University of Utah Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Our amazing student section at all of our sporting events. School pride runs rapid and this school.


It was exicting that it only took me two years to finsih my degree. I am encourgaging my own children to get their university/colledge degrees now. I am very excited to continue school.


What I brag the most about my school is that it is nationally renowned for its Computer Science program.


The University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City is the perfect balance of metropolitan life and outdoor life, it's the best of both worlds! I have lived here for over a year and have completely immersed myself into the city life, consisting of amazing performing arts, festivals, film events, farmer's markets, concerts, etc. Even though it's a smaller city, it can seem overwhelming at times. I love taking hikes into the mountains or canyons to escape the city when I need to. It couldn't get any better than that.


The U is a great place to be. The campus is vibrant--there is always something going on on campus. Plus, it is a beautiful location, nestled near the foothills and packed with large trees. I love that the campus feels like a large park more than anything else. Plus, the academics are top-notch. Any major you want, you can probably find at the U.


I talk more about is the sports. My school is the best having the MUSS makes every sporting even even better.


I like to tout our schools science department. The labs are awesome and the professors are really interested in the students' learning.


The emphasis put on learning for the long term. My professors are hoping to groom the leaders of tomorrow and take their jobs as educators very seriously.


I talk up our football games they are awesome! Go Utes!


I believe the University of Utah offers a great education while reamaining affordable for in state.




I go to school in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains! You can drive to a world-class ski resort in ten minutes!


The thing that I brag about the most about my school is all the different activities that are there to help bring students together. Another thing that I brag about is the diversity of students that are present there and all of the interesting things you can learn from people that I go to school with.


I am most proud that I graduated with a GPA of 3.2 in a difficult field, biochemistry where the population of students that are pre-med is very high. It was competitive and difficult.


Although some of the classes are very large, when you get into specific major classes the teachers get to know you. I have had many classes where the teacher knows each student by name and get to know each person. This is a wonderful opportunity because it gives you the chance to have letters of reccomendation written for you and a lot of one-on-one help.


I brag about my programs because I have a bachlors in Mass Communications and Theater and Business Minors


While the University of Utah is not my number one school of choice for attendance, I must say that there are countless opportunities offered here. I really love the school spirit that the students emulate as well as the numerous on-campus organizations that allow students to involve themselves even in such a capacious environment. There are consistently activities being arranged on-campus that allow each and every individual to feel as if they have a sense of belonging.


Our school has a really successful football team! Our school as well has the largest Institue of Religion that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has to offer. The Institute, which is connected with the University, is actually one of my favorite parts of being here. As well my class sizes have been on average pretty small which helps me get more involved with my teachers and raise my potential of success.


I tell them about all the things I am learning - that it's great to be at a school where I really feel like I'm learning (not just getting by).


We have had Nobel Prize winners come from this school (Mario Capecci 2006) the Top 10 brilliant mind award was just given to my school. Anything science this is the place to be!


I brag about it all to be honest. Our school spirit, our sports, price of living and going to school, how close to the mountains we are, my fraternity Sigma Nu. Every aspect of this school over the past couple years I’ve completely fallen in love with and I don’t want to leave anytime soon.


When my friends ask me about my school, I tell them about how beautiful the campus is. Even though it is a huge area and because of that it can be hard to get to class, the exquisite beauty of the campus makes it worth the time it takes to get anywhere.


The athletic facilities are top-notch, along with the dorms and living situations. The view is beautiful and you can't beat it.


My school is in Salt Lake City, we have a great football team, and my professors care about us. The campus is easy to get around and there are a lot of buildings to facilitate all of the students coming and going.


The classes available here are very stimulating to my mind and not only in the academic sense. I feel like I learn more than the material that is meant to be covered in class and that I am a better person for participating in this community. Also, the life on campus is cultured and diverse. The people seem lively and upbeat about life, and we also get a lot of free thinkers.


HIgh quality science programs and the football team


It is a very prestigious school. It is even fun just to say that I go to the U, because automactically people respect that. It has an incredible medical school and a wonderful University hospital. I was in a severe car accident and had to be life flighted. They flew me to the U, even though it was much further than the nearby hospital. I think that says a lot.


Mostly I just brag about how much I love it. I also like that I met all new people and didn't stick with people from high school and got out of Nevada. I also brag about how great my teachers are and how much I learn from them.


I primarily brag about the science program. We have some amazing professors whose contributions to the field range from the unappreciated to the Nobel Laureates.


We apply what we learn in college. Even as an undergraduate we have the excellent oppurtunity to learn about real life situations. What we learn in class is beneficial to real life research. It gives you a sense of real accomplishment to know that what you are mastering in class will help you with your career in the future.


How great all the people are, how much there is to do, how strong the program I'm in is, and how much fun I'm having here.


The football games and gymnastics meets are usually really exciting, because we generally have high-ranked teams. The exercise and general facilities are in great shape and there are plenty of activities for a large variety of interests. Primary Children's Hospital and the Univeristy Hospital are just off campus, where a lot of great research is done to help those in need. The top of campus also provides a great view of the Salt Lake Valley. There are plenty of outdoor recreation sites nearby as well.


The cool class we get to take to fill general requirements.


The U is cool because all the buildings are open and you get to walk from class to class outside. Food offerred at school is good and is avalible all around campus. The library is nice and big with a good computer lab and study rooms.


The school has a great reputation and the cost is decent.


We have a great football team and its the best school ever.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to brag most about our athletic teams. The University of Utah is also one of the top research schools in the country.


The diversity in our campus is great, there is alot of supports for both the "practical" side of the unviersity as well as for the arts. The college of fine arts is fantastic.


Its in the middle of the city, where tons of stuff is going on.


The size of my classes, they are very small and students get along very well. Our sports tend to do very well.


The computer science teachers rock, but I've never had another teacher as good.


That I am a graduate of this institution. and our sports teams rock... and our facilities are amazing and high tech


Great football team. Great Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department.


awesome science and research department


I brag that I am almost done.


The quality of research, per dollar recieve the University of Utah produces more research than any other USA University. The many professors in my area recieved Doctrates from the high accliamed schools, MIT, Berkley, Illinois, etc.


The social aspects and the respectability of the business program. Also the convenience of the location being close to the city as well as the ski resortsd and mountains.


The Honors Program is rigorous but I have learned a lot so far. There is also a great service and volunteering center called the Bennion Center that does many service projects every year.