University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Being near the water creates a beautiful learning atmosphere. The faculty is impressive and the satellite campuses are very nice options for some people. Most of my time spent on campus are in common areas where there are comfortable chairs to lounge in with a coffee shop and good food at hand. It's peaceful and a great study environment that I enjoy being around.


It's a major University, beatiful campus, students are very proud to be part of the community. I am Exec. student (not day time), not sure about controverses. Complains - not aware.


The Big Picture at Washington...don't come here unless you are ready to push yourself. You will not be coddled, and if you aren't self-motivated, you may very well end up dropping out. This is an invigorating environment if you respond well to challenge. As far as administration goes: one thing I remember very distinctly from Winter Quarter is meeting a school official and realizing that she assumed I wasn't fluent in English. This was pretty shocking, and it took me a couple of days to calm down after that epiphany: here, in a metropolitan setting (not the small suburb I grew up in), people make snap judgments and if your appearance isn't typical, you will be treated like a "minority". Despite some occasional frustrations like that, though, this is a great school.


When I walk through the beautiful campus to class, my decision to go to UW is reaffirmed on a daily basis. I never feel like it's too big of a campus and I always see plenty of people I know on campus every day. There are so many different kinds of people that go here that you can be totally yourself and be accepted at UW. There are so many great places to study on campus-- from the quad to in one of the many libraries. The Dawg Daze that the UW holds for students (especially freshmen) during the first week of school is great. The UW has a ton of great programs and fun, free events to go to all the time.


This is a LARGE School. It is possible to fall through the cracks if you are not disciplined or have some one to hold you accountable. Make friends, create a study group or find a study buddy.


UW is HUGE!! But it's nice because you get away from all the high school drama. It seems as though the smaller the school, the more like high school it is. UW has about 40,000 students, but you end up finding a little community that you fit into. The one thing I would change is the diversity. There are only about 4% Latinos...and even less Blacks, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans. We could use a little more color on campus :)


The school is beautiful. There is many opportunities to learn a lot and make the absolute most of your education. The people are a lot of fun, and there are lots of parties if you're looking for them. I work a lot, as well as go to school full time, and there are lots of job opportunities in and around campus. I believe there is a lot of school pride. People wear school colors al the time, and there are lots of activities that build pride and are fun. It's an overall great school.


I had a great time at this school, however, I feel like the classes were too big for me. I was fine with the large community, but didn't like how it translated into the classrooms. The culture is very diverse, which was enjoyable, and it helped me meet a lot of different people. For me, it was a great venue because it was so close to home, yet far enough away from my parents. I was an athlete, and sometimes athletes are not treated with the utmost respect. The athletes and the regular student body are normally separated from each other, which takes away from the interaction between them.


The University of Washington is not too big or to small, I think it is just right for me. I come from a small town and was loking for a college that was close to the city, but still had a feeling of community and comfort. I lived in the dorms freshman year and was a member of the UW track & field team for two years. That was one of the best experiences in my life and I was in the best shape of my life. I met so many people so quickly, it was perfect. I love competition and being part of a team and was so glad I had that opportunity. I new what i wanted to study coming into college, Architecture. After my first year in the dorms i decided to rush and join a sorority, something i as totally against coming into college. It turned out to be one of the best decisions i could have made. having so many friends and people surrounding me that cared and were in the same position as me was very helpful. The greek system was like a community within a huge college, something i could go home to and feel welcomed and at home, unlike the dorms. I can not walk any where in the U-district without seeing someone i know, which is great....most of the time, haha. I have life-long friends now. People who I can always have something in common with. Now that I am an Alumni, I can go back and help out the chapter. I am also a double major in construction management and architecture...a five year program. I have worked in an architecture firm for a year and i am currently working for a construction management firm as an intern. I have loved both my internships, but they have proven to be challenges working throught the school year. I need to work to have money and help pay for school. I know these two majors will prove to be successful and i am excited! UW has a ton of school pride and that is one of the things i love most about football season and basketball season. no matter how terrible our team may be playing, the stands are packed and the crowd loud and rowdy! One concern i have is the current violence around the uw campus and if it is turning people away. I know the media has portraid the greek community as violent, but it is actually people coming into the area that are causing the problems. I am not into campus politics or administration enough.


The beauty of the campus grounds and the old buildings really does it for me. When I was a freshmen I would walk around the campus and discover something I hadn't seen before, it was like an adventure. If I could change one thing, it would be the crime that seems to go on in the Greek area and also the vagrants and junkies that hang around the north Ave.


THe campus is breathtaking and the people are great. You are also 10 min on the bus from a major city though all of your needs can be met by the campus itself.


People are impressed when I tell them I'm attending UW for my undergrad, a reaction you don't get for other state universities around here. It's a big campus and classes can be spread out, but extremely beautiful and I hardly mind getting my exercise in between classes. We do have a lot of school pride at UW--I always joke it's the only place you'll find so many guys confidently wearing the color purple.


I love UW. The biggest student complaints are probably the class sizes or the dorm room size. Also the food pricing is ridiculous.


Large university with a lot of opportunities, beautiful architecture and landscape, diverse student body and faculty and wonderful city


What's the best thing about Washington?: The mountains to the right, the water to the left. Pick your recreation and go. Name one thing you'd change: About Washington? Fewer Californians clogging our highways. Is your school too large, too small, or just right?: Too big for the average student, just right for someone wanting to do research. How do people react when you tell them you go to Washington?: By being impressed. Where do you spend most of your time on campus?: The library and research lab. College town, or "what college town?": Here it seems to be the middle of the city. Kinda sucks when you're used to more greenery. What's your opinion of Washington's administration?: What administration? All we have is a bunch of ex-graduates who try and make student life as difficult as possible while offering just enough to keep us interested in staying. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus?: For me; the (lack of) ability to protect myself from bodily harm despite the numerous armed muggings and beatings (one of which was brought on by no fault of the victim). Is there a lot of school pride?: Probably. I see enough of the t-shirts. Is there anything unusual about Washington?: Other than the rain? What's one experience you'll always remember?: My girlfriend's report of the East Coast's opinion of the UW; "It's mind over matter. They (the administration and professors) don't mind and you don't matter". What are the most frequent student complaints?: Cost of living.


Coming from a small private high school, the University of Washington first daunted me with it's size. It seems that I'm always discovering new buildings each week on parts of campus that I didn't even know existed. I've gotten more used to it after a few semesters, and now when I see someone I actually recognize as I cross campus or get lunch, it makes those moments that much more special. I commute about 40 minutes by carpool, then hike another 15 minutes across campus to get to class everyday. Parking isn't free, and sometimes the parking meters eat up my money without letting me in, and the parking police are viciously strict. The thing I suppose I like the most about Washington is the campus. The buildings are beautiful, lawns manicured, and there are tons of places to go sit and hang out with your friends. It's even nicer when it's sunny. The thing I hate the most is that as soon as it becomes dark, campus is creepy. We have our own police department, but students still get attacked if they walk alone (or even in small groups) during the night.


The campus is very beautiful. The spring in the Quad is gorgeous. People are all outside. Lots of outdoor activities. The school is large and can sometimes be hard to meet people. Getting involved in student organizations is the best way to meet people. UW has a great reputation and many graduates are sought after. I spend most time at the Balmer Commons or my sorority. Suzzalo Reading Room is a beautiful room. Not as much school pride as the rival across the state, WSU.


There's a lot of mainstream thinking here. A lot of the students are young(and there are a lot of them) and the teaching staff a bit sparse. I undergraduate library is a joke with it being a social area instead of a library. A lot of the students seem to wear the same thing, act the same way, etc.; one knows they just came from high school. They all seem to follow the rules and do what they are told, but once in a while a bright light flickers from somewhere on campus. As an older, returning school the place seems a bit juvenile to me. I wish there were more graduate students here. Maybe I'm just jealous because I'm not a perfect student.


The UW is a great school to go to. The professors are terrific and the educational opportunities are endless. We rank number one in the medical field and fisheries among other departments at the UW. The teacvhing staff is to be commended. Most have education from Oxford or a related college so the students at the UW are getting the best possible education. Classes are tough but the learning can't be matched for many different areas of discipline. Morale at the UW is high. The ethical code at the UW is held to the highest regard and is followed through if something happens. Security is good and most times if a report is filed a followup happens. Not only that but the students get an update on whatever happens on campus. UW is a great school!!


UW is a huge school with a huge campus right in the heart of seattle, which means there are tons of people to meet and you never run out of things to do. UW is an extremely good school, so everyone who gets in is happy to be here. UW's dorms aren't the best in my opinion, but your experience completely depends on the people around you and what you make of it. Overall, most people love it here and are proud to go here.


I attend classes at the Bothell extension campus of the University of Washington. I love the size of the extension because its smaller, but still offers all of the resources I need to succeed in school. The best thing about Washington is the quality of the professors and the quality of education. I feel like I learn a lot everyday when I go to class, but I don't feel too stressed out since the professors mediate the workload well. When I tell people I go to University of Washington, they are impressed and ask me about my experience there. In interviews with employers, when I tell them I attend UW full time, they are always impressed and say that UW students are well respected in the business world. I spend most of my time on campus in class, though I do study in the student cafe lounge and in the library. There are no contoversies on campus that I know of. There is a lot of school pride, but instead of pride in the school mascot and sports teams, it is pride in your colleagues and in the school administration. I feel lucky to be at the University of Washington and when I think of my peers, I am proud to be amongst them. The pride at UW is in intellect and in the people there. The only unusual thing about the Bothell extension of UW is that the class sizes are smaller. This is better for me individually because every class is more intimate (with a class size of about 40 people) and getting to know professors (and having them know you by name) is more common. I like this style of class much better than a 200+ person hall lecture at the Seattle main campus. I will never forget all of the fun times I've had in class at UW Bothell... all of the fun games we get to play as a class and all of the interesting subject topics we discuss. I haven't heard any student complaints on my campus.


People aaround here respect the fact that you attend the University of Washington because it is one of the best schools in the nation. That said it is difficult to get in and becoming even more difficult as the school is lowering the number of incoming freshman it admits. It is not impossible to get in though. Good SAT scores and applications will definitely help though.


Purple & Gold is the best. No matter what. Lots of school pride.. I am not sure why. It's kinda funny that some people will die for it. haha UW is a pretty big school I guess. 40,000 people is a lot. Right?


A hugely diverse school. It has classes in almost any topic of interest you could ever want, and many of them do not require you to be in-major to take them. It has an incredible amount of libraries that range from totally silent to pretty casual that allow you to really study the way you want while still being close to the knowledge you need. There is coffee EVERYWHERE (good coffee, too)! There is just as much rain as you may think, but it is nowhere near as bad as you might guess. There are a TON of people! I've run 10K road-races with 40,000 people in them, but there's just something vast about all of them going different directions at the same time during passing periods!


the campus is really nice. transportation is easy , classes are very informative and interesting. most people are impressed when i say im at the uni of washington. there is huge patriotism amongst UW students. only negative is that the sun does not show up all the time. ! But thats only weather.


We have a beautiful campus and a very strong greek system. We are very close to one of the coolest cities in the US. Winter kinda blows around here but the summers are beautiful. Classes are big but its nice not having to go to them all the time.


The UW is much too large and I've never loved all the rain. The campus is beautiful, as is the neighborhood.


UW Seattle in the heart of Seattle U district near some great food and pizza. Has great libraries open all night during the week during the quarter. It also has a bunch of special interest groups. you'll find one you like. Food on campus is good but a bit expensive like everywhere else. You can take classes from any department you want if you qualify. The people are friendly too. These people like to express thier opinions and demonstrate on the issues they think are important. I go to UW, Bothell my home school it is much more quiet and serious, never a demonstration. People there are really nice.


Coming from BCC, the UW feels very large and impersonal - and very urban. I miss the cozy feeling of community college, but am learning to accept and love the UW for what it has to offer -- dozens more opportunities and a very strong Japanese program. Because I don't have that much time in my schedule, I spend most of it walking between locations. When I tell people I go to the UW, people nod their head as if to say, "yep, that makes sense," in a good way. This is a good, solid school where people can get a good education, and I am a hardworking person who would fit in here. I suppose this is a 'college town' but it is so glommed on to and connected with greater Seattle the boundaries kind of blur. If I could change something, I would change all the random crime that happens in the streets around campus. I hear a lot about people getting mugged - I wish they'd catch the people who do that and make them stop.


I would like to change the Red Square because there is too much cement and it is awful. Otherwise the whole campus is very nice and well curated. I spend most of my time in the Librabry and my office. I don't know if there is a lot of pride here....things around me make me think yes, but I have no idea about how much. I will always remember my toefl test because it was useless, I spent a lot of money and I don't think is a way to test if you know english or not. I study literature and during the Toefl test I had to read a lecture about the "breathing apparatus" of fishes. it is true. What can I know about fishes??


The best thing about the school (I am the professional program) is that the administration really cares about the students. The program strives to improve its curriculum all the time by incorporating the students' feedbacks and bringing in experts to lecture. The professors and part-time clinicians are extremely interested in our growth and development.


I love that my school is so diverse - there are people from all different backgrounds here. I can take a small class or a large class if I want to, and there are so many more options that in high school. I can explore what I want to study, and even experiment with my electives. I think UW is just the right size. I can see people that I know easily, or if I want to blend in and make new friends, I can do that as well. When I tell people I go here, it's a good reaction. Our school has a good reputation and I'm proud that I go here. I spend time in my dorm, or my friend's dorms and houses, or at places like Jamba Juice or local cafes. The University District is a great place to live because we're in an area mostly made up of college students, local families, and professors. Then downtown Seattle is just a bus ride away. Another great thing is the pride and unity we have, even for a large school - Go dawgs! We stick together through everything, and I love that. Like last year, when there was the Virginia Tech incident, we came together as a campus to remember those students. That was really cool. On the other hand, the most frequent complaints I hear as a student are about the dorms, which yes, are like dungeons with cramped rooms and greasy, expensive food.


The University of Washington Tacoma branch is just right, close to home, and easy to maneuver around. It truly is the best option. I spend most of my time on campus in the classroom or studying in the student lounge. The only problem I've had with the education I have received here is the misinformation we were all told at the beginning of the program: that we would have a master's degree in one year. A few months into the program we found out it would take a second year.


It's a big school, but there are hundreds of ways to get connected to groups, clubs, teams, and doing that makes it feel much smaller. I love everything about the University of Washington. The people are great, I learned a lot, and there was always stuff to do.


the best thing about Washington is everything! The people are all really friendly, and you have the best of two ecological worlds, Western Washington with it's abundance of Mountains and Eastern Washington with its desert feel. I would not change anything about Washington! I think at times the school can be rather daunting, ( like when during your first quarter of classes) but once you get into the hang of things taking a class with 250 people sounds small! People are generally, excluding fans of WSU, excited and/or proud to hear that I go to UW. I think the administration is very helpful, and there is most certainly school pride. I spend most of my time on campus outdoors in one of the various outdoor study areas, I don't know of that is what they are officially called but that is what I call them.


The campus is amazing, absolutely gorgeous, as is Seattle. Going to a Pac-10 school is a lot of fun, there's always activities to go to, we have an amazing workout facility that is included in your tuition. There are tons of clubs, the Greek community is the best in the West! There is no shortage of unique classes that students can take.


Very large freshman class sizes. My gen chem class had 1000 students, get used to being a number until you get into your major.


Washington is a great place to live, except for the weather. University of Washington is Great!!!


The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Some people might think that this is a superficial quality that doesn't deserve much attention, but this seems to be said mainly by people who go to schools with heinously ugly campuses (like USC, for example). Some might say that the school is too large, but I've never had a problem with class sizes or advisors being unavailable. There are so many resources at the school and there aren't really too many people helping you out to find them, but if you sit down with an advisor, you'll probably be blown away by how much you didn't know was available to you. One thing I would change is the requisites for some of the VLPA courses (specifically art and music). I used to be quite an avid drawer and am a self-taught musician, but since my major is neither Art nor Music the classes available to me are very, very limited. This is unfortunate, but I recognize that they have limited funding so they have to keep the classes open to students within those majors. Still, it's frustrating.


It's a very large university, and sometimes it doesn't seem like it cares about you very much. However, if you make sure to touch base with an adviser and get yourself plugged into a club or community, you won't have any problems.


It's a large, public university in a diverse college town. You'll get a full-scope college experience at UW and have the opportunity to be exposed to best practices. I'll never forget my Early Fall Start (EFS) experience. EFS provides freshmen with the opportunity to come to college 1 month early and take 1 class--it's a GREAT way to make long-lasting friends and get acclimated to a new campus environment (especially for those out-of-staters like myself). I met my best friend during EFS!


Big picture for a big school... UW is a city. Between staff, faculty, undergraduates, and graduates there are 60,000 of us. We have our own police department, hospital, zip code and it's a mile walk across campus. Don't be fooled by idealistic talk on admission pamphlets. As an undergrad you'll be anonymous, you'll be in classes with (literally) 400 other students, you'll get shoved through the hoops by advisors. Your voice gets drowned out in a crowd. In a nutshell, the UW is a giant research factory driven by prestige and $$. Some good points: - rigor and intensity are valued - excellent lecturers - you're in Seattle - strong medical and technical research - there's lots of $$ floating around (this is perhaps more of a con than a pro, though)


UW totally rocks. And i'm not just saying that...since coming here i've heard so many stories from friends at other schools, and i was worried that maybe i'd made the wrong choice. But i visited several of them at their schools, and none of them could even compare to UW! Don't worry about the big size. Seriously. I have sooo many friends, and there's no way you could ever meet everyone, so you can always make more friends! Also, almost every new friend I make knows at least one or two people I know, which really makes the school seem tiny! Also, joining clubs and sports teams helps a lot. I've made a lot of friends that way! There's a lot of school pride, too. There's always a ton of people on campus wearing purple sweatshirts!! Our big rivalry with WSU is fun, because let's face it, it's nice to be in a rivalry with someone who is obviously inferior to you! :) And even though Seattle is a fairly big city, it's definitely a college town!! If you go off campus wearing a Husky sweatshirt, alumni will say hello to you or say "nice sweatshirt!". Also, thousands and thousands of people who live in Seattle come to our football games in the fall. Also, local employers love hiring UW students.


I love it here. The beginning sucks though. It's mostly people hanging out in old high school groups since it's a lot of people mostly from Washington. Since I didn't really like anyone from high school, I hated the beginning. But it gets better! The giant intro classes also kind of suck--it's fairly easy to fade away into the crowd and it's just as easy to get a horrible TA. But the fact is, I still love it. Not to mention, for the most part, the school pride is overflowing. The campus is huge, but it's gorgeous. Seattle is beyond amazing (if you like cities), but UW still has a nice little nook outside a big city. Although it does seem to have a heightened crime rate and for the most part, except for one time this year, UWPD is worthless in counter acting the crime (have they caught anyone? but seriously....) For the most part, you come to UW knowing what you're going to get. I expected a large school outside of a large city that is able to provide me option. That's exactly what I got. Although I wish someone of the douchebags wouldn't come here and that the dorms situation was waaaaay better (tiny rooms with 3 people shoved in them is not uncommon), I can't say I don't love it here....because I most certainly do : )


Washington is an ideal place where many people is desiring. It contains peace, excitement, nice weather, clean water source, beautiful nature, and the romantic scene which appears on the Space Needle in Seattle.


I think UW is too large and the resources are really limited. I think most UW students feel pround of the U, but they also think that they got losted in such a large-size U. The ave and U village is....OK...but not many things to do.h


The University of Washington is a big school. Many people don't like this, but I love it. There are opportunities to stand out here. To stand out amongst 26,000 students. When you get recognition in something that is inherently competitive, it gives your work more value. I am pretty involved in theater and it is one of the coolest feelings to know that I am working with people that have worked on Broadway and popular TV shows. There are opportunities for the type of people who go out and get what they want. Do not expect things to be given to you, you must find them. Seattle is always busy. There is always something to do for someone that wants to find something. Because UW is so big, buses go to and from UW to just about everywhere. There is always a band or a play or a mini festival or a big festival. The only thing that suffers in the night life. There aren't many late night places. Unfortunately, the food is over priced. If you plan to live in the dorms, get ready for bland repetitious food at high prices. I plan to move into a house next year where I can get food from the store and restaurants. If you are living in the dorms, you can eat on the Ave, but you still must by a food plan and if you don't spend your dining money, you loose it.


A world-class education on a beautiful campus


Seattle is a great place to live. People here are very laid-back, but still very active. There is much to do outside the city, including hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking and boating, as well as plenty of high-end shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars, theater, music (Seattle has one of the top Jazz scenes in the world) and organizations within the city. The area around the university provides a lot of support for students in terms of housing, cheap and diverse food, and part-time jobs. The crime rate in the area is low compared to most other urban settings. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that UW is a very large school. While this can provide a lot if you're unsure what you'll be doing with yourself, it can also make you feel a little lost, especially when first starting out. UW is one of the top research universities in the world, and thus a lot of its energy and focus goes into its graduate programs. Many undergrad students feel as if they are being marginalized by this attitude...on the other hand, it means your TA's are usually top-quality. Many of the more specialized classes like English and philosophy still have small class sizes, too, and are often offered in multiple sections--enabling you to choose the schedule that works better for you.


People generally seem pretty impressed when I tell them I'm a grad student at UW. I maintain it's because they don't know how hostile the environment is to conservative-leaning students. The organization caters to the radical left. I have been insulted, yelled at, censored, and ostricized for voicing any conservative viewpoint--by faculty and students alike. My ethics, law, and policy course was taught by a communist who wasted most of the course's time talking about the shortcomings of a free market and how India and China even have better medical systems and how global warming is going to bring another ice age and we need to start modeling China in economics and global clean-up. I have been horribly disenfranchised by UW and will never recommend the school to anyone. I believe it can only be enjoyed by those from the far left end of the political spectrum.

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