University of Vermont Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are wonderful and incredibly driven post-bacccalaureate students who have developed and nurtured a passion for entering into the healthcare field later in life and are bravely returning to a college pre-medical certificate program after already having established a career in an area that they have found to be unfulfilling to them.


There is a wide range of the type of students you'll come across, the partier, the studier, the geek.


Since it is a large school everyone is always open to help one another. I would say that this school is one of the most open and accepting schools. Thats what i love about my classmates everyone is always there to help. This becomes extememly helpful eccpecally in my major being a double major in Mechanical and Biomedical engineering, the work load is extensive and in order to succeed you need people you can count on.


My classmates are motivated, friendly, and openminded. They are academically driven individuals who are warm and welcoming, and overall easy to get along with.


There is a huge population of skier/snowboarders at this school. We are very close to the mountains and honestly, I feel like a minority because I don't ski or snowboard. From my experience most of the students are fairly liberal, and can be politically aware and active. Recently students got together and held an occupy UVM movement. This is all relative, of course, because this school is plenty big enough to find any type of person.


Very diverse. Anyone can find their niche at UVM. Through the various learning coops, greek life, student organizations, groups, clubs, etc, you can find others who share your interest very easily.


There are so many different types of people at UVM, I don't know where to start. After all, what else can you expect at a school with more than 10,000 undergrads? Whether you come from a poor socio-economic background, if you're gay, lesbian, etc..., if you smoke or don't smoke, if you have a disability or handicap, or if you're from China, India, Russia, Germany, or Brazil, you won't be the only one. On that note, I've noticed that it is very easy to be whoever you are, or want to be, without being judged. The students here are genuinely nice, and in entering this community, you'll feel compelled to give that same respect to others.


There isn't just one type of UVM student. I could never imagine describing UVM students as one thing or one stereotype. We are all involved in so many different things ranging from academics to politics to enjoying the outdoors. I have had the privilege of meeting so many different types of students that have really helped me to grow and develop in my time hear at UVM. Part of why I am came to UVM: because I could never fit all UVM students into one category.


UVM is very liberal but very open and welcoming (I do know some people, who are conservative, that go to UVM and enjoy it just as much, but they are the minority). It has many LGBT groups, and although it is not the most racially diverse campus, the school is working to improve racial diversity and has many groups that support mixed race, and ALANA students. There are also many religious student groups, but there is definitely some tension between most of the students and the Catholic organizations on campus because of issues like abortion and same sex marriage. Because it is a state school there is a lot of socio-economic diversity, and people are very politically active. Overall, I do not think that there is a UVM "typical student"--it is more about finding your group and being open to new ones.


The University of Vermont provides an excellent setting for students of all political, religious, sexual, ethnic, racial, and national backgrounds. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what interests you have, you will find comfort among the UVM community. In addition, many will find social groups formed from a collection of people either promoting your interest or heralding from your background. The school takes cases of discrimination very seriously and does its absolute best to ensure that such issues never occur. A diverse student body allows for a variety of friendships and opportunities to learn about different cultures, religions, etc. I cannot provide the viewpoint of every person from every background, but I can reasonably state that everyone should feel comfortable at UVM. The university also offers a relaxed atmosphere. Students are allowed many freedoms, including the absence of a strict dress code, as well as the opportunity to form new social groups. While it is true that the majority of students at UVM are from Vermont or some other New England state, the school is still host to a diversity of people from different financial and political backgrounds. There is no single background that completely dominates the student body. Whether you wish to actively speak out about your feelings towards politics, religion, gender, race, or culture, or if you would prefer to simply keep to yourself about such issues, UVM is home to an environment that welcomes all beliefs and origins. Simply put, we are all one family, and no one should ever feel left out.


Very diverse in terms of sexuality, socioeconomic status, but very white...politically, I would not want to go here if I was conservative, although within the polisci dept. professors do a very good job of not bringing their political viewpoints into the classroom. students wear whatever they want to class. i play a sport so half the time i'm wearing a silly sweatsuit, but the girl next to me might be in a skirt, the boy to the left in overalls, and another kid w/ no shoes, and yet another wearing a lacoste polo and khakis. anything goes here, and people don't seem to judge!


Everyone seems very unique and different, but usually don't talk much in the classes, then again this depends on the type of class it is, is it a serious class or a laid back class.


UVM is all about openness and accepting people. In my class there was a transgender who was not at all afraid to speak up about her lifestyle, and everyone was very interested to hear about it. Yes, people are very opinionated so have their own ideas but what's great about UVM is that everyone wants to share their own lifestyles, values, etc, and also hear other people's. Only problem with diversity is that most people are white-- so if you are of another ethnicity and really are looking to go somewhere where you can find that group, don't come to UVM. Everyone's very casual here. At my last university, GWU, most girls dressed up for class but here, I feel comfortable throwing on a pair of sweatpants and heading to class.


My classmates are smart, care-free, and very different from anyone I have ever met at home, in New York.


My classmates are focused and origional.


My classmates are outgoing, funny, at ease, and most are ready for college.


They are very nice and there to help when needed.


Varieties of students seen. Many very accademically focused and studious while engaging in social activites such as concerts, on-campus events as well as off campus events. Students are very engaged in classes and very accepting of minorities/people with different religions, backgrounds, and views. Most are academically motivated although there are some that would prefer to not do any school work if possible. Students are generally very happy and share a positive outlook on school and life itself.


My classmates are upper middle class or wealthy, like to ski and drink, are are very liberal.


Students come from a wide mix of backgrounds for a wide variety of reasons, making the student body diverse and open minded.


In most business/math classes the people I most often associate with are driven and savy.


Friendly and enthusiastic


My classmates tend to be young, passionate, enthusiastic, idealistic, yet incredibly driven. They are eager to learn new things, be exposed to new ideas, and create change.


A typical UVM-er: friendly, funny, laid-back, liberal, upper middle class stoner whose parents are paying for him to get mediocre grades in an undemanding major to put off getting a real job.


Snobby and rich. You have to be rich to go here unless you are really poor and get a ton of financial aid. They are just snobby and rude.


Friendly people who are sometimes a bit shy, but open up when aproached.


Friendly and liberal.


I don't know many of my classmates. Those I do know, however, seem to be motivated people with a genuine interest in their chosen academic major.


My classmates are enthuastic, imagnitive, and willing to help change the world.


The student body at UVM is cool. Everyone is really open minded about what other racial, religious, and gender groups out there. Basically nobody really cares. I don't think there is a specific group that feel's out of place. People usually interact with many different groups. I think most UVM students are from Vermont and Boston.


It seems like most state universities are full of kids that take their education for granted.At least in the beginning.I think many of them are still too young to appreciate the seriousness of their academic success.


Everyone is very acceptable of everyone else at UVM. I have never seen any controversy at UVM caused by a racial discrimination of any kind.


I am currently an orientation leader for UVM and we have 40 students participating. 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are identified as LGBT, 6 students are from Bronx, NY and fall into the category of ALANA (asian, latino, african, native american), Burlington has a great refugee program for students from Sudan and Tibet whom also make it into UVM. Most UVM students are middle class white Massholes that have moderate political views that turn over to liberal at UVM. Making money for these students is big thats why many go into the pre-vet, pre-health, or pre-law tracks at UVM. Birkenstocks are BIG here! During the winter UGGS are too.


One of my favorite things about UVM is that everyone is so accepting of everyone else. I hardly ever heard any negative racial, religious, sexual preference, etc comments. Everyone interacts with everyone else, and I haven't heard any horror stories about negative student body events.


Not a lot of diversity. Mostly liberal, can be very ideological.


UVM is diverse, but also not diverse in a way. I've met so many people who are so open to diversity at UVM and it's one of the things I love about it, yet if you look at the actual student population the ratio of minorities is very low, and definitely one of the things that UVM should work on. I remember one of the first days I was there, someone asked me what my heritage was. I'm tall with dark curly hair, olive skin & green eyes. I explained that I was mostly Italian and Portuguese and this person was so amazed. "Portuguese! How exotic!" Being from Southeastern Massachusetts, I was shocked. Everyone from home was Portuguese! I didn't think I was that exotic, but in Vermont, I am, but again I think that's what makes being part of the minority special, you're unique and at UVM it's ok to be unique. It's ok to be who you are, no matter what, and I love that about UVM.


I'd say there is a majority of caucasians here. Big gay community. Overall though a very accomadating student body. Its a welcoming community for anyone. But narrow minded people might not find this the place for them.


Many students from the East Coast, but some from all over the country. Much of the student body is laid-back and friendly.


Even when protesting, I have found everyone to be very polite and willing to listen to feedback on their respected causes. I don't think any student would really feel out of place at UVM there really is a place for everyone. The school is quite liberal and I think that as long as people have an open mind and aren't to judgmental they would do fine.


I'm really not qualified to comment; I eat on campus but rarely. The student body is overwhelmingly white. I suppose black or hispanic kids coming from an inner city background would experience extreme culture shock here. Downtown Burlington is actually more racially diverse (meaning "less white") than campus, mostly due to a recent influx of African refugees, who are showing up in UVM classes more and more. The political landscape is quite a bit to the left. Students are often politically active. There is one group which protests in a "tent city" every year in an effort to get UVM to pay its employees a living wage. Anti-war sentiment is common enough to be unremarkable.


Really, almost anyone can feel at home at UVM. There is a mini version of any scene you can imagine, and because the school is small, if you have an interest, you will find friends. It is very white. There are a lot of people who's parents support them financially for the 4 years, but always pretend they are broke. There are also the people who have a part time job all 4 years. It pays better and is more fun to get a real job in town instead of do the work study thing, especially once you move off campus.


The student body is very accepting and friendly. Everyone seams to interact with people who are not like them. Most people dress casually for class, no one really over does it. there are rich kids, there are poor kids and there are lots of people in between. People are very liberal, but I do know some conservatives here at Groovy UV.


UVM is very diverse and supports all kinds of things. I love that about this school. There is no student that would feel out of place because everybody is nice and everybody finds a way to fit in.


Outspoken, Intelligent, Active, Liberal, somewhat Homogeneous.


In terms of diversity, UVM is pretty solidly white. However, as Burlington is becoming more diverse as a city, so is UVM as a University. Racially there are more and more minorities on campus, which is nice to see. In terms of religious, LGBT and socioeconomic diversity, UVM is filled with it.


UVM's student body is very accommodating of almost all beliefs; the more controversial your views, the better. It's not cool to be Christian or far-right wing. For the most part, people stick with the kids that are most like them. The Greek population is pretty homogeneous, but outside of that it's pretty easy to get to know a lot of different kinds of people. While mostly everyone comes from financial stability or actual wealth, it's not cool to bring attention to your own socioeconomic status. You'd be surprised to learn that kid with the dreads sitting next to you at the dining hall lives in a sprawling mansion in CT.


While the pamphlets have minorities plastered all over them, the truth is UVM is NOT diverse at all. In fact, during my freshman year, I was honest to god asked by someone "Aren't your people supposed to respect their elders?" That is how ignorant the white kids can be sometimes. There is strong support for the LGBT student population, so in general they do not run into many problems. While literally almost everyone here is a liberal, the fabled liberal "tolerance" is not here. As one of the few conservative students here, I have no political voice on campus, and the negative reactions one gets when they reveal their political views is absolutely ridiculous. Most students are from other states, and because of the high tuition costs, they tend to be in upper income levels. The Vermonters tend to be the opposite, which tends to cause some resentment from what I have experienced.


Although we are very white, everyone here is very open to all sorts of people. There are a lot of LGBT students here that are accepted by the community as a whole. There are still a bunch of those really preppy, rich kids, but I'd say everyone here gets along pretty well. Someone that would feel out of place here would be a conservative, traditional person that isn't open to diverse people. I wear a sweatsuit to class everyday since I'm a varsity athlete, and I don't feel out of place at all. There's a minority of people that dress up for class, but I say most people either wear jeans, athletic clothes, or whatever....people don't judge here. And the people that do judge aren't typical students here. People are very politically active, definitely to the left. There's a lot of anti-war marches, and even a strong movement that had a hunger strike last year to fight for a livable wage for all UVM workers.`


UVM is very active with making minorities feel comfortable. A race class is even required.


The student body at UVM is not diverse visually. Most people are white. But I think the minds at UVM are diverse. Talking with people about any topic you find many conflicting views on Politics(Shocking we arn't all Howard Dean liberals), religion and if you talk to some of my science friends you can talk for hours about chemistry..... At UVM everyone mingles no matter what your major is or where you are from or how you dress because their is just and insatiable desire to become friends with and expand your social network.