University of Utah Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not willing to work hard and put in the necessary work to succeed in a fast paced university


Someone who needs a small town atmosphere should not attend this school. This is a large campus with a lot of students. It is not a hand holding university.


If you don't like large schools, or research schools, don't come to the U. Also, if you have trouble traversing hills it can be difficult to get to classes.


I wouldn't recomend this school to anyone who doesn't want to have fun in college, isn't willing to pay for the excellent teachers, and doesn't want to take the time to learn about, and take advantage of the amazing recourses this school offers.


The only people who I'd say shouldn't go to the University of Utah, are people who aren't willing to put in the time and effort necessary to perform. The University is very accomodating - where there is a will, there is a way.


People who don't want large classes, because the majoity of the classes are large especially Math and Science classes.


I feel as though the University of Utah has opportunities for all types of students including academic interests, personalities, disabilities and extra curricular activities. I do not think that there is any student that could not find a group that they did not fit into. There is a place at the University of Utah for everyone.


I feel that every single person has an opportunity to fit it.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who needs a lot of one on one attention. Almost all of my classes from Freshman - Senior levels were auditorium size. This is a research university where the professors are paid for their research projects, so many of the classes are taught by their graduate students or assistants. The first priority of the professors is research, not teaching.


This is a school who needs students ready to learn. This is not a place for people who conider college as an experience for frequent parties and long weekends. People who attend this school need to be dedicated in their work in order to succeed.


Someone who is against the snow. If you hate snow seriously avoid this place.


Someone who loves to party shouldn't attend this school because everyone is really realigious.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who would be lazy, would be looking for an easy-A, would not care to participate in class discussions, or who expects a party-school.


It is a commuter school.


The University of Utah is a great, accreditted university. However, the student body is immense as well as the campus can seem overwhelming. If you are not comfortable in a large setting, I would not recomment the University of Utah. Students that enjoy close, intimate class settings will most likely find themselves unhappy at the University of Utah.


People who are going into law probably would have a better choice than the University of Utah. Also people who don't want to get involved and just do their schoolwork should probably avoid the University of Utah because it has lot's of activities to attend.


Someone who isn't ready for a challenge. It is a difficult school because it has a good reputation, and if your not ready to work, then I would suggest you find a school with less expectations than what you will find here.


This shool is great for everyone.


If a student needs constant one on one attention from the professor or TA, they will have a difficult time at this school, at least in their general level classes. Our professors and TAs are very friendly and supportive and will do everything they can to help a student who requires assistance, the only thing is there are over 30,000 students on the U's campus, so a person may have a hard time being able to meet with a professor or TA. However, tutoring is offered and fellow classmates are more than happy to help!


If you do not like large public places with a lot of people then this probably is not the school for you. Although it is not too large, it is one of the larger schools. Just expect a lot of people there but it does have a big campus.


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to work hard and give your best effort to earning an education. It is not a school that lets people through for not doing the work. Also it is rather liberal, so if you don't want that environment or take offense at liberal comments or teaching styles, I advise you to think about it before deciding.


It's not a great school for people who are super conservative. I think it is one of the more democratic schools in Utah so anyone who has been dreaming of going to BYU their whole life would not do well here. It would probably scare them.


The University of Utah has something for everyone but if I had to say, the type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that doesnt particularly like the cold.


Those looking for fun. It has such a great working environment that if you want to slack and have fun, this place will not be the place for you then.


The University of Utah is a large school with requirements that other colleges do not require therefore, unwilling people shouldn't attend this school. This is a school where what is expected of you should be done and completed in order to succeed. Time should be put in order to succeed so someone who in unmotivated and apathetic schould not attend this school. There is also the problem of tuition that many students who can not afford to pay for a university education may have therefore, students who take jobs as a priority shouldn't attend the University of Utah.


I wouldn't recommend this school for students who want a small-school, small-town environment (or conversely for students looking for a very large school/city environment).


If you're not serious about school, you'd be wasting your time at the U. This school is meant for education and success, and there's no rule prohibiting partying or wasting time, but that would be throwing away your time and money, and the schools.


People who just want a degree and a quick way through school shouldn't attend the University of Utah. It is challenging and competitive and teachers teach how to think. If you aren't passionate about the degree you are pursuing or don't like to think hard it is very difficult to get by.


Anyone should attend school, there is not a single person that shouldn't . If you want to succeed, there are so many ways you can. At schools there are many programs to help students who are struggling. Even cost isn't a big issue, financial ad and scholarships are always available.


People looking for very small, highly interactive classes should not attend this school. A large majority of the classes are 100+ students in large lecture halls where the professor talks non-stop the entire time.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard. Basically someone who is too busy having fun to have to worry about anything and is taking life easy.


Someone who is not committed to education. However it only hurts the individual as there is no one to follow up with you if you do not show up to class.


Ultra conservative or highly intolerant .


If you dont want to work hard and just want to party, it is not for you.


those who cannot focus enough to get good grades.


Someone merely seeking a ?party school fun time? should not consider enrollment at the University of Utah. While there is no dearth of social activities?au contraire, a wide variety of the amusing, the entertaining, the exhilarating, the edifying, and the thought-provoking await?this is a prestigious school, of which students and faculty are proud. Professor and co-student alike expect hard work. While there is accommodation to enjoyment of the experience, there is little toleration for someone who isn?t serious about their education?another reason why I enjoy this school: we can work and play hard.


Someone who wants to be involved in campus activities, likes to ski and/or snowboard, and wants a good education without having to clean out their bank account should go to this school.


Someone who isn't quite ready to work hard in school should probably start off at a community college first. All the general education classes are easier than at the University level.