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Expensive but I'm really glad that I go here instead of somewhere else.




My overall opinion is that UVM holds one of the best social atmospheres. It is unique in that, on any give weekend you can easily find a local band playing in either a house or one of the many music venues in Burlington. There is opportunity to become part of the Burlington community, and most of the students are very friendly. However, there is not much school spirit. We don't have major student support for our athletics and our on campus events can very pretty lame. Anyone who loves to ski or ride will feel more than welcome at UVM. Students seem obsessed with the surrounding ski mountains, and sometimes come to class in their gear with their snowboards ready to hit the slopes as soon as class lets out. Students complain about the money spent throughout the university and the high tuition prices. There is a disconnect between the administration and the student body.


My overall opinion of UVM is you get out of it what you put in. The school is big enough, with enough people where you can find people to party with every night, or if you want set up your own study group. To be honest I would not change anything about this school. I love the opportunities it has given me. For example, I recently picked up an undergraduate research project at the UVM Horticultural Research Farm. The school is in an extremely fun and exciting college town. There are four colleges in the surrounding area. There is always something to do in downtown Burlington. My favorite thing to do is go out to eat at one of Burlington's numerous amazing restaurants. Burlington can be looked at as an epicenter for the 'local foods' movement. Restaurants fill the demand for local food and it couldn't be tastier!


I love UVM. There are so many different things to fall in love with..on and off campus. From the lake to the mountains to church street and everything in between (and that's all off campus!). On campus there are so many special, unique UVM things that are special to only us. UVM takes great pride in it's "Green" status and that's a pretty cool thing. I love going to a school where we are constantly trying to get ahead of the game in so many fields (not just being environmentally friendly). Another aspect of UVM that I love is it's size. There are roughly 10,000 undergrads and it's awesome. It can feel huge when you want it to (i.e. Division 1 sports, 7 colleges, so many majors, etc.) but at the same time have the feel of a cozy liberal arts school. It's ideal. By the time you are a junior or senior you're in classes of 15/20 or as small at 8 and you really get to know your classmates and teachers. One experience I'll always remember, is watching both the men's and women's basketball teams take the America East Championship titles in the same day. I dance on the Dance team for UVM and it was the most memorable experience to date. We went to the NCAA and it was incredible!


My overall opinion of UVM is very positive. I love the classroom environment - that I feel so comfortable approaching my professors with questions or comments. You will probably take a few lecture-style classes, but that all depends on your major, etc... I haven't had any problem with concentrating or doing well in lecture-style classes here. Although UVM is a moderately large school, I feel that the campus layout makes it feel so much less busy. When I tell people I go to UVM, the comment I get most often is "I love Burlington - how much snow do you have up there?" That brings me to two other points. The first is that the snow really isn't that bad - it's the wind that'll get you. That said, if you don't think you can survive the walk between classes, the busses are free and go pretty much everywhere on campus. My second point is that, despite how many people think of northern Vermont as Hickville, USA, Burlington is an awesome college town. The population grows significantly during the school year because there are a few schools in the area such as Champlain College and St. Michael's (in Colchester).




I've visited a lot of my friends' schools over the past four years, and to me, nothing has compared to UVM. The main draw is Burlington, which is just such an awesome college town. I originally was thinking about going to school in a city, but Burlington has just the right balance of city and college town. It has so many restauraunts and stores downtown, and just enough bars so you never get bored. On top of that it's only a short drive from the mountains where you can hike in the summer, ski in the winter, or just enjoy the view if you don't feel like doing anything like that. Aside from the town, UVM is really the perfect amount of people. No matter where you go on campus you always see a familiar face, but you definitely get away from that "high school everyone knows everyone" feel. No matter who I tell I go to UVM everyone always reacts in the same way, saying that it's awesome and they want to come up and visit some time. On campus activities include hockey games, concerts and tons of different places to eat. One experience that I'll always remember about UVM is the Naked Bike Ride. Twice a year, on the last day of classes of each semester, when midnight rolls around, the brave take off all of their clothes and get on their bikes, scooters, shopping carts, or just run around Athletic campus as the scaredy-cats stand around and watch. Everyone gets really into it--painting their bodies and everything and it's really fun to either participate in or watch. It's really one of the things that makes UVM awesome.


I transfered to UVM from a liberal arts school that was considered more academic, but I found that UVM is truly what you make it. I definitely have more opportunities at UVM and my professors are all really helpful as long as you take the initiative to seek them out. I love that at UVM they do not hold your hand and how much you succeed is all based on how much you care. The thing I would change at UVM is the in coming class size because I am a senior and the class of 2015 is huge in comparison--although it still is no where near as big as most state schools. The reaction I get when I tell people that I go to UVM is always very good because it has a great reputation on the East Coast. In the west--I am from the southwest originally--people mostly play into the stereotype but you can overcome that easily, and many of the alumni are very successful and helpful so it is a great networking school. I would also say that because it is a state school, people know that it exists, which is really important after college. The most recent controversy at UVM had to do with the most recent President and some money expenditures, but there is going to be a new President soon, and I think it is fairly tame in comparison with other scandals of similar nature at other universities. There is definitely school pride at UVM, despite the controversy, and many old traditions that make it a fun place to be especially during hockey and ski season.


The University of Vermont provides a wealth of academic opportunities, as well a great athletic program, a Greek fraternity/sorority system, and endless extracurricular activities to choose from. Perhaps the best thing about UVM, though, is the academic freedom. Unlike many smaller liberal arts colleges and technical institutions, UVM offers a diversity of majors. From medical science to wildlife and fisheries biology, there is truly something for everyone here. Despite being a state school, UVM hosts a student body small enough to allow students to truly develop personal relationships with their professors. Burlington is the perfect setting for UVM. The city is small enough to allow you to easily escape city life, but large enough to allow students to pursue urban activities. For those that wish to explore the outdoors, Burlington offers the best of both worlds with Lake Champlain to the west and the Green Mountains to the east. Just make sure to bring your warmest clothing for the winter months! The residents are also very supportive of the Catamounts. While the athletic program typically receives little national attention, both the students and people of Burlington take great pride in supporting their teams, especially hockey. In my opinion, perhaps the only negative aspect of UVM is the abundance of skateboarders. However, this is hardly an issue that can be deemed problematic. UVM offers not only a diverse number of higher learning opportunities, but also an atmosphere that promotes social outreach. This is truly a unique school; the possibilities for expanding your world are limitless!