University of Vermont Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The dorms can be very loud at times, full of crazy students.


I would consider everything about UVM to be lovely and nurturing of every individual's intellectual soul, but it does come at a cost. Although I love it here so much, I constantly worry about money.


I think the worst thing about UVM is the winters in Burlington. Being from southern Vermont, I thought I would be more accustomed and prepared than other students for the winter season, but winter in Burlington is a completely different experience. Due to the wind off the lake, the temperature with the wind chill would oftentimes be well below negetive and the winter season lasts for about 5 or 6 months.


How many out of state kids there are that come here and try to be what they think is "vermont"


I would have to say that the worst thing about the University of Vermont is the cost of the tuition out-of-state. UVM is the most expensive public state university, but I cannot picture myself spending my remaining three years in any other place.


Increasing students in an already over extended City and Campus.


The worst thing about the University of Vermont is the high tuition and cost of housing. Going to UVM is a fantastic, life-changing experience, however it is also too expensive for many people to afford. There are plenty of people who would be elligable for an education at UVM and would be a great addition to the campus, however they may not have the means of paying the high tuition rates. In addition, students are required to live on campus for the first two years, however the cost of on campus living is extremely high as well.


Not a lot of diversity. Narrows peoples vision of acceptance.


The worst things about the University of Vermont are the size and the students. UVM is a huge school, and because of this, individual students do not get the attention they need and deserve. The advising program is weak and the school seems to be more concerned with finding donors and making their graduate school look impressive than with whether their undergraduates actually succeed. One thing that I've learned here at UVM is that it can benefit one to listen to stereotypes. UVM really is a party school. And the majority of kids here do drink and smoke heavily.


The worst thing about UVM is that to solve the budget crisis that is occurring here, the administration has decided to admit more students and fire a couple dozen employees. Admitting more students means the dorms are more cramped and class sizes have become very large. Also, the standard for the typical student admitted to UVM is lowered. Instead of firing many associate professors who do not make that much money, the president of the university and some other high-paying officials could have taken pay cuts.


The cost, tuition continues to rise. It is, I am told, the most expensive public University in the Country. But I had that feeling that this was where I needed to be, and although I am immensely in debt, I really have enjoyed my experience at UVM.


The worst thing about the school would probably be the lack of very campus wide activities. Its a large school, over 10,000 students and it can sometimes be hard not to get lost in the crowd. We had a few events for things such as halloween but overall theres not something going on every weekend and you're really on your own to find things to do-- which can be both good and bad. A few more planned out events would be a nice addition to campus and student life.


The worst thing about my school is the wind chill in the winter, it can get pretty chilly but otherwise it's great!


The president is accepting more students than the school can hold.


The worst thing about UVM is the cost. Students here tend to come from upper middle class and are very wealthy. The tuition is increasing every year and it has become extremely difficult to find students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Furthermore, the financial aid office has been decreasing students financial aid. Overpopulation in the dormitories are also becoming a large and significant problem. Due to development of various buildings, UVM became millions of dollars in debt. As a result more freshmen are being admitted and students who should be living with only one other student are in forced triples.


there's no varsity football team


The long walk for side to side of campus


Lectures have lots of students in them making it hard to get to know the teacher well. It makes it hard to get one on one attention.


My school tends to be very hard on my wallet. Although I recieve great grants from the school and fill out my FASFA I still need personal loans. It is also a long winter if you don't ski or snowboard.


The lack of finacial aid and terrible housing.


Not enough parking, (freshmen) students housed in forced triples often, athletic facilities need renovating, it's very expensive to go here!


There is very little racial diversity. I come from a very diverse town and the group of friends I grew up with was diverse in a lot of different ways, financially, racially, ethnically. In Vermont, while everyone is very open and accepting of other cultures and races there just aren't that many of them.


UVM is a very white school. There's not much racial and cultural diversity, which may be part of the reason why students of color largely hang out with students of color. Most of the activities I've been involved in (including the radio station, environmental and social justice groups) haven't engaged students from a very wide range of backgrounds.


Some of the teachers aren't the best at lecturing and causse the classes to be a little confusing.


the students, they are disrespectful spoiled brats and how unhelpful and uncaring the administrative staff is


A lot of rich students who aren't considerate or respectful and don't care about the environment.


lack of diversity, career counseling, dorms (has since been changed)


The worst thing woudl probably be how the food gets old fast


Freezing cold and windy all the time, and winter lasts for 6 months.


the administration, they are kind of out of touch with the student body


The worst thing about my school is the percentage of diversity. The school is trying to become more diverse, but it's percentage is still extremely low.


I honestly don't think I've ever uttered the words; "the worst thing about UVM is..." but if I had to choose something I would say the long cold winters. I know that a lot of students come here based on the fact that we live in the Green Mountains and the skiing and snowboarding is the best on the East coast but I wish we lived on the beach. Sometimes the weather is too cold and walking to class seems un-bearable. If I could pick UVM up and move it to Hawaii I would.


the lack of communication between the administration and the students.


it can get really cold, not enough parking


The worst part about my school is on-campus jobs. Almost all the jobs are only available to students who are work-study students. Since I am not eligible for work study, I am unable to make money and stay on campus. I am not comfortable looking for a job in downtown Burlington because I do not have a car, and do not know the area very well. I wish there was a way for me to make money while staying on campus as a non-work-study student.


The worst thing about UVM is that in terms of ethnic/racial diversity, we are lacking.


The eviromentalism of the students can get a little dogmatic at times. Furthermore it does not sync up well with the goal of the current administration. The hippies at this college are hypocrites. They drive SUVs, pretend to be a spirtiual Vermonter (I am from Vermont and the only people spiritual here are from out of state), and rely on their parents to fund their "spiritual explorations" i.e. life.


It gets really cold in the winter.


Loudness! Whilethere are loads of nice, quiet places to study around campus (our library is very nice) I think the worst part of living on campus is the RA's relaxed policy on noise violations. It's 2:00 in the morning, PLEASE turn down your music!




Extremely democratic, having republican views pretty much makes you an outcast unless you dont don't voice your views. The winter is just plain harsh, but thats what i get for going to school 20 minutes from home.


Campus is too spread out, Davis center while stupidly huge still has a shortage of club space in SGA


The very cold winters and too many "hippies." Although if you ski or snowboard you can survive the winters, and even thrive on them because there are multiple mountain resorts to choose from in the area.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the tuition and other expenses costs. I just think that the price to go to UVM is entirely too high.