University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Some people view college as time they are away from their parents and are free to do what they please with school being a second priority. This school is for those who are very serious about their studies and are passionate enough about their major that it is their top priority. This school has a wide array of opportunities for the students and one has to take advantage of as many as they can.


Those who attend the University of Washington should be driven and organized. This university is highly revered around the area and the country. Students are expected to work hard and to put forth their best efforts.


Someone who is proactive, independent, and very outgoing. Students who are more reserved will feel a bit lost among the crowd. In order to get the best experience, you need to seek out what you want and try different things.


Fabulous research institution located in a beautiful urban setting. Quality communication professors and creative writing program. Affordable tuition for residents at the time. Good name.


Peopl who like to social and want to find a good job without fully focusing on learning.


A person who shows that he/she has good values and hard work. A person that has enough self-determination to get through what they need to get through anything they set their mind to. A person that shows virtues of compassion, integrity, faith, courage, discipline, loyalty, humility, truth, honor, justice, perseverance, and respect.


UW is very open and diverse, and almost every type of person could find a home here. In general, due to Seattle's overall attitude, impatience and aggression usually do get you very far here. It is a very communal school, where students tend to help each other rather than behave in a cutthroat manner. Professors and TAs make themselves very accessible with open office hours, and encourage all students to visit and become more involved in the educational process.


Academically motivated, wants to do research in their field (particularly if planning to attend grad school), ready to deal with an overwhelmingly large campus in a very urban environment. The lower level classes tend to be huge, whereas the higher (300/400) level courses are smaller (30-40 people vs. 500-700 people) and summer courses are usually small and taught by grad students. Be prepared to work very, very hard but it will be extremely rewarding in the end.


Someone who is interested in diversity.


A person who takes initiative.


Someone who is open minded and doesn't mind being around lots of people. The students need to be independent as well.


Someone who is a people person and loves large class settings and having a large campus. UW is very researc oriented, there are a lot of opportunities in research here.


UW has so many majors (148) and programs and student clubs and volunteer opportunities and scholarships and study abroad options that it really has offerings for any student who is interested. We're kinda mainstream in appearance. We tend to look ambitious and professional when we walk to class. But there are so many exceptions that anyone with a strong academic background really might have a good experience here.


The kind of person who should attend here is some one who is not affraid of change, Every quarter you change classes, and you get a new group of students in your classes, but you can always meet up with them after class. People who come here have to be okay with annonimity, and living in a big city as well.


There is no specific type of personwho should attend this school. The diversity that persists on campus is edivent in the different clubs, organizations, and programs offered throughout the campus community. The University of Washington is a very prestigious school. but the accolades mean nothing without the students who provide the university with the opportunity to flourish as an institution. Different beliefs, backgrounds, and motivations fill this school. Anyone is welcome because different and opposing views are greatly appreciated to understand what is really going on in the world.


I think that a person who can identify with others and offer an assortment of diverse experiences is someone who should attend the University of Washington. If you are willing to expand your horizons and reach out to strangers that come from all over the world, then you are ready to come to The University of Washington.


To attend the Univeristy of Washington you have to be motivated to go out and get what you want. This school is very big so opportunities are not going to be handed to you.


There are two general students at UW: motivated and complacent. The person who succeeds and enjoys the fruits of the what the school has to offer has to be motivated. The school is overwhelming populated with eager students, that one must be willing to go above and beyond what was required just to make above average grades. One can also be complacent and go into the school, get their degree, and in what seems like a few month they have a resume with just a degree title. The school has so many opportunities, that only a motivated student can enjoy.


Someone with an open mind, curiosity, and an appreciation for learning; someone social with a good sense of adventure


Someone who is good at staying motivated and working hard without any reminders. It is important also for a UW student to be comfortable actively reaching out to others to make friends, because the campus is so big that you won't run into the same people over and over. The ideal UW student should know when they come in what major they want because otherwise it is impossible to finish your major on time.


People who care about their academic learning, and want to experient college life.


People who want to attend this school should be very self-motivated, confident, and willing to work incredibly hard because (1) the classes are either huge (so if you don't go, nobody will notice) or they are small (and the teachers don't care if you go), (2) There are a lot of students here, so without confidence you tend to feel a little bit lost in the crowd, and (3) everyone else is here works incredibly hard, so there is usually very little curve in the classes.


Someone that is dedicated to doing well, and getting a great education.


Lazy people should not expect to succeed if they aren't willing to put an effort into anything they are doing. The school has a name and they try to hold up to it and this means that the students must work hard.


Students that are motivated and willing to learn. The University of Washington is a very competitive school that requires a lot of work and confidence. Classes are difficult and designed to weed out students who aren't working as hard.


Someone who is able to focus well, and does well in big classrooms. It would be a lot better if you could afford to live on campus, or close to campus so you can get involved in groups, or clubs. someone who is interested in research.


The UW is a school for people who are eager to learn and don't mind sitting in large classes when the need arises. The opportunities it offers in education, career paths, and even personal hobbies are boundless and exciting, if you're only ambitious enough to take advantage of them. The student body is large enough that there is nobody to hold your hand (as is the practice in high school). The better you are at adapting to new scenarios, remaining open to new ideas, and applying yourself to your studies, the more successful you will be!


To attend the University of Washington you definitely have to be very dedicated to and focused on your studies, you must have a passion for learning and getting involved with your academics, and you have to be outgoing in meeting new people and making new friends. The great thing about attending a university in such a large city is there are so many different opportunities and so many different people. The diversity on campus is almost overwhelming, but it's definitely something that adds to the experience of meeting new people from various backgrounds.


People that shoud attend this school are those who are dedicated and determined to succed.


Somebody who wants a good quality educational experience, but also likes to have fun and participate in all of the extracurricular activities we have to offer


Students who are independent learners and who thrive in an urban environment should attend this school. UW is especially good for those interested in research, law, medicine or business. You must be able to tolerate lots of rain and lots of walking!


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is very self motivated. The reason I say this is that since majority of the classes are very large and often on a curve you need to push yourself in order to succeed. It also helps to be friendly, because just taking the time out of your day to say hello to a stranger or make some new friends can completely change your entire college experience.


Academically focussed but, at the same time, who isn't so geeky.


Anyone who wants to be intellectually challenged and likes people should attend this school.


The type of person that should attend this school is one that is willing to accept different kinds of people in respect to religion, political views, racial and ethnical backgrounds. Students should also be hardworking and have potential to do well academically.


smart people


Open minded and someone tha values education.


Any person who is willing to work hard


Someone who likes having options. If you come to a school this big, if you want to change majors- you don't need to transfer somewhere else. But you do need to be pretty self-sufficient, because there isn't a huge support community for students, and although people are nice and the staff/admin people are nice - its just such a large place that you need to be able to do things for and by yourself.


Very social person who doesn't mind the big school and classes.


Someone who enjoys being close to the city and recreational activities who is driven


Someone who respects diversity and enjoys learning about other cultures and beliefs. An open-minded individual who is not too conservative.


Someone who likes to research and is curious to find answers to questions. Someone who is a hard worker and will give up free time to study and learn as well as teach when peers have difficulties.


Any one who wishes to engage in meaninful learning. The campus is filled with bright professors who actively engage the students thinking and stretch our learning beyond the text book. Not only that, but the students contribute to each others learning because active participation in classes is encouraged. Although the University of Washington is a large campus, you'll definately create great relationships with both students and professors alike. The UW is also located in 'the big city' so there is always something entertaining and fun to do, after studying of course!


This school works best the the focused, self-motivated student. It's a large campus with a ton of people, so the sort of person who does best here is the kind that can look out for themselves and makes an effort to pursue their own opportunities and can self-motivate to keep school and social stuff in check.


This school is big eniugh that, whether you know exactly what you want to do or are only sure about the general direction you want to head in, the sheer size of the community will expose you to so many new opportunities and cultures and mentalities that, the school itself can direct you. The number of experiences available here ot interact with your subect and not just study it is fantastic. This is a place for academically-driven, environmental, curious, energetic, culturally-interested students, as well as those who just want to nail their studies with a reputable research institution.


An individual willing to learn and take part with a very diverse student body. An education at the University of Washington is maximized by a student with initiative and intellectual curosity.


Someone who is able to find a niche and isn't afraid of getting involved. Students need to be active to make this big university feel like home.


A driven, smart person.


The kind of people who attend this school seem to be very independent and outgoing both academically and socially. Many of the dormatories especially are quiet most of the time and require those living there to really take the extra step if they want to find friends. However, the people living in these dorms seem to like it because they can focus on their studies more easily without having to pack up and head over to the library all the time.