University of West Alabama Top Questions

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My school offers a my major that is nationally acclaimed for producing some of the best athletic trainers in the southeast. It also has the lowest tuition of all four-year universities in the sta te of Alabama. the classes are also small and you get to interact in and after classes.


Smaller class rooms with better student Teacher ratio


It's small and intimate. Once you get into a major program you know everybody and everybody knows you. The profs really get to know you...not just as a name, but as a person (and you'll see the same ones over and over, so they'll remind you of what they told you last semester). Overall, it's a caring place that leaves life-long friendships and a deep impression that never goes away.


UWA is a great school. The classes and teachers are great. The campus is beautiful and spread out. The school offers wonderful extra activities. UWA offers things such as concerts,activity nights, clubs, comedians and illusioists come for intertainment. Although UWA is small it is not to small. You get to know alot of people and really feel like you are entering a family. As for faternities and soroity life it is graet. they are not all about alchohol realated activies. They focus on tradition and good clean fun. As you can see evrything abou the uwa life is wonderful.


Areas to study are more convient than other colleges. That's my oponion!


I did not consider other schools. I knew from the time I was a little girl that this would be where I would attend college. It is a very mall school,one of the smallest of the four-year institutions in the nation, but it has all the charm of a big school. The student teacher ratio is great, you get a lot of one on one help from professors and you know everyone in your classes. What can I say, there is just something about this place...