University of Virginia-Main Campus Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The atmosphere filled with pride and warmth brought me here. The website and pamphlets told me that this was a strong school academically; Number One public ranked by Forbes actually, but was it home? Was this the place where I was going to build relationships and that I would miss every time I left? Yes, yes it was. Hearing how other students talked about UVA and being surrounded by the swarms of orange and navy blue really showed me how much the student body loved this school, and I wanted to be a part of that community.


Everyone jokes that you have an epiphany moment when you find the right school, and I definitely did at UVA. I couldn't get over how gorgeous the school was, and I could really picture walking on grounds everyday to get to class. The more I found out about UVA, the more I fell in love. UVA is the only place where I found perfect balance. While there is such rich history, the university still stays up to date and is a growing environment. UVA also has a small-school academics feel while still having a sports scene. Finally, UVA has such a strong academic reputation, yet there is still a large social scene to balance it out.


I was drawn by the beauty and high academic reputation - but I was sold by the overall atmosphere. My senior year, I stayed in a dorm for one night with a first year. All my nerves melted away that night after I realized how welcoming this place is. The food wasn't bad, and people were doing their homework, watching TV, and hanging out. I saw beautiful architecture and landscaping everywhere I walked, and the students were dressed well, like they took an average day of class seriously. But what really made me commit to UVA was the fact that almost everyone looked happy. Boom! I was sold.


I'm really glad I ended up at UVa, but, truthfully, before I applied I really didn't know much about the school since it wasn't my top choice. However, now that I've been here for four years, I know I'm at the best place for me and wouldn't have liked where I originally wanted to go. UVa is big enough to be diverse and small enough that I see my friends all the time just walking around. It has great academics, a beautiful campus, and there are always things to do around grounds or in Charlottesville. At UVa I can study hard and 'play' hard (whether that be going out to parties or taking in a student-run play). There really wasn't one specific thing that attracted me to the school; it was the entire package.


Because it is one of the best schools in the nation and has unique traditions that set it apart from other schools because students are really involved in the University events.


I decided to go to UVa because it is a top tier college for academics at a great price. The location in Charlottesville is also outstanding and the University has so much rich history with great staff.


UVA has such a great reputation and a lot of people from my high school went to UVA. I've only heard positive things about the school and when I came to visit here for Orientation I knew that this was where I wanted to be.


I've wanted to go to the University of Virginia since I was in the third grade. When we took a field trip there, I was absolutely fascinated by it. They have an amazing English program with some of the most wonderful teachers imaginable. It's a great school and, as I got older, the more I looked into it, like the study abroad programs and extracurricular activities and the like, I knew that UVa was the place for me.


Despite getting a full scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University, I choose to go to UVA. After talking to professionals and other graduated students, I saw the potential in the school in helping me become a successful person. The wide range of opportunities, including career and job networking caused me to make the decision. I also wanted to challenge myself and step outside my boundary living away from home and actually experiencing the college experience.