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The school focus a lot to conserve or save the green as much as they can. Thus, there are a lot of practice going on to be eco-friendly. I think they focus on this more than any other schools.


The community


Vermont is a beautiful state and Burlington is the ideal college town. The UVM campus is active and liberal, with neither to few or too many students.


Oh my gosh this is the best place in the world!!!! I am so sad I have graduated from this incredible school, but have so many great memories. Anytime I talk to alumni they just light up, and I feel the same love about UVM that you will feel if you go here. The davis center is mehhhhh......but who cares!? just walk around it like i do!


What I really liked about the University of Vermont was its dedication toward being environmentally friendly. Compared to all the other schools I looked at, UVM had the best recycling and composting systems, and uses ecofriendly products on campus. It also has a hospital on campus, which is beneficial for health science majors, such as myself.


The Environment has never been considered at a University with such a large student population. And the Burlington Community really listens to the research we do. The county buses run on biodiesel, most people use bikes, and buildings need to be LEED Certified. I saw that this school also walked the walk, environmentally speaking, and I needed to see that what I was studying could be done.


It is a big school, so if you're looking for small classes with intense discussions don't come here. My classes range from 25-300, and only in my junior and senior year will I have discussion-based courses. Best thing about UVM is that everyone is very interesting/open/intelligent. Plus, Burlington is such a great college town. If you hate the cold, don't come, cause it is cold here.


Something very unique about my school is the support from the teachers. Most teachers are willing to go out of their way to help students. My chemistry teacher (who teaches a very large lecture class) knew my name without me even having to tell him. In fact, almost all of my teachers knew me on a first name basis. I think that this feature is quite impressive especially at a university with approximately 10,000 students. You get the feeling, more than at any other college I visited, that the teachers genuinely care ( and this I believe is a rarity).


UVM was able to provide students a small town feel with all the ammenities of a city. It provides a lake with beaches and mountains with skiing. Other schools tend to focus on centralizing the student population to one area in a rural or urban setting. Most students, at UVM, are able to choose the area they like whether it be downtown or in the country. A very unique school and the experience was priceless.


The student body is geared towards helping the enviroment. There is a very strong artist community at the school and in the community. The school also has an open pottery studio for the community.


Extremely green, EXTREMELY accepting. Never feel ostracized or isolated based on age, gender, etc.


UVM will provide you with the most Environmentally friendly campus! You will learn a lot about both the topics that you study and yourself through great classes, exciting social opportunities, and a lot more! (Also, if you like hockey, basketball, pluralism, skiing, shopping, snowboarding, or having fun with OR without alcohol, this is the place for you!)


The overall vibe at UVM is unique. People here seem so relaxed and open-minded. Of course there are a small number of people who are up-tight and maybe a bit conservative but generally everyone is interested in meeting new people from all walks of life and really giving them a chance. I've had so many opportunites to meet people here and I really think it's the atmosphere of downtown and campus and the wilderness combined that make people happy and high on life.


Good activist community, lots of people are very interested and engaged in what they are studying.


More liberal.


It was a small university that gives both the benefits of a small community and the resources of a large research school. People here have a live and let live attitude that seems to reverberate in all aspects of life here. The community is both socially and environmentally conscious. It has great access to recreation areas such as skiing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming and has many public parks and areas nearby.


It is very much a community! Students are very accepting, politically active, and environmentally concious. Peers are friendly, and teachers are very approachable.


Very interacive and one hell of an experience!!


It's a lot farther from where I grew up and it's the only one not in a city.


uvm is unique because its the perfect size of you are looking for something that is not too big, but certainly not too small either. its an excellent center for research and development, and is nationally known for developments in the fields of psychology, environment and natural resources. it is also located in a great college town, with views of two different mountain ranges. it is also 1 mile from lake champlain.


The city it is located in. Burlington is a unique little city on the water.



Skiing While still being a solid institution


Very eco-friendly


UVM is the best school ever. I honestly know more about myself now than i did through my 18 years in the bronx. And I cant wait to go back to see whats in store for the 08, 09 year.


I was astounded by how racist many of the students were in my race and ethnicity class.I was amazed and disturbed.It was one of the saddest experiences of my life and a real eye-opener.


You have nature all around you which is awesome. Skiing/Riding is very close. Stowe is 45 min, Bolton is 20 min, Jay Peak (which is like skiing out west) is 1 hour and 35 minutes away, and Mad River Glen is 45 minutes away.


I LOOOOOVVEEEE UVM!!!! Like I said, I met the most amazing people here, from all of the country. I met people out the community doing theater. GET INVOLVED! That is the best advice I can give....oh yeah, and no one knows how to celebrate like UVM....just throwing it out there... ; )


Liked living in Burlington, but it got VERY old.


UVM is a place that if you think you belong, you'll feel so at home. :)


Like any other school, there is alot of craziness. For those that don't know, they'll soon find out


UVM's push towards being "highly competitive" rather than just "competitive" is changing the campus atmosphere away from that hippie stereotype, towards a more mainstream image. Frankly, I don't like it. I like the freewheeling changeling child society of crazy hippie kids much better than the trust-fund kids from Connecticut and Jersey. They're self-important, entitled, politically apathetic, and obnoxious. But that's just me.


Very white, often bothersomely so. But it is Vermont.


UVM rocks! We just need a bigger Business School with PR and Advertising!


UVM likes to brag about silly things that aren't all that great, like the Davis Center, and our 'diversity', it's all just bologna.


If you are a quiet person that takes school seriously, this may not be the place for you. I am here, and that is me. I take my studies seriously and some days it is hard to stay motivated when you feel all alone.


Not everyone smokes pot. Not everyone drinks. While there is peer pressure, if you find that you are hanging out with people that you arn't comfterable with their weekend activities there are plenty of other people to become friends with.


Many people say that location is everything, and UVM is the heart of Burlington. Uvm brings a variety of availabilities for students, such as free transportation downtown, to University mall, and even to the airport. We also have a type of debit system that links to our student ID's called "catscratch" that is taken in a variety of stores and restaurants downtown. UVM is the perfect environment, but if it is not for you, good luck in your search.


UVM is a great school with a lot of pride. There may be almost 10,000 undergrads, however if you're social you can get to know a surprising amount of people on campus.


All in all I enjoyed my freshman year here. I'm not sure how long I am going to stay at Uvm though. It is not all what you would imagine a college experience to be. It doesnt have any of the sterotypical tailgates and big frats parties.


Living on campus is the biggest rip off of all times. Doing the math you pay approx 720$ a month for a shared room. Living in downtown Burlington the AVERAGE home costs 650$ a month with utilities included, I myself pay around 475$ a month. The food is some of the worst things in the world. The "points" thing is a joke. If you can stomach the dining hall food stick to it, otherwise you spend all your money in half the semester. Not to mention the quality of most of the food. Fried Chicken or Fried Tofu, your choice every day, no variation. As well weekends, forget getting food before ten if you have to be at work...what a waste of time... The school has to much money and burns it even faster so tuition just raises and raises with no indication of stopping. Waste of Money overall bad buy. Spend the same amount of money for a GOOD education at any top tier school or half the amount for the same at any state school anywhere else


The administration is extraordinarily arrogant. The cafateria food causes diarrhea.


I think i've done that haha. I may sound cynical but I think thats because my experience at uvm has been just, well awful. Its boring, a lot of the people suck. The programs aren't fun, its like I"m still in high school, or like life with your training wheels on. and a phys ed credit? I'm an adult for crying out loud, I know whats good for me at this point. If I don't excersize than shame on me, not "no you can't graduate because you couldn't find time to go bowling" also, bowling is not a phys ed. I don't care what any professional bowlers tell you.


The davis center gets the gold leed certification to be the only building in the nation, except it's huge as all fucking doesn't fit in with burlington, vermont, or uvm. it's great that uvm wants to be noticed as the most green school in the nation, but let's focus on our current awareness of composting because people mess that up all the time, not all light systems are automatic, which will save energy, recycling isn't as great as it used to be either, our food doesn't necessarily have the most sustainable practices, because the portions are often large, wasteful and expensive, the marche should encourage the use of actual dishes by providing them, as well as silverware. The list can go on, but my main point is, how can we be seen as the most green school if we have forgotten our fundamental environmental habits. We're so socially aware we drink Coke. Killer Coke is trying to green wash the public by abiding by europe's new rules with production of consumer goods, several years ago when dasani came out in britain 500,000 bottles had to be recalled because traces of ddt were found in the water. guess what??? they were forced to do it. like, they are forced by the public and make things worse overseas. places like kerala, India were subjected to bottling factories on their land. A by product produced by this bottling plant was then given to the people of kerala as fertilizer, then suddenly people started to get sick. This by product possessed a carcinogenic and was labeled poisonous. give us some freedom. we are college students, at that, responsible students. remember this is survival of the fittest, people should be able to live their lives as they please and if they do well, then shit they deserve it. life shouldn't be entirely about fear from the man to be ourselves and not feel refrained at any extent. you're trying to mold us into adults, treat us like adults. so there UVM, there's my rant.


I wont lie, it gets cold here for a long time and its easy to get cabin fever in the late winter months. You really have to visit to get a sense of things. The food on campus is mediocre at best but off campus restaurants are some of the best I've ever had. UVM pretty much hates greeklife and has set up a system for it to fail but its a great way to get involved. I came to school with no intention of joining a fraternity but I found a great group of guys who I know I would have been friends with even if I had met them from a bowling club or something.


College is all what you make it. In a way it's a new start to becoming the person you want to be and the person you want others to see you as.


In the past I have been skeptical of UVM becoming a "public ivy", simply because I have grown up within this community and did feel as though UVM was my ultimate back-up school until actually enrolling. However, as I have become involved, I have been impressed with the administration, student efforts, and town-gown initiatives that are attempting to make this the best in-state university, which I believe have proven successful. I think this is one thing that current students have a difficult time accepting, especially if from VT, but too one of the best parts of the University. With the efforts that have been established within the past five years, the administration has extended student input by creating more Presidential commissions, committees, and discussion, which is something most students do not take advantage of. But it's definitely something to think about...just how far this University will extend within the next few years.


I feel that when it comes to certain issues that people unfortunately deem to be to the right, it is very hard to find professors who will support you with their department funding to help you bring a speaker with that issue. It is also hard to be a religious Jew at UVM since there is not kosher dining on campus.


the state of the world is pretty horrific right now, and i hope uvm can show the country what's up. i don't understand why universities across the country aren't riling up right now. there's an unjust war going on that needs to end, and for the most part, we're quiet, even when our very school is investing in the very corporations profiting from that war. (halliburton, general dynamics, dyn corp..) it would be awesome to see the school come together and make great changes. if the administration doesn't divest and give livable wages soon, tent city/shanty town will return, and i hope everyone will join the gathering, and stand up for what's right.


The school's changing a lot and I'm not sure if I like the direction it's heading in, but it could just be the direction of our country.