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Being close to home would be unique about the UW bothell campus. I am trying to save money and get a degree, which most of my friends are heading for but have left to live on campus. I don't think that living at campus makes the education any different- just having the support from my mom and still being connected to my community makes my experience staying here vs going to another college unique.


Lots of adults heading back to school


The smaller campus and class sizes allows for more social opportunities, and better opportunities to get to know your instructor as well. It's also located in the small town of Bothell, WA, where there are low crime rates and the general public is fairly friendly toward one another. Generally, the campus is a more than welcoming academic and social location.


Small class-sizes that allow students connect with the professors more effectively allowing opportunities to have better recommendations, to work with them in their research activities etc..., a safe and quiet environment with mostly mild weather, good day-to-day maintenance of the environment with an eye for sustainability are unique features of this campus as I have observed.


I wasn't confident about my knowledge that I had learned from community college. since I attended University of Washington Bothell Campus, I learned so many things with different view points. The materials are great and well-prepared and campus itself supports very well to explore things and researches. UWBothell campus is a awesome school and time, money and effort will be very worthwhile to the future students. we have a high rate of graduation students and they made a high achivements when they complete their field of study. I always felt like a home when I go to school.


UW Bothell won me over because of their small class size, I get to know the professor!


Honestly, even though the first two years can be a joke if you don't pick classes carefully, this school is like a private school education for a public school cost. It's small enough to where you as a person are recognized and known, and where professors will call and address you by name. Its a new school which means students get to carve significant paths into the way this school will head towards, and opportunity is abundant.