are ranked in the top 50 in the nation.


Being from Tulsa, I feel like it is part of TUlsa but at the same time its own community.


The campus is beautiful, the teachers are helpulf and the students are friendly.


The best thing about my school is the professors. They are so helpful and understanding. Plus, with the small falculty to student ratios, friendships are built instead of the regular student-professor relationships. Many students hang out with their professors outside of class which is pretty cool.


I love the fact that the school is so small. It gives me the opportunity to have more contact with the teachers and they actually know who you are and legitimatley care about how you are doing in the class.


The best thing about the University of Tulsa is the sense of community on campus. The freshman orientation program does an incredible job of assimilating the incoming class into the University's family. I still have many friends that I met the day I moved in! I consider TU my home away from home, and I have so many friends from all over the country (and world!) that I know will stay with me not only throughout my college days, but into my adult years.


Every professor I have had has known me personally due to the small class sizes


Small class sizes and easy access to professors


Really great professors, and helpful classmates make going to class a good time. Great community, and lots of opportunities to succeed.


The best thing about the University of Tulsa is the atmosphere on campus. Everyone is exceedingly friendly and happy to be there. TU has all the advantages of a small school, such as low student to faculty ratio, undergraduate research opportunities, and the opportunity to influence campus policies. However, our school is large enough to have a healthy but not overwhelming greek system, several top division IA sports, and a variety of majors including Business and Engineering that most liberal arts colleges in the US do not have.


The people here are incredibly friendly and the class sizes are pretty small. The professors genuinely care, not only about your success in their classes, but your success in all of your endeavors. There are so many opportunities to learn, and an enfasis is also placed on interpersonal skills as well as the traditional "hard" skills. The education at the University of Tulsa is to make the student into a better person- more knowledgable, caring, environmentally conscious, etc.


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